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Prof. Dr. Muhammad Subhan Qureshi
Ph.D and MSc (Hons)
: Animal Reproduction, University of Agriculture
Faisalabad, Pakistan, 1988 and 1998.
DVM: Veterinary Science, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences,
Nutrition-lactation-reproduction interaction in dairy buffaloes Semen quality of small and large ruminants • Evaluation of milk quality as a human diet • Environmental stress on crossbred cattle in the tropics • Reproductive physiology of domestic animals • Commercialization of livestock enterprises A. Career History
Present (Professor and Chairman, AUP, 18-1-2005 onwards)
Teaching subjects of animal reproduction and livestock production management to the graduate and • Supervision of technical, academic and financial matters of Livestock Management Dept & preparation of
research and development proposal for improving teaching, research and industrial linkages • Member Academic Council, Board of Studies Livestock Management Department; University Industry Liaison Cell; FATA development committee; Technical Member, Public Service Commission; • Advisor, Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Sarhad Dairy Farmers Association; Small and Medium
Editorial duties: Member Editorial Board, Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Science, Korea; Journal of Development and Agricultural Economics, Kenya; Sarhad Journal of Agriculture Peshawar; Journal of Animal Health and Production, Peshawar; Veterinary News and Views; Reviewer, Journal of Dairy Science, USA; Canadian Journal of Animal Science; Pakistan Journal of Zoology; Indian Journal of Dairy Science • Dairy Expert Pak-Australia Dairy Project, Livestock & DD Board Lahore. b) Previous
(Veterinary Officer L&DD 7-8-1983; Sr/Research Officer VRI 19-6-1990; CSU Australia: 1 mo)
ƒ International: Visiting Professor, Charles Sturt University, Wagga Wagga Australia (March 1 to April 1, 2010) ƒ Research on reproductive performance and health status pf of buffaloes and other food animals; preparation, implementation and monitoring of research and development programs; assistance to IUCN, WTO, SMEDA, FAO, etc., in livestock development; Assistance to Inland universities in postgraduate research program; Member Editorial Board (1990-2005). ƒ Extension: Semen processing, management and semen quality of bulls, farm management and staff supervision, veterinary clinical work and disease investigation (1983 to 1990). ƒ Development and industrial linkage: Peri-urban dairy farms were studied during doctoral thesis research and reported losses of Rs.1043 billion per annum. Linked the farms with SMEDA, Bank of Khyber, Livestock Institutions and civil administration). Presentation was made in the form of various reports, research and review papers for scientific and administrative journals, conferences, internet articles and press statements. Advised the successive Chief Ministers NWFP on livestock sector and presented development plans. MoUs were signed with various educational, development and business organizations for Technical Cooperation. Meetings were held with French and the European Union Missions who intended to link their commercial sectors with the livestock sector. Livestock Investment Conference was organized in collaboration of Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industries on July 28, 2005, attended by a wide range of participants from scientific, business, government and civil society organizations, recommending establishment of diary colonies and other ventures through public private partnership. B. Books written
Khan, S and M.S.Qureshi, 2009. Lactation-Reproduction Interaction in Dairy Buffaloes. VDM Verlag Dr. Müller Aktiengesellschaft & Co. KG, Dudweiler Landstr. 99, 66123, Saarbruecken, Germany. ISBN-10: 3639144449. Qureshi, M.S., 2010. Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals. Textbook commissioned by Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. (in press) Mushtaq, Anila and M.S.Qureshi, 2010. Milk Fatty Acids of Dairy Animals. LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG, Dudweiler Landstr. 99, 66123 Saarbrücken, Germany, ISBN 978-3-8383-7659-2. C. Research Projects
a) Principal Investigator, Effects of season and extenders on goats’s semen integrity and fertility. Cost 1.1 million, Pak. Sci. Foundation Islamabad (2007-2009). (in progress) b) Principal Investigator, Improvement of Artificial Insemination Technology in Dairy Buffaloes in NWFP – Cost 0.3 million, ARF-Pak. Agric. Res. Council, Islamabad. (2001-2004) (completed) c) Principal Investigator, Genetic Improvement of Dairy Goats in NWFP. Cost 0.2 million, CDYST- Pak. Sci. Foundation Islamabad (2004-2006). (completed) d) Project In charge, Project on research and developments for improvement in hides and skins in NWFP (1994 to
D. Visits abroad

a) Thailand, March 28 to May 6, 1994: Attended 10th International Training in Swamp Buffalo Reproduction at Chulalongkorn University. Sponsor: Royal Thai Government b) Italy, October 15 to 28, 2007: Attended 8th World buffalo congress at Caserta. Sponosr: HEC c) Egypt: 27 Feb - 4 March., 2010; Attended 6th Int Conf Egyptian Soc Exp Biol, Minoufiya University, Cairo. Sponsor: HEC; 1 to 6 July, 2010, Attended Int Workshop On Industrial Biotechnology. July 3-4, Alexandria, Egypt. Sponsor: OECD, Paris, France. d) Saudi Arabia: 27 Feb, 2010. Sights seeing/Umrah on way to Egypt. E. Membership of professional bodies
a) American Dairy Science Association, USA b) Soceity for Theriogenology, USA, Active Member, 2006 c) Pak. Soc. Animal Reprod. Lahore, Vice President, 2000 onwards d) Nutritionist Assoc. Pak. Lahore, Member 2003 onwards e) Pak. Vet. Med. Council, Committees., Member, 2000 onwards f) NWFP Univ.Agric., Unvi.Agric.Faisalabad, Sindh Agric.Univ, Gomal Univ., Univ.Vet Anim.Sci., Graduate/Postgrad. Examiner, 1994 onwards g) Pak. Agric. Res. Council, Project Reviewer, 2003 onwards h) Pak-Australia Dairy Project ASLP-Livestock Board Lahore (Expert in Dairy Reproduction).
