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Sara Lynn Vassallo
Research Asst/Lab Manager, George Church Lab, Dept of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Nov 2005 – August 2013

Expertly performed 400+ plates of emulsion PCR (including post-PCR modifications, protocol development, troubleshooting, imaging, PowerPoint presentations, reagent ordering for the team) to support the development of our lab’s sequencing technology (Polonator) Prepared hundreds of PCR plates (realtime, singleplex, multiplex)/accompanying gels, PCR/gel purification, recombineering and DNA shearing to aid grad students/postdocs in padlock probe, E.coli genome recoding and stem cell endeavors Embraced responsibility for the everyday functioning of (group ordering of 75 common items, communication/coordination, training of students, safety, maintenance, equip inventories) & fostering a positive atmosphere for a lab which grew from 50 to 100 individuals Technical Assistant, Monty Krieger Lab, Department of Biology, MIT, Cambridge, MA
• Meticulously executed DNA purification, PCR and gel electrophoresis to genotype over 30,000 mice for the cholesterol receptor • Effectively communicated with other technicians, grad students and post-docs to meet their project demands of replicating ApoE, ApoA, selectin and cre genes which culminated in numerous publications • Maintained a high level of reliability by ordering/preparing the reagents/solutions necessary for the entire lab’s PCR needs and by managing the organization of the laboratory’s extensive tail sample collection
Research Assistant, Elucida Research LLC, Beverly, MA
Skillfully completed over 50 lipid peroxidation experiments indicating the anti-oxidant properties of 20 drugs, and performed x-ray diffraction on lipid systems revealing structural changes Exercised efficiency by conducting fluorophotometric (2850 samples) and spectrophotometric (1000 samples) assays in triplicate as part of the Norvasc PREVENT trial Conveyed responsibility as Safety Officer by modifying/appending Elucida’s safety plan, training new personnel and assuring the lab’s compliance with OSHA standards Demonstrated dependability and cooperativeness by assisting other lab members, making stock solutions, placing the majority of the company’s orders and maintaining Elucida’s 1,200-entry EndNote library
Student Summer Research Assistant, Molecular Cardiology Laboratory, Univ. of Pittsburgh Medical Center
summer 2000

Was successful in utilizing PCR, gel electrophoresis and Quiax kits to prepare DNA for sequencing that advanced the search for a Showed thoroughness and attention to detail by keeping an accurate 60-page notebook Expressed understanding of and excitement for the project by delivering a convincing oral presentation Summer Student Research Fellow, Membrane Biophysics Lab, Allegheny General Hospital, Pittsburgh summer 1999

Utilized critical thinking and integrative skills to analyze data, maintain a quality lab notebook and synthesize the results of investigating aging mechanisms in the eye into a final report • Exercised precision and attentiveness by preparing numerous sample tubes and collecting spectrophotometric data that yielded novel findings concerning membrane composition and free radical peroxidation Assistant (Volunteer), Medical Records for the Univ. of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, Montefiore Hospital summer 1998
Demonstrated meticulous organizational skills by creating and indexing information cards, ensuring the accuracy of 200 new patient Exhibited ambition and persistence by sorting over 15 feet of records, eliminating the stack of “loose sheets” selected for Allegheny Intermediate Unit Reproductive Genetics Apprenticeship, Community Col. of Allegheny County 1996

Developed an understanding of current issues including gene therapy and Gaucher disease, teratogens and prenatal development chosen for Westinghouse Science Honors Institute
Gained an appreciation for topics ranging from organ transplantation to nuclear science to genetic engineering from 12 lectures given Apprentice to genetic counselors, The Gaucher Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Program, UPMC

EDUCATION: Grove City College, Grove City, PA
B.S. in Molecular Biology, May 2001
Fox Chapel Area High School, perfect attendance, graduated valedictorian, 1997
Intelligent Bio-Systems – Was sought out as a consultant to improve their team’s emulsion PCR approach & outcomes (April 2009)
The Anchor, events coordinator – Collaborated with the leadership team to plan and publicize social events for a study/fellowship
The Alpha Course, leadership team, helper – Incorporated my desire to serve with my love for people by amiably fostering a supportive atmosphere and assisting the leader in small-group discussion (2002)
Porreca GJ, Zhang K, Li JB, Xie B, Austin D, Vassallo SL, LeProust EM, Peck BJ, Emig CJ, Dahl F, Gao Y, Church GM, Shendure J (2007) Multiplex Amplification of Large Sets of Human Exons. Nature Methods 4(11):931-6.


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