Stockton First Responders
Call to Order at 7:08 P.M., with attendance by Mark Larsen, Beth Winchester, Amanda Griffin, and Chris Schuh. One guest Sharesa Goodwin. Mark Larsen made a motion to accept the March 2009 minutes, with a second from Chris Schuh. Motion passed. Chris Schuh made a motion to accept the financial report with a second from Beth Winchester. Motion passed. No additions to the agenda. Mark Larsen will go to a Sheriff's meeting on Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 pm for the 800 MHZ discussion on the radios. This will take place at the Winona Co. Board room. Garage Sale set up will be Friday, May 29th at 6:00 pm. Advertising in the Winona Daily News will cost $22.24 and in the Winona Post $5.00. Beth Winchester did the advertising online and paid by credit card. She will also call Lewiston Journal to find out how much they charge. Garage sale will be Saturday, May 30th from 8:00 am to Noon. Cheryl Beeman did not take the training with Beth and Mark. Beth called her the first day of training, and Mark left a message after class was over. Mark will try to call her one more time, otherwise a letter will need to be written to dismiss her from the squad. The squad thinks there is a one-year grace period. Beth went to the meeting with Dr. Retzinger on the H1N1 flu meeting on May 7th. On that day the flu was winding down and had about 500 cases, with one confirmed death. The CDC publish papers on the progress of the H1N1 virus and he recommended us to check the website. The symptoms of the swine flu was a painful dry cough, fever, weak, and headache. Responders should use N95 masks with hepafilters in them. Dispatch has a set of new questions to ask the caller to determine if emergency personnel should mask up. The only medication is Tamiflu that costs $120 for 10 pills that you take 2x per day. The H1N1 takes 7 days and you are contagious for all of those 7 days. If this runs it's course should be done the first, or second week in June, however, it can come back in this fall. Elections: Squad Leader: Beth Winchester nominated Mark Larsen with a second from Chris Schuh. Mark Larsen nominated Chris Schuh with a second from Amanda Griffin. Squad voted 3 to Mark Larsen and 2 to Chris Schuh. Assistant Squad Leader: Beth Winchester nominated Chris Schuh with a second from Mark Larsen. No vote needed. Secretary/Treasurer: Mark Larsen nominated Beth Winchester, and Chris Schuh nominated Amanda Griffin. Squad voted 3 to Beth Winchester and 2 to Amanda Griffin. Beth Winchester made a motion to accept elections as so voted, motion seconded by Mark Larsen. Motion passed. Squad must take Bloodborne patheogens once a year. On the on-line SEEMS website people can take it for $20. Mark Larsen will call Dr. Retziner on this and Beth Winchester will ask Chad Larson where he does his training. NEXT MEETING JULY 20, 2009 Beth Winchester made a motion to close the Stockton First Responder meeting, with a second from Chris Schuh. Motion passed, meeting adjourned at 7:46 P.M.


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