Address:64 N. Oak Ave. #10Pasadena, CA91106(626) 676-1103 QUALIFICATION SUMMARY
• Excellent organizational ability.
• Mother tongues English and French.
California Institute of Technology
M.S. Chemical Engineering
• Research into effects of hemodynamic on developing mouse embryos.
• Developed culture technique to allow time-lapse microscopy of embryonic development.
University of Waterloo
B.A.Sc. Chemical Engineering Honours
• Consistently held average above 80% as well as achieving Dean’s List for 3 terms.
• Placed first in class in two semesters.
• Extra class taken in biochemistry and molecular biology.
• Two NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Scholarship in Industry, valued at 3600$ each, summer 98 & • Dow Canada Scholarship, valued at 500$, winter 98.
• Two Engineering Upper Year Scholarships, valued at 400$ each, summer 97 & winter 98.
• Awarded NSERC PGS A for study within Canada valued at 17,000$ a year, for two years. Awarded in winter 2000 and declined in order to study within USA.
• Shell Doctoral Fellowship, covering 19,743$ in tuition and a stipend of 15,000$. Held for the 2000-2001 PUBLICATIONS
Jones, E.A.V., Crotty, D., Kulesa, P.M., Waters, C.W., Baron, M.H., Fraser, S.E. & Dickinson, M.E. Dynamic In Vivo
Imaging of Post-Implantation Mammalian Embryos Using Whole Embryo Culture. Genesis (in print).
Jones, E.A.V. (1999). Effect of internalization of growth factor/receptor complex on cellular response. Honours thesis project report, 15 pages, University of Waterloo, Department of Chemical Engineering, Sept.-May.
Jones, E.A.V. (1998). Design and calibration of biomass/protein probe. Proprietary Technical Report, 17 pages, Jones, E.A.V. and L. Cloutier (1997). Analysis of magnesium stearate levels in Prinivil tablets by near-infrared spectroscopy. Proprietary Technical Report, 12 pages, Merck Frosst Canada, Inc., Jan- April.
Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
• Worked on photolabile uncaging of an inhibitor for a neuronal enzyme using a multi-photon IR laser. Interested in the kinetic of the uncaging using the IR light.
• Performed cell culture of PC12 cells.
• Assayed cell viability with caged and uncaged inhibitor.
• Multi-photon confocal imaging of uptake anti-fungal peptide, dansylated- histatin 5, into s. cerevisiae . Used to decipher uptake pathways and localization of peptide within cells.
• Performed image manipulation with NIH Image.
• Also performed technician duties, responsible to keep the lab stocked and clean.
Undergraduate Thesis Work, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
• Research into tissue engineering of the hematopoietic system.
• Examined effect of internalization of signaling protein, stem cell factor, on the cellular • Used fusion protein of cellulose binding domain (CBD) and stem cell factor (SCF) to attach the SCF to either cellulose fibers, which could be internalized, or to cellulose sheets, whichprevented internalization.
• Performed mammalian stem cell culture under aseptic conditions.
Process Engineering, Iogen Corp., Ottawa, Ontario
• Designed a continuous thermopurification system for cellulase enzyme production.
• Upgraded feed system to fermentor to accommodate an increased production rate.
• Calibrated and programmed a biomass probe for measurement of fungal cell density in • Design and database work for P&ID of a large new pilot project.
• Worked with little or no supervision.
• Trusted with more responsibility than had ever previously been assigned to a student Project Engineer, Kraft Canada Inc., Mont-Royal, Quebec
• Managed 5 projects including upgrading a chemical distribution system for acid and caustic, changes to a packaging line to allow for additions to shredded cheese, as well as a sitesecurity project and two safety project.
• Assembled budget estimates and budget approval forms • Supervised contractors and implementation of the projects • Given a very high level of responsibility.
Technical Services Assistant, Merck Frosst Canada, Inc., Kirkland, Quebec
• Investigation into powder blend segregation in industrial setting.
• Research on Near-Infrared Spectroscopy to detect lubricant levels in tablets.
• Development of various other techniques to test lubricant levels.
• Worked with very little supervision.
Research Assistant, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario
• Research into tPA production in CHO cells for a graduate student.
• Carried out ammonia assays on cell medium.
• Performed high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis of amino acids from • Worked under aseptic conditions for mammalian cell culture.
Assistant Engineer, EKOKAN inc., Rock Forest, Quebec
• Pilot plants into alternative methods for sludge dewatering in pulp and paper the industry • Statistical analysis of results from all projects undertaken during my co-op term.
Research Assistant, Horticulture Research Institute of Ontario, Vineland, Ontario
• Research into cardio-protective effects of wine • In charge of method development for separation of wine phenolics by HPLC.
Lab Technician, PSC Agriculture Canada, Ottawa, Ontario.
• Considerable experience with HPLC and extraction techniques • Project involved extraction of vitamin A & E from tissue and blood samples.
• Proficient with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, SAS, ECHIP (Statistics program), Adobe Photoshop and NIH Image as well as basic Autocad skills.
• Programming experience in FORTRAN and Visual Basic • Excellent knowledge of both PC and Macintosh environments EXTRA-CURRICULAR
• Staff writer and photographer for engineering newspaper, Iron Warrior (Summer 97, Winter 98).
• Darkroom Director for engineering society (Summer 97).
• Class Academic Representative (Winter 96, Summer 97, Winter 98).
• Photo Editor for engineering newspaper, Iron Warrior (Winter 96).
• Take and develop black and white pictures.
• Squash (finalist in 1991 provincials), swimming (chosen for 1993 provincials, won bronze medal in relay), certified scuba diver and lifeguard.
• Enjoy writing and reading poetry, jewelry making, playing piano, guitar and flute.



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