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tients from angina, claudication, and dizziness. However with longterm and extensive use the benefits of chelates are lost with thenonspecific removal and reduction of the essential trace metals.
Chelation therapy can be a double edge sword like steroid therapythat can help or put the patients at greater risk with the temporarycontrol of symptoms and not the primary causes. The reductionand elimination of arterial plaque formation by dietary and chela- tion means can have life saving benefits but does not eliminate The Role of Chelation Therapy: Antibiotics and Mycoplasms
the suspected infectious and persisting causes. Treatment of vas- cular disorders of microbial causes such as mycoplasmas and (Portions taken from the book Why Arthritis? Searching for the chlamydia with the chelating tetracycline antibiotics can provide Whether mycoplasmas or other microbes are the per- Submitted by The Arthritis Trust of America, 7376 Walker Road, sistent sensitizing pathogens in collagen vascular disorders Fairview, TN 37062; remainsto be demonstrated. The primary concern is a safer andmore effective treatment of the toxic forms of therapy that imposea greater danger and economic burden. The tetracyclines are po-tent chelating (eomplexing) medications and as such have beenfound to act as antiinflammatory, immmosuppressive, andanti-metallic enzymes as well as antimicrobial. When tetracyclinescomplex with copper they become active antioxidants and antiin-flammatory agents (electron scavengers) by neutralizing the dam-aging oxygen free radicals produced by the activated leucocytes.
By combining with the copper, zinc, iron and other trace metalelements in enzymes such as collagenase, tetracyclines can in-hibit the enzymatic destruction of tissues. Consequently the modeof tetracycline or chelate administration, intravenous or oral, couldhave a pronounced effect on their complexed state and thus their reactivity. Prescribing some medications “Between Meals” or withmeals is an attempt to provide optimum conditions for the utiliza- Why are some doctors and patients speaking & shout- tion of each drug. Even between meals the gastro-intestinal tract ing out for Chelation therapy? The recent hearing held in Tampa contents provide a much greater diversification of chemicals and by a committee of the Florida Board of Medicine attracted pa- acidity than the blood. Thus when tolerable the more direct intra- tients and doctors from Florida and across the country. A mix-up venous administration of tetracyclines and other chelating drugs in scheduled time provoked the president of the Pro-Chelation will be more constant and effective than oral medication. The in- Alliance for Medical Freedom to accuse the committee of being a termittent administration or pulse doses, 2-3/week rather than daily is more effective by giving the tissues time to normalize.
What is so special about Chelation therapy that has been The beneficial effects of tetracyclines and other chelat- used and promoted for over 50 years, but never clinically tested in ing agents such as EDTA, aspirin, and vitamins C, E, or A, are chronic diseases? Another similar form of chelation therapy that attributed to their metal complex and their resulting multiple ac- has been used and promoted for over 50 years is treatment of tions, including antimicrobial. The administration of multiple arthritis with tetracycline antibiotics. The tetracyclines were re- acting chelating drugs could enhance or inhibit their activity and cently clinically tested and found to be safe and effective in rheu- effectiveness depending upon their relative affinity. For example matoid arthritis and the inhibition of metallic enzymes such as EDTA with a greater affinity for Calcium than tetracyclines could collagenase that destroys tissue collagen.
have a greater anticoagulant action. On the other hand tetracycline’s Chelation is a chemical term given to molecules that greater affinity for nucleic acids and lipids than most chelates combine or complex with metals such as lead, mercury, copper, results in a greater inhibition of protein synthesis and microbial iron, calcium, etc. The term is taken from ‘chela’ the pincerlike growth. It is of interest to note that for many years the combina- claws of crabs. Such agents hold metals making them ineffective tion of Vitamin E and Selenium, a metal chelate, was a favorite by limiting their availability for metabolic activity. One such arthritis medication used by veterinarians. Perhaps Bayer’s plain chelating agent that is widely used is a synthetic amino acid, eth- aspirin was touted as faster acting because it was not prechelated ylene diamine tetra-acetic acid, or EDTA that chelates the toxic and neutralized with less effective metals.
metals such as lead & mercury, as well as calcium and the other Although not accepted clinically perhaps the preformed essential trace metals. As chelating agents the other amino acids copper-aspirinate would be more effective in the control of (protein fragments), vitamins A, C and E, are also used in chela- inflamation and the preformed copper-tetracyclinate would con- tion therapy as antioxidants. (See “Chelation Therapy,” trol the collagen vascular disorders of microbial origin. In contrast the chelate D-penicillamine medication used to chelate copper and Aspirin and other antinflamatory (NSAIDS) chelates treat rheumatoid arthritis was found to inhibit mycoplasma growth convey a variety of benefits to multiple organ systems. Most no- when complexed with copper. Another aspect of chelation to con- tably by combining with Calcium as an anticoagulant improves sider is the potential adverse or beneficial affects of two or more the cardiovascular and macular degeneration. By reducing arte- chelating medications administered similtaneously. Excesive use rial plaque formation with an increased blood supply relieves pa- of the EDTA or tetracycline chelates could inhibit the copper/zinc Medical data is for informational purposes only. You should always consult your family physician, or one of our referral physicians prior to treatment.
superoxide dismutase enzyme that protects against the tissue de-struction induced by oxygen free-radicals.
Hopefully in the near future patients and doctors will be shouting out for the safe and effective antibiotic che-lates that will help to eliminate not only the broad symptomsbut also the microbial cause.


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DATE of COLONOSCOPY:________________________ GASTROENTEROLOGIST: Dr.Bassily Dr.Glance Dr.Nguyen Dr.Lachal PROCEDURE LOCATION: - Cnr Kingsbury Dve & Plenty Rd, Bundoora - Cnr. Plenty Rd & Greenhills Rds Bundoora COLONOSCOPY INFORMATION A colonoscopy is a procedure that enables your doctor to examine the lining of the colon (large bowel). Under sedation,

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EPATITE B: DIAGNOSI. Il Laboratorio GA Niro, A Andriulli Divisione di Gastroenterologia - Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza- IRCCS San La descrizione del meccanismo replicativo del virus dell’epatite B (HBV), nel 1980, el’introduzione del metodo PCR (polymerase chain reaction), nel 1990, hanno rappresentato tappeconoscitive essenziali nel campo virologico. Sono state messe a punto metodi

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