No. 1 Slimming Sensation from Scandinavia, 30days™, Arrives in Singapore & Launches First Club Wellness company, Natural Pharma Pte. Ltd. (the “Company”), has announced the arrival of the Number 1 slimming supplement in Scandinavia, 30days™, on Singapore’s shores. The media launch at Fullerton Bay Hotel included the introduction of the 30days™ range, the 30days™ Club and the presentation of data from a local scientific trial which demonstrated the efficacy of the 30days™ products on Singaporean women. The revolutionary 30days™ concept from Norway focuses on the size of a person’s waistline and size loss as opposed to pure weight loss. This is based on the well-researched premise that the size of a person’s waistline is a more accurate indicator of a person’s health than the Body Mass Index to determine if a person is at risk for diseases like heart disease. 30days™ approaches slimming from the viewpoint of reducing inflammation, internal detoxification and supporting the digestive system and the immune system. It gives the body energy to heal, clean out the body and reduce fat. The 30days™ solution combines 100% natural 30days™ supplements with colon cleansing, coupled with supportive exercising and eating for optimal results. The 30days™ supplements use a combination of herbs, star ingredient beta glucan 1.3/1.6 (which is known for properties that support the immune system) and colon cleanser for its winning formula. The 30days™ range consists of 30days™ Waistline (“Waistline”) for waistline reduction, 30days™ Hips, Buttocks & Thighs (“HBT”) for reduction in the hips, buttocks and thighs and 30days™ Anti-Cellulite Lotion for increased microcirculation for smoother, less dimpled skin. 30days™’s unique formula has been recognized by patent and its efficacy have been studied reviewed and affirmed by peer reviews. The findings on Waistline have been published in journals internationally and the review on HBT will be published by Summer 2014. In support of the 30days™ concept, the first of its kind, the 30days™ Club (the “Club”) was also launched. The Club interacts with its members and provides useful information via online media such as its websit and its social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The Club’s website will also be updated periodically with other information like videos and tips and tricks to better living. Members will be able to obtain advice on eating right with an in-house holistic nutritionist, Audrey Wong Mortensen, get access to delicious healthy recipes, exercise tips, and priority to events like exercise classes or cooking classes. The purpose of providing such information is to support, advise, and most importantly inspire members to look for alternative ways of living that support their personal goals for their bodies. The Club, which is the first of its kind, operates as a platform to support users of the 30days™ slimming concept as the path to a slimmer, healthier body can often be daunting when taken alone. The Club’s aim is to provide a sense of community, accountability and camaraderie amongst likeminded individuals who are seeking to live well. Membership to the 30days™ Club is free. 30days™ is currently sold in Norway, Sweden, Finland, The Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Lithuania, Hungary, Iceland, United Kingdom, Latvia, Estonia, Cypress, Malta, Slovenia, Bosnia, Sudan, Libya, Thailand, Vietnam and previously USA. 30days will be launched in Singapore, Canada, Korea and again in USA in 2014. To date, 30days™ supplements have sold over 1.5 million bottles in Scandinavia alone. The 30days™ range is available at selected Guardian Health & Beauty, Watson’s and John Little stores from March 2014. Notes for Editors
Natural Pharma Pte. Ltd. is an associate company of 2 Norwegian wellness companies that specialize in health and skincare. Its philosophy that healthy living is the foundation towards leading a fulfilling life stems from the belief that life is not just about breathing, but flourishing. Inside and out. 30days™ Hips, Buttocks & Thighs RRP SGD108.00 30days™ Anti-Cellulite Lotion RRP SGD78.00 Contact Details:
Elizabeth Chew (Ms.) | Office: +65 6734 0618 | Mobile: +65 9270 6206

Source: http://30days.naturalpharma.com.sg/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Press-Release-Launch.pdf

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