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If you want to get work in an advertising agency, your portfolio is vital! Here’s a series of great briefs to get stuck into. Follow the brief, come up with at least 25 great ideas for each brief, pare it back to the top 3 ideas and then work them up and put them in your portfolio. It’s time to start knocking on doors! Good luck! Brief One
Background/proof of proposition: V is Australia’s most popular energy drink. It contains guarana and caffeine, and it’s for active people who need a refreshing energy boost to keep up with their lifestyle. It’s sold in convenience stores and supermarkets, and comes in a distinctive 250mL green Brief Two
Background/proof of proposition: Higher-limit credit cards demand your photo embedded into it, so it’s impossible for thieves to use it and you’re protected against theft or loss. Brief Three
professionals Single-minded proposition: Background/proof of proposition: AdNews is Australia’s leading advertising, marketing and media magazine. It provides market intelligence for readers by publishing breaking news, analyzing current affairs, showcasing creative work, identifying trends, and analyzing the issues facing its readers. This inside knowledge gives readers an advantage over those who Brief Four
Background/proof of proposition: By applying Rogaine at the first sign of hair loss, you have a better chance of holding on to more of your hair. Rogaine is the number one treatment for hair loss recommended by Brief Five
Background/proof of proposition: You can fit two Smart Cars in a compact cars on the market are as small as the Smart. Engineered by Mercedes Benz, the 3-cylinder rear-mounted engine with turbocharger and charge air cooler weighs only 59 kg. That means ample power, low fuel consumption and low emissions. There are 30 colour combinations to choose from, and the panels are dent-proof. Brief Six
Background/proof of proposition: Fedex is the international express courier that is faster, more careful and more efficient than DHL, TNT or Australian Air Express. Regardless of its destination, your package will arrive Brief Seven
Background/proof of proposition: Danny’s serves good quality, great desserts in an all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s open 7 day. Brief Eight
Ambient – on the road, on the side of a building, on streetlights, anywhere but School leavers and families heading to the Gold Coast for the summer holidays Single-minded proposition: There’s nothing scarier than The Claw. Background/proof of proposition: Dreamworld is a theme park on Queensland’s Gold Coast, and The Claw is Dreamworld’s newest ride. Swinging you nine stories into the air at 64km an hour, The Claw us the ultimate Brief Nine
Danny’s Family Restaurant Dreamworld’s ‘The Claw’ ride Single-minded proposition: There’s no proposition. Create a topical Background/proof of proposition: Topical ads are usually based on a well-known current news story (war, finance, political scandal) or a seasonal calendar event (Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Spring, Summer, Daylight Savings, etc.) Byline:

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