1149 Budapest, Hungary Kövér Lajos utca 20 [email protected] Outstanding analyst, health care expert, statistician, biostatistician and developer with unique experience in health care database management – Analyzed and managed universal Hungarian health data warehouse with access to restricted patient-level data. Developed unique analytical methodologies similar to clinical studies. Global and strategic thinker – Flexible, self-motivated team player working with multilayered, interconnected ideas and a good motivator with a first-class eye to find hidden gems of information. A partner said: “Lajos is one of the most trustworthy people I’ve ever worked with. He has an incredible ability to glean a client’s true needs from their rudimentary initial queries.” Comparative effectiveness research expert – Involved in several studies based on comparative effectiveness methods using national health insurance database. Has strong experience in conducting research including data preparation using several procedures included SQL, PL/SQL queries, procedures and packages, using appropriate statistical methods utilizing R preferably, writing manuscripts for publications in specialized journals. Well-versed in the following professional fields: Abilities brought to bear every day of the week: Motivated by challenges and new situations 1149 Budapest, Hungary Kövér Lajos utca 20 [email protected] Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Semmelweis University Contribution to comparative effectiveness research regarding antipsychotic medications used frequently in patients suffered from schizophrenia or other psychotic symptoms Part-time job Head of Analysis and Statistics (2011-2013) Statistical analyst (2007-2011) Directed the process of statistical data services and effectively organized efficient workflow for team of 4 analysts as head of the Analysis and Statistics • Maintained connections with clients and conducted consultation and advisement in the course of • Evaluated and managed external statistical data requests • Serviced external data requests relating to internal analyses • Provided analytical and statistical support in professional areas affecting the NHIF, interpreted results of health economic analyzes and clinical trials and transplanted the published methodology to the NHIF database and extracted the results • Planned, organized and prepared analyses forming the basis of financing concepts and decision • Carried out conceptual planning of sector reports for the National Statistical Data Collection Program, prepared statements for the relevant state administration bodies, which are constantly updated and available online • Adapted health economic models to Hungarian milieu • Evaluated clinical examinations • Designed questionnaire-based studies analyzing frequency of use of the health care system and data tracking a patient’s progress through the system, created questionnaires, evaluated the results and prepared final reports 1149 Budapest, Hungary Kövér Lajos utca 20 [email protected] • Evaluated pharmaceutical marketing research and prepared presentations • Carried out statistical analysis of clinical trials • Evaluated Clinical trials • Utilized data mining procedures Educational accomplishments 1995-2000 Eötvös Loránd University of Arts and Sciences, M.S. sociologist, survey statistician European Neuropsychopharmacology, Article in press, published online 11 March 2013. Comparative effectiveness of depot and oral second generation antipsychotic drugs in schizophrenia: A nationwide study in Hungary Bitter, I., M.D., Ph.D., Katona, L., M.S., Zámbori, J., M.D., Takács, P., M.D., Fehér, L., M.D., Diels, J., M.S., Bacskai, M., M.D., Lang, Z., M.S., Gyáni, G., M.S., Czobor, P., Ph.D. Orvosi Hetilap (Doctor’s Weekly), Vol. 153, issue 9 (In Hungarian) The prevalence of atrial fibrillation in Hungary Tomcsányi, J., M.D., Bózsik, B., M.D., Rokszin, G., M.D., Abonyi-Tóth, Z., Katona, L. 1149 Budapest, Hungary Kövér Lajos utca 20 [email protected] Medical Science Monitor, Vol. 18, issue 8 Persistence of initial oral anti-diabetic treatment in patients with type 2 diabetes Jermendy, G., M.D., Wittmann, I., M.D., Nagy, L., M.D., Kiss, Z., M.D., Rokszin, G., M.D., Abonyi-Tóth, Z., Katona, L., Paragh, G., M.D., Karádi, I., M.D., Metabolizmus, Vol. 9, issue 1 (In Hungarian) Persistence of oral anti-diabetic therapy among domestic diabetics from Jermendy, G., M.D., Wittmann, I., M.D., Nagy, L., M.D., Kiss, Z., M.D., Rokszin, G., M.D., Abonyi-Tóth, Z., Katona, L., Paragh, G., M.D., Karádi, I. IME - The Journal of Health Care Managers Vol. 10, Special Issue: Health Economics (In Hungarian) “Soft” promotion tools for generic penetration using the example of the active Szabó, M., Katona, L., Nádudvari, N., Dankó, D., Molnár, M. P., M.D. Orvostovábbképző Szemle (Postgraduate Medical Review), Vol. 17, 10 (In Hungarian) Falling cardiovascular mortality in Hungary: an examination of the effects of Balogh S., M.D., Papp R., M.D., Katona L., Császár A., M.D. IME - The Journal of Health Care Managers, Vol. 9, issue 6 (In Hungarian) Analysis of outpatient schizophrenia sufferers taking part in antipsychotic treatment on the basis of pharmaceutical sales and patient turnover from Kozma, P. O., Katona, L., Zámbori, J., M.D., Dankó, D., Molnár, M. P., M.D. IME - The Journal of Health Care Managers, Vol. 9, Health Economics Statistical analysis service related to the National Health Insurance Fund Eötvös Loránd University, Institute of Sociology, (In Hungarian)


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[12] UNNI 4-19-12.DOC (DO NOT DELETE) 9/10/2012 3:01 PM Indian Patent Law and TRIPS: Redrawing the Flexibility Framework in the Context of Public Policy and Health Presented in March 2011 at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law Symposium on The Global Impact and Implementation of Human Rights Norms. IV. THE PATENTS (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2002 . 333 V. THE PATENTS (AMENDMENT)

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