Alfred t

A L F R E D T . P O R T E R , I I I
A L F R E D P O R T E R @ G M A I L . C O M
To use my artistic talents and formal training to secure a career as a 3d Artist at a game or simulation development company

Kitchen & Bath Solutions (self-employed) Raleigh, NC Owner/Operator
 Provide estimates to clients for work to be done  Cold-call and visit prospective properties in order to secure new clientele Perform all jobs for commercial and residential customers  Order all materials necessary to complete work Artcraft Sign Company Graphic Designer/Sales Associate
 Interacted daily with customers by phone, fax, and email  Designed and fabricate custom signage Managed and operate digital printers  Created vector and raster designs for use in cut vinyl, digital print, and CNC routing applications Nu-Bath, Inc. Nu-Bath Technician
 Created logo and branding for Nu-Bath and its parent company International Bathworks  Designed promotional materials such as business cards, information packets, and brochures Designed and maintained the Nu-Bath website  Created vector images to clients’ specifications Signs by Tomorrow, Inc. Store Manager
 Communicated daily with customers by phone, fax, and email
 Assisted customers during the design process
 Increased clientele by anticipating customer needs and ensuring a positive
 Priced, quoted, and managed numerous $5-$10K jobs  Oversaw the ordering process to maximize profit  Designed effective layouts for vinyl and digital output  Weeded, taped, and laid out signs  Corrected workflow flaws in order to move jobs quickly and efficiently A L F R E D T . P O R T E R , I I I
5 8 3 2 A L L W O O D D R I V E  R A L E I G H , N C 2 7 6 0 6 A L F R E D P O R T E R @ G M A I L . C O M

Autodesk 3DS Max 2010-2013 ZBrush Autodesk Mudbox Unreal Development Kit Unity 3D Gamemaker Pro Toolkit 2d Perforce Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe Premiere Corel Draw Graphics Suite Google Sketchup FlexiSign PRO Macromedia Imaging Software Microsoft Operating Systems Microsoft Office Suite Corel Office Applications
North Carolina State University
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies
Wake Technical Community College Raleigh, NC
Associates in Simulation and Game Development

Wake Technical Community College Raleigh, NC
Wake Tech Simulation and Game Development Certificates: Eagle Scout Award
References Available Upon Request A L F R E D T . P O R T E R , I I I
5 8 3 2 A L L W O O D D R I V E  R A L E I G H , N C 2 7 6 0 6 A L F R E D P O R T E R @ G M A I L . C O M RESEARCH STATEMENT

Immersive environments rely almost completely on how realistic the things that populate that environment look. As gaming evolves and we see more player control that is based on virtual
reality, realism will become even more paramount. My personal research interests have been mainly
focused on achieving highly realistic models for 3D environments (more specifically the game
industry). I started out the way that most 3D artists for games started out, by learning how to use a
modeling software such as 3ds Max. While this method is great and a quick way to block out
environments and create inorganic models I found that that there is a better way to achieve realism
than to start by counting polygons and triangles. I moved from modeling objects to sculpting them,
and my workflow became more efficient, more realistic, and more fun. I found out that I was able to
put a lot of detail into a model in Zbrush, and by subdividing that model even further, I could get
even more detail. I was able to then remesh or retopologize based on the high polygon model.
Changing the Norm

With regards to higher learning, the games industry workflow is generally taught that you should generate your low poly model first and then subdivide it to get your high poly model and extract your normal maps. The problem with this is that it is a highly inefficient way to achieve highly realistic models. You are able to get your low poly model into a game engine this way but it is backwards from the workflow of most game companies. By remeshing your high poly model into a low poly model you almost always achieve better edgeflow, while still retaining a low poly count. And because you started with a high poly model you can project your high poly model onto your low poly model and extract displacement maps and normal maps easier. Going from high poly to low poly also makes texturing easier. I have found that because there is more detail in high poly models, I am able to texture better. Because there is more detail in
my model, I can colorize, or add wear and tear as needed. The main thing that I have found is that it
is almost always easier to go down in polycount than it is to go up, and still maintain good form and
structure within models.
Pursuing Perfection

I intend to continue pursuing more efficient ways to streamline my workflow and get higher quality low poly models for game engines. I understand the complications with this always lie with the ability of the game engine to be able to display my creations. By refining my content creation and focusing on creating accurate displacement maps and normal maps from a high poly model, I will be able to achieve the suspension of disbelief when creating my models and levels. Working with a team who understands and can accurately accomplish content creation via high poly sculpting and remeshing to a low poly model will only strengthen that team and the product being produced by that team. A L F R E D T . P O R T E R , I I I
5 8 3 2 A L L W O O D D R I V E  R A L E I G H , N C 2 7 6 0 6 A L F R E D P O R T E R @ G M A I L . C O M

Jim Jackson
Artcraft Sign Company
406 Hillsborough Street
Raleigh, NC 27603

Mr. Jackson was one of my previous employers

Summer Walden
2989 Sutton Glen NE
Marietta, GA 30062
Mrs. Walden was a pervious freelance client of mine.


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