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It Turned Out To Be The Acromioclavicular Joint
A Case Study for the Diploma in Injection Therapy 2000
By Sherry O’Brien MCSP
Shoulder pain is the third most common musculoskeletal complaint
presenting to the general practitioner and sequential y the physiotherapist
(Van der Hiejden, 1999). 18% of al sick leave benefit claims were made in
1994 in the Netherlands for neck, shoulder problems.
Approximately 5% of al consultations in general practice are reported to
concern shoulder disorder and each year about 1 per 100 adults in the UK
consult their GP with a new episode of shoulder pain (Van der Heijden).
Although there exists a comprehensive shoulder examination (Cyriax 1983)
much debate stil exists over the diagnosis of shoulder pain which is
highlighted in this case study. The manipulative therapy combined with
injection therapy lead to a successful outcome and confirmation of a
The literature search performed for this study used medline (1980 -2000) with
the keywords acromioclavicular joint, subacromial impingement, corticosteroid
injections and rotator cuff. Further literature was gained from course
The case study highlighted the importance of correct diagnosis coupled with
accurate placement of the intra-articular steroid injection(Jones et al
Onset and Duration
Past Medical History
Drug History
subscapularis bursa which lies between the tendon of subscapularis and the anterior capsule. The nerve supply of the acromioclavicular joint is C4 and the nerve supply of the glenohumeral joint, surrounding ligaments and muscles is C5-6 (Saunders,1993). Objective Examination
Cervical spine - Ful painfree
Thoracic spine - Restricted
Shoulder movement
R.T. P.B.
Differential Diagnosis
Lat. Rot.
Med. Rot. +ve++
neck were excluded as there was ful painfree active movements of Elb Flex.
Other Tests
Immediate reassessment
One week reassessment
One month reassessment
Repeat Injection
Immediate reassessment.
One week reassessment –
One month reassessment.
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