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Community Psychiatrist
behavioral healthcare must be closely coordinated and that preventive care is important, even as far back as early childhood. These elements could improve the efficiency with which providers use their time. Access would improve, permitting phased-in Medicaid eligibility for people whose income is A Holiday Wish: Real
November 2009
Volume 23, Number 2
Change in Behavioral

increase Medicaid enrollment by up to 50%, presenting formally improved Inside this Issue
reform that really affects the lives of the people I serve and –as a result –gives 1 President’s Column
me greater satisfaction in the work that I do. It’s not-self serving but it’s a plea 2 Editor’s Brief
3 Health Care Debate
bill calls for the creation of a “Patient 4 Off-Label Prescribing
recovery goals. It makes it possible for us to listen more effectively, permits us 6 About AACP / Join
that we are together assisting people we efficiency and utilization of time. In the the Senate floor on October 13th there is . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued from Page 1
AACP Board of Directors
Vice President
methodologies like these, and to do so Treasurer
have occurred in psychiatry over the last Immediate Past President
bring opportunity – the opportunity to Founding President
administered outside of health insurance Area Representatives
within “behavioral health”? Finally, we Stephanie LeMell, MD
Area III
charitable non-profit, the possibilities yet to be interpreted into administrative Area V
Richard Christensen, MD
orphanages for special needs children in the intent of this law as its details are two regions of Russia. Children’s Hope federalism, one possibility is that many Representatives at Large
details could have state-by-state texture, Cheryl Bowers-Stephens, MD Michelle Clark, MD requiring us to focus on our localities. rational system of financing that permits recovery-orientation –including the time we need to assist people in their goals. found I could be helpful by volunteering APA Assembly Liaison
Let’s hope that the Federal phase of this Early Career Psychiatrist Rep.
Over those four trips, I saw the range of Community Psychiatrist Editor
Associate Editor
practice, all these conditions are lumped Community Mental Health Journal
I saw the “baby homes” for pre-school APA Community Psychiatry Fellows
Administrative Director
of living. A psychologist’s salary may a more specific diagnosis for chart than often learn skills of marginal value and director is responsible for maintaining a on her “wish list” a nebulizer for her If the furnace breaks, there is no money provided to fix it; there is no budget for cleaning supplies or toilet paper. Funds congregation, a change in the trip times year of Saint Paul, the emissary to other lands. The priest in my parish felt this toilet piece breaks off, the rules dictate whole toilet – not just the broken part. Improved Medicare
special needs orphanage in the northeast States is a problem. We spend thirty-one of special needs orphans will die within service mission that needs your help. It Prostitution or drug-related life styles In 1948 the UN said, "Healthcare is a right". Improved Medicare for All can that is a greater gift to offer than giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WWW.COMMUNITYPSYCHIATRY.ORG
other resources but lots of unnecessary This case highlights the extent to which off-label prescribing. In the settlement, year and was not "disruptive". Our treatment of bipolar disorder despite the reform. "Reform" which leaves the private, for-profit insurance "system" in The facts of the settlement raise obvious Insurers have demonstrated their ability private for-profit "system" breeds fraud let me know what you think. how the company was able to as high as $1.7 billion. The "public A Cautionary Tale
for Off-Label
of depression in primary care has gotten Inc., serves as a cautionary tale to all off-label uses. All patients have unique marketing tactics, it is a lot harder for professionals to determine what the best treatment is for any individual patient. COMMUNITY
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trials that demonstrated little, if any, efficacy. Further still, a majority of the United States Department of Justice. Press million to resolve criminal & civil health care liability relating to off-label promotion. May 13, 2004. Retrieved from the World Wide Web: letters to the editor also reflected this civ_322.htm. Last accessed March 21, 2009. this collection of mainly case-series and Chen H, Reeves JH, Fincham JE, et al. Off label use of anti-depressant, anticonvulsant, and antipsychotic medications among Georgia Medicaid enrollees in 2001. J Clin such as the treatment of bipolar disorder The supplement article in the Journal of Psychiatric Practice provides more al. Gabapentin in the treatment of mental these 29 articles had on the greater body illness: the echo chamber of the case series. of research literature (ultimately being J Psychiatr Pract. 2008 Mar;14 Suppl 1:15- professionals is that the data presented in this collection of mainly case-series Label Uses: Shady Practices Within a Gray warrant a systematic change in practice, 1 Science Panel
University of North Carolina at Chapel health care providers to alert them to the literature that supports off-label uses for disorder. This questionable “research” Pharmacy Benefits Management Services 2 Dissemination Panel
published as part of a supplement to the Journal of Psychiatric Practice, showed Leah M. Ranney, PhD Thomas R. Linden, MD University of North Carolina at Chapel articles, the authors wrote optimistically about the drug's effectiveness in helping This article was funded by a grant administered by a consortium of state evidence base, like the drug's off-label attorneys general, independent of any efficacy for bipolar disorder, warranted industry funding, which placed no restrictions on the content of these publications. series. More than a fifth (6) were reports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WWW.COMMUNITYPSYCHIATRY.ORG
YES! I want to join in the AACP’s advocacy efforts to improve
The American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP) was quality care for patients in community settings.
formed in October 1984. The impetus came from a group of community psychiatrists who began sharing interests and concerns at the May 1984 Name:__________________________________________________ American Psychiatric Association Meeting and at many local psychiatric meetings. We found that community psychiatrists are a concerned, Affiliation:________________________________________________ dedicated, energetic and underrepresented group. Our concerns had ________________________________________________________ not been adequately addressed in other professional organizations, Mailing Address:___________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ Phone: (______) _____________ Fax: (______) _____________ Email: ___________________________________________________ Promote and maintain excellence in the care of patients Years post-residency _______________________________________ through the organization of psychiatrists practicing community mental health on state, regional, and national levels Help clarify and solve mutual problems commonly General Member ……………………………………………………… $150 encountered by psychiatrists in community settings Dual Membership with American Orthopsychiatric Association ….$204 Inform and educate the public about the role of the community Liaison Member (non-physician) …………………………………….$100 health system in the care of the mentally ill International Member (outside US, Canada, Mexico) …………….$150 Establish liaisons with related professional organizations to Group Member (5 or more): 1 journal + newsletter …………….(pp)$75 advocate for relevant public policy issues Member-in-Training (resident) ………………………………………….$40 Promote cooperation between psychiatrists and other Member-in-Training (without journal) …………………………….No Dues professional, paraprofessional and consumer groups involved Medical Student …………………………………………………….No Dues Honorary Member ………………………………………………….No Dues Encourage training and research in psychiatry which will Make check payable to AACP
increase the number of committed psychiatrists in community (Dues include subscriptions to the Community Mental Health Journal AACP, P.O. Box 570218 Dallas, TX 75357-0218 COMMUNITY
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . WWW.COMMUNITYPSYCHIATRY.ORG
American Association of Community Psychiatrists


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