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OFFICE OF THE IG (MEDICAL)/ MEDICAL SUPERINTENDENT COMPOSITE HOSPITAL No. M.III-52 /2013-14-CH-MSK Dated: - 06/ 05 / 2013 We are interested in the purchase of the stores as enumerated below. In case you are in a position to supply, please forward your Sealed Quotations to the undersigned before the stipulated date as under. The price quoted should be on firm basis and including all delivery charges. The price should be quoted in Rupees & Metric Weight / Units. The following information should be specifically given: Place of delivery i.e. FOR place of despatch. Period of delivery on placing of firm supply order. Quality/make of the articles quoted should be specified. Samples must be submitted along with the supply of stores. Taxes & other charges payable extra should be clearly indicated along with price quoted. The rates must remain open for minimum 03 months. The Tender/Quotations will be received upto1400 hrs. on 27/05/2013. In the event of date
indicated is declared holiday; the next working day shall become operative for the
respective purpose.
Tender/Quotations will be opened at 1600 Hrs. on 27/05/2013 under the close
supervision of a board of officers.
Quotations should clearly be marked in Red Ink.” QUOTATION FOR MEDICINES” OPENING DUE ON 27/05/2013. TENDER/QUOTATIONS RECEIVED AFTER THE EXPIRY OF SPECIFIED DATE AS ABOVE WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED. The representatives of the firm may attend tender opening. Firm whose rates/samples are approved are required to deposit Earnest/Security money to the tune of 6% of the total cost of the stores to be supplied. Earnest money in the tune of 2%
(i.e. Rs.50,000/-) should be enclosed along with the tenders in the form of National Savings
Certificate/Prize Bonds /Bank drafts or any other Govt. securities, in the name of / pledged to
IG(Medical)/Medical Superintendent, CH, CRPF, Bantalab, Jammu (Banker-SBI,CRPF
CAMPUS BRANCH –Bantalab, Jammu–181123,Branch Code-10347).Cash security deposits
will not be accepted. The security deposits will be returned subject to supplies being made in full
within the stipulated period of delivery and the stores being conformity with the approved
samples kept in the custody of this office. The decision of officer /Board of officers meant for
opening the tenders shall be final and binding in all matters pertaining to refund the
security/Earnest Money /samples of these items are available in this office and these can be seen
by the representatives of the firms on any working day between 16.30 hrs. Firms
claiming exemption from depositing earnest money must enclose copy of their registration
certificate with NSIC or DGS & D.
4. No interest shall be payable by the purchaser on Earnest money deposited by the tenderer. Earnest money of the successful tenderer shall be returned after the security money deposited 5 Collection of EMD will be the responsibility of the unsuccessful tenderer. 6 Tenders / quotation should be duly sealed. Tenders sealed with adhesive tapes shall be rejected. 7 Tenders/quotation should be sent by Registered/Speed post only. Tenders received by private courier services or by hand tenders will not be entertained. 8 The tender notice can also be obtained from CRPF website and interested bidders can download it and submit along with the cost of tender notice i.e.Rs.100/- with the //2//
1. The tenderer should have been in this business for a period of at least two years in the country in relation to the type of equipment/drugs for which the quotations / tenders are being submitted. 2. The latest Income tax clearance certificate and sales tax certificate should be submitted in absence of which tender shall be rejected. 3. The tenderer should submit statement of financial standing from their bankers. The name of the bank along with full address is to be furnished. 4. The supplier should submit a statement of overall turnover for the previous two /three years. If applicable a copy of the applicant’s annual report and accounts for each of the last two/ three years should also be submitted. 5. No. and date of sales tax registration certificate, wherever applicable should be submitted. 6. Sales tax if applicable may be indicated clearly on each item otherwise later it shall not be accepted. 7. The tenderer has to give a certificate that the firm has not been blacklisted in the past by any Institution Government / Private. 8. In case of default in execution of the order within the stipulated time, penalty @-----per ----- (Liquidated damages) shall be levied and in the case of total failure, hospital will have the right to procure from open market / another party at their own risk and expense. 9. The tenderer / supplier has to give an affidavit on an non-judicial stamp paper that there is no vigilance/ CBI case pending against the firm / supplier. 10. If the tenderer gives a false statement on any of the above information the firm/ supplier will not be considered and their quotation /tender shall be rejected and the security deposited shall be forfeited. 11. It will be the prerogative of the hospital to place the supply order for the whole lot/item or in piecemeal basis depending upon the requirement of the hospital. 12. The hospital will have the right to reject any tender without assigning any reason. 13. All the manufacturers/suppliers are required to submit certificate of good manufacture practices as
per WHO guidelines as certified by Drug Controller of India and concerned State Drug Controller after
joint inspection of the firm.
- Only brand products of reputed manufacturers will be acceptable. - The above certificate needs to be incorporated in your tender / quotations” The rates quoted are as per the hospital rates of medicines/surgical bandages being supplied to Govt. hospitals and the prices quoted / charged are not higher than the controlled price fixed by the law for the medicines and where there is no controlled price, the price does not exceed the price appearing in any agreement relating to price regulations by the pharmaceutical industry in consultation with the govt. Prices quoted/ charged for indigenous stores are not higher than the lowest price charged by the firm for stores of the same nature, class or description to an individual/ firm/ organization or central Govt. hospitals and for imported stores the price quoted is not higher than the lowest price charged by the firm for stores of same nature, class or description to a purchaser, domestic or foreign or to any organization or Govt. hospitals .” If the above mentioned certificates / documents are not submitted along with the tender, application will not be considered for acceptance and will be out rightly rejected. Any tenderer / supplier giving false information shall be disqualified. No business
henceforth will be done with the firm/supplier. Sd/-06/05/2013
Suppliers Name-------------------------------------------- (Tenderers should check following requirements for compliance before submission of the tender 1) Certificate for being in business for more than 2 years---------------------------------------------- 2) Latest Income tax clearance certificate and sale tax certificate------------------------------------- 3) Sample of the items submitted where applicable------------------------------------------------------ 4 Liquidated damages as applicable under the rules in case of default in execution of order with in stipulated time will be adhered. 5) Affidavit that the firm has not been black listed in the past by any hospital/organization 6). Statement of turnover/annual report for each of the last two years attached 7). Security amount enclosed/deposited------------------------------------------------------------------ 8) Tenderers should ensure deposit of required Earnest Money. Deposit if the tenderer are not registered with DGS&D or NSIC 9). Tenderers should ensure that their registration with DGS&D and NSIC is valid if they are registered with DGS&D/NSIC are not depositing Earnest Money. They should enclose the latest DGS&D/NSIC registration certificate. 10) Tenderers should mention whether it is an SSI Unit or not. 11) Tenderers should mention in the Tender Enquiry that they accept our delivery terms i.e. they agree to supply stores at consignees’ locations at freight, risk and cost of the tenderer. 12) Tenderers should mention their Delivery Period clearly. 13) Tenderers should mention their address for communication with Telephone and Fax Number. LIST OF MEDICINES TO BE PURCHASED ENCLOSED HEREWITH AS APPENDIX ‘A’ To,
DC-II, EDP Cell, Directorate General, CRPF, along with the Soft Copy for publication at CRPF,

Composite Hospital, CRPF, Bantalab,Jammu ‘APPENDIX A’


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