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Glasnevin Educate Together N.S.
Substance Use Policy
September 2005
1. Definition of a drug: A drug is a chemical substance which alters
how the body functions, physically how we behave, mentally how we think emotionally how we feel. Drugs, for the purpose of this document, include Nicotine, alcohol, solvents, illegal drugs, over the counter medications, prescription medications, food or drinks containing high levels of caffeine. This policy is intended to be read in conjunction with the school’s Healthy Eating Policy. 2. Need for a Policy:
The world in which we live presents young people with many challenges which affect their health and well-being. Exposure to alcohol, tobacco and drugs is part of this reality. Schools need to reflect upon how they might provide for the needs of their students and respond appropriately to what are sometimes sensitive and emotive issues. The Education Act 1998 provides that schools should promote the social and personal development of students and provide health education for them. The National Drugs Strategy “Building on Experience” is now Government policy and it requires schools to have a substances use policy in place. In keeping with our school ethos, we strive to educate our pupils to make healthy choices about their lives. 3. Core Committee: Carol Swan (Parent), John Tuohy (Teacher), Ann
Marie Jones (B.O.M. and parent), Seamus Treacy (Parent) and Stephen Moloney (Parent) 4. Relevant Resources: Walk Tall Programme, S.P.H.E., Learn
Together, Primary School Health Education (North East Health Board) 5. Current Documents that relate to Substance Use Policy: Whole
School Plan, Positive Behaviour Policy, Stay Safe, Health and Safety Policy, D.E.S. Child Abuse Prevention Guidelines. 6. Scope: This policy applies to all students, school, staff, parents and all
7. When does it apply?
To activities in the school building and yard. All school related activities that involve children. 8. Objective: we work to ensure that our pupils will grow up in a healthy
environment, helping them to develop skills, values and attitudes to make positive responses to the problems of substance misuse. 9. Policy Content – Education and Prevention: A substance misuse
prevention programme will be implemented at all class levels in accordance with our Social Personal and Health Education Primary Curriculum Programme. Through S.P.H.E., our pupils will practise specific skills and experience a value system which supports primary prevention in a holistic, caring and supportive environment. We will address the content objective relating directly to substance use in an age appropriate manner using discreet S.P.H.E. time. 10. Management of School drug related issues:
Smoking: the entire school is a smoking free zone in accordance with the Tobacco Act 2002. Alcohol: Pupils will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the school or to consume alcohol in school or during any school activities. If a teacher is of the opinion that a student is under the influence of alcohol, s/he will immediately inform the Principal and consult on what action should be taken. Where a student comes to school under the influence of alcohol, their parent or guardian will be called in to take them home. Students breaking these rules will be dealt with according to the If alcohol is required for an adult only school function to be held on school premises, permission shall be sought from the Board of Management. If prizes of alcohol are donated to the school, they should only If an adult arrives to collect a child under the influence of alcohol (or illegal drugs) and is in the opinion of the class teacher, unable to provide appropriate care to the pupil, school guidelines should be followed. Students are strictly forbidden from being in possession of or using illicit drugs or solvents on school premises. Illicit drugs found on school premises should be locked away and the Gardai contacted to dispose of them. Teachers are advised not to transport illicit substances in any circumstances. If a teacher is of the opinion that a student is under the influence of illicit drugs or solvents, s/he will immediately inform the Principal and consult as to what action should be taken. When a school suspects trafficking of illicit drugs, an investigation will be carried out. Parents of any student involved will be informed. The advice and assistance of the Community Police Officer or the Garda Juvenile Liaison Officer will be sought. The school Board of Management will expect parents to inform the Principal or class teacher if they suspect their child of drug taking. 11. Training and Staff Development: An effective Substance Use Policy
needs to be adopted and supported by ongoing commitment from the Patron, Board of Management and Parent Teacher Association, to training and staff development in this area. Teachers will be encouraged to avail of training opportunities and keep themselves up to date. B.O.M and P.T.A. will provide on-going training and support for parents and staff about drug/alcohol abuse.
A teacher may not administer medication to a child even where
requested to do so by a parent unless the appended indemnification is
signed by both parent and the Board of Management.

Medicines can be administered only if parents/guardians sign the following: Administration of Medicines in Schools Indemnity

This indemnity made the day of 20?? between (lawful father
and mother or legal guardian of (child’s name) (herinafter called the parents
or legal guardians) of one part and for and on behalf of the Board of
Management of Glasnevin Educate Together N.S. situated at Church
Avenue in Glasnevin, Dublin 9 (herinafter called ‘the Board’) of the other
1. The parents are respectively the lawful father and mother of a pupil of 2. The pupil suffers on a ongoing basis from the condition know as ??? 3. The pupil may while attending the said school, require, in emergency circumstances, the administration of medicines. 4. The parents or legal guardian have agreed that the said medication may, in emergency circumstances, be administered by the said pupil’s classroom teacher and / or such other members of staff of the said school as may be designated from time to time by the Board. NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED by and between the parties hereto as follows: a) In consideration of the Board entering into the within Agreement, the parents, as the lawful father and mother respectively of the said pupil, or the legal guardian HEREBY AGREE, to indemnify and keep indemnified the Board, its servants and agents including without prejudice to the generality the said pupil’s class teacher and / or the Principal of the said school from and against all claims, both present and future, arising from the administration or failure to administer the said medicines. IN WITNESS whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and affixed their seals the day and year first herein WRITTEN. SIGNED AND SEALED by the parents or the legal guardian in the presence of: SIGNED AND SEALED by the said in the presence of:


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