BIONADE Cola? Tastes different, naturally!
Bionade stands for the exclusive use of organic ingredients, a special and
patented production process, unusual varieties and a tasty, not too sweet
flavour. However, Bionade also stands as an example for making the world
a little bit better, offering interesting alternatives and showing courage.
The standout example of this is Bionade Cola. And since all Bionade
varieties have their own particular flavour to offer, one thing is clear:
Bionade Cola tastes different, naturally!

Cola and Bionade – do they go together? BIONADE says: naturally! Because some 10 years ago, Bionade became the first company to make a soft drink through the fermentation of natural ingredients, and thus revolutionised the soda world. It then eventually became time to improve the world of colas. “ with the flow. The basic idea of Bionade was and is to offer a better alternative, and our cola is in this same tradition. It is not like any other traditional cola drink, but offers a refreshing change: natural, less sweet, with the typical Bionade flavour” Made according to proven Bionade techniques
In fact, the unique production flavour and the strict adherence to Bionade’ drinks purity regulations ensure an exceptional cola experience. Bionade Cola astonishes with its own particular cola flavour and, of course, the typical Bionade notes. The patented and proven fermentation technique gives Bionade Cola its particular Bionade taste: tasty, herby, fruity and also less sweet thanks to the mild organic gluconic acid. Bionade Cola thus contains up to 50 per cent less sugar compared to traditional cola drinks and therefore also has fewer calories. Exclusive use of natural and organic ingredients
Just like the Lychee, Elderberry, Ginger-Orange, Herb and Garden Fruits flavours, Bionade Cola also uses exclusively organic ingredients. BIONADE Cola is naturally also free of artificial ingredients such as dyes or preservatives. In addition, like all varieties it is vegan, as well as gluten, lactose and GMO free. Thanks to the natural caffeine, it is pleasantly stimulating and very refreshing. More information on Bionade can be found at:

Bionade Cola ingredients.
Water, raw sugar*, barley malt* 2%, malt extract*, carbon dioxide, natural flavouring*, green coffee bean extract*, natural caffeine flavouring, elder juice concentrated*, acidity regulator calcium and magnesium carbonate. *Sourced from managed organic cultivation Nutritional information per 100ml.
About us.
Bionade GmbH in Ostheim, in the Bavarian part of the Rhön Biosphere Reserve, emerged from the private Peter brewery headquartered in Ostheim in 1995 and is now part of the Radeberger Group. Bionade is produced 100% organically through the fermentation of its natural ingredients following the principles of brewing. With this innovation, Bionade created its own market and is now available in the flavours Elderberry, Lychee, Herb, Ginger-Orange, Garden Fruits and Cola. In accordance with its own purity laws, Bionade uses exclusively natural aromas, extracts, and juices that come from 100% organically certified cultivation sources in making its popular soft drink. A commitment to social responsibility, an employee-focused corporate culture, and an active role as an innovator are additional core values of the company’ Press contact
komm.passion GmbH
Bionade GmbH



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