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Tired of That Bald Spot? Try on Blair Hair by Steve Weinstein, EDGE Editor-In-Chief
ney’s Kennedy-esque ’do a fetching.
It’s not that I particularly mind bald- ness. But it’s certainly not a turn-on. “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.” ness. It’s a sign of aging--and not in in-the-ears way. And it’s certainly not for a haircut isn’t only Blair’s skill with he would forget about it? If you saw it, With Blair’s system, there’s no pain- you’l laugh rueful y at the punch line, Blair got a huge amount of attention for this ad when products. Blair’s customers range from As the famously bald Homer Simpson would say, it’s funny because it’s true. Except that if you suffer from Male Pattern Baldness, it’s “Time after time,” Blair says, “clients have come to me after abandon- not funny. MPB strikes most men in their 30s. MPB is heredity and is ing other hair-replacement companies who ignored issues of facial generally--but not always--carried through the female line. That doesn’t structure, body size and shape.” mean that if your mom’s dad and granddad had full heads of hair you Having worked as a colorist and cutter in some of the city’s most don’t have to worry, because it’s a recessive gene that can remain dor- exclusive salons, Blair had decades of experience behind him before mant for a few generations. What it does mean is that if (like me), your he perfected his service. It might not be brain surgery, but it’s pretty dad and both your granddads were bald or balding, you’re doomed.
Whether a receding hairline or a monk’s tonsure, the dreaded Male The first thing Blair does is match the color of your remaining hair ex- Pattern Baldness is guaranteed to make you feel 10 years older. And actly to human hair that he specially order. Next, he forms a micro-thin, for those of us suffering MPB, we know that Lucy’s tortures would be porous matrix mesh carefully molded to the shape of your skull. This well worth it for a full, thick head of hair. You may tried every method in becomes the template onto which the human hair is affixed.
On your next visit, the hairpiece is ready. Blair carefully attaches the Forget all of those potions from those ads with the weird names. We matrix to your bald spot, and--voila!--you’ve got a full head of hair. It’s all those don’t work. There is one way to keep the hair you have, of much more than a conventional toupee, because it’s real hair molded course: Rogaine and Proscar. Both of these wonder drugs’ effect on to the exact shape of your scalp. Also--and this is key--the mesh is so hair restoration was accidental, as medical miracles often are. Origi- thin. After the adhesive dissolves, the mesh becomes nearly transpar- nally assigned to other uses, research physicians noticed that men So no one can tell you’re wearing anything, certainly not a “rug”! The When I first began going bald, Rogaine was still under patent, which matrix mesh will stay affixed to the head for a few months. Blair prefers meant you needed a prescription and had to buy the brand. It was very to cut the client’s hair himself so that he can remove the hair and clean expensive--about $70 a month, or roughly $85 in today’s dollars, and it. The hair should be replaced only after a very long time, but the fact as a freelancer I simply didn’t have the money. So I let my bald spot that it is replaced makes it so different from conventional hairpieces.
develop until Rogaine went off patent. Now, you can buy the brand or The hair can be combed and styled along with the rest of your hair. a store-brand equivalent at drugstore chains. Proscar, unfortunately, And it’s tough enough to swim, do yoga or go scuba diving (if that’s is still on patent, and unless you can find a very sympathetic physician what you want). Perhaps most importantly, it moves along with your who is willing to bend the truth as to why you need it, you will have to hair, so you don’t end up with a Giuliani-style comb-over look.
In fact, the look is completely natural. Just ask Adam, an actor who If you can take both Rogaine, which is topical, and Proscar (a pill), you had been typecast as a skinhead until Blair freed him up for leading will probably have better results than taking one or the other sepa- -man roles. You may not be an actor, but in a sense, we’re all acting rately. There are, however two drawbacks. First, either or both may a part in our social or business lives. In today’s world, it’s all about not work on you. Some men have good results; others, none. Second, staying in the game and looking, if not youthful, then well groomed. neither will regrow hair on the part of the scalp that is already bald. And don’t discount the feeling inside of knowing that the next time you What they will do is keep the hair you have and thicken it.
step into a meeting or onto a dance floor, you don’t have to feel self- The other major treatment for MPB is plugs, in which a graft of hair is conscious about the top of your head.
taken from elsewhere on the head and transplanted to the bald area. For more information, go to or call 212-366- The problem, other than the high cost, is that there is then no hair in the area where the plugs were taken from; also, although the method has greatly improved in recent years, the hair will still look spotty and, EDGE Editor-in-Chief Steve Weinstein has been a regular correspon- dent for the International Herald Tribune, the Advocate, the Village Voice and Out. He has been covering the AIDS crisis since the early For nearly a decade, Blair Hair has offered a revolutionary technique ’80s, when he began his career. He is the author of “The Q Guide to for restoring hair without patching, grafting or transplanting. Forget


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