F. Postgraduate thesis research supervised
a. PhD
1. Khan, Sarzamin, 2007. Lactation – Reproduction Interaction in dairy buffaloes. AU Peshawar (AUP, Member).
2 Sohail, SM, 2007. Genetic and phenotypic evaluation of dairy buffaloes for performance traits. (AUP, Major
3. Chand, Nyla, 2008. Effect of Berberis lycium on the performance, serum lipid profile, immunity and liver function in broiler chicks. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member). 4. Mushtaq, Anila (2009). Effect of physiological states on milk composition in dairy animals under subtropical 5. Tanveer, AJ (ongoing). Synopsis to be written in poultry science. NWFP Agric Univ Peshawar (Member). 6. Sultan, Shoaib (ongoing). Synopsis to be written on nutrition-reproduction interaction in goats (AUP Member). 7. Khan, M.Shakir (Ongoing). Synopsis to be completed on Kari Sheep. NWFP Agric Univ Peshawar (Member). 8. Ihsanullah. Effect of stress on crossbred cattle under sub-tropical environment. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member) 2008,
b. MSc (Hons)/MSc (Completed)
1. Hamidullah, 1993. Incidence of reproductive disorders and pregnancy in buffaloes in slaughter at Peshawar Abbtoir.
AUP (NWFP-Agric. Univ.) (Co-supervisor). 2. Gulzar Ahmad 1996, Effect of health status on reproductive performance in buffaloes. UAFaisalabad (Co-supervisor). 3. Ghulam Muhammad 1997. Productive and reproductive performance of bufflaoes in district Dir. Sindh Agric. Univ. 4. Asmatullah Khan 1999. Reproductive and productive performance of crossbred cattle in district Bannu. Sindh Agric. 5. Jan Mir Khan 1999. Crossbreeding in cattle in Bannu. UAF (Univ. Agric. Faisalabad) (Co-supervisor). 6 Ahmad Jan 2000. Productive and reproductive performance of buffaloes in Charsadda. (AUP, Co-supervisor). 7. Rafiullah 2001. Ovarian scanning and blood minerals in crossbred repeaters cattle at estrus. UAF (Member). 8. Siddique Ali 2003. Factors effecting conception rate in dairy buffaloes under field conditions. UVAS Lhr (Member). 9. Zaitoon Khattak 2004. Productive and reproductive performance of dairy buffaloes under field conditions. Univ. 10. Iftikhar Alam, 2006. Comparative efficiency of different extenders for preserving goats’s semen (Supervisor). 11. Nazir A.K. 2006. Feeding value of tree leaves and cottonseed cake as supplement in lactating beetal goats. NWFP 12. Iftikhar Ahmad 2007. Effect of mastits on milk composition in cows and buffaloes. NWFP Agric Univ Peshawar 13. Asim Ijaz 2007. Body characteristics and their relationship with some qualitative and quantitative traits in Damani Goats at Dera Ismail Khan (NWFP Agric Univ Peshawar (MSc Hons Thesis, Member). 14. Iqbal, Zafar,2007. Antiparasitic and immuno-modulatory effects of some common anthelmintics in buffalo calves. NWFP Univ. Agric. (MSc Hons Thesis, Member). 15. Hussain, Maryam, 2008. Effect of water sprayed and soaked wheat straw on intake and digestion of rations supplemented with molasses urea liquid vs molasses urea block licking by cow calves. NWFP Univ. Agric. (MSc Hons Thesis, Member). 16. Khan, M.Tahir, 2008. Effect of substitutin of wheat straw with peanut hay on dry matter intake, digestion and nitrogen retention in rations for sheep maintenance. NWFP Univ. Agric. (MSc Hons Thesis, Member). 17 Khan, M. Rizwan, 2009. Nutritional status of internally displaced children in Muzarrarabad Earthquake 2005. NWFP 18. Asif, Yasmeen, (2009). Comparative study on relationship between risk factors and gallstone formation in females of Peshawar city. NWFP Univ. Agric. (MSc Hons Thesis, Member). 19. Mirajullah Shah, 2009. Effect of pregnancy on milk yield and composition in dairy buffaloes. NWFP Univ. Agric. 20. Aamir Jalil, 2009. Morphological Characterization of Kutta Sheep breed in Swat. (Co-supervisor). 21. Marwat, I., (2009). Effect of breeding methods on calf sex and postpartum reproductive performance of cattle and buffaloes. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member). 22. Ihsanullah, (2009), Protein contents in dairy milk. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member) 2008.

MSc (Hons)/MSc (Ongoing)
1. Huma Naqeeb., (Ongoing). Comparative study of iron status between female cardiovascular cases and controls in
2. Asma Masood., (Ongoing). Assessment of body composition and hemoglobin status of adolescents in two schools at Lahore. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member) 2008, Ongoing. 3. Tariq Khan., (Ongoing). Assessment of vitamin A and zinc status between smokers and non-smokers in Peshawar. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member) 2008, Ongoing 4. Imran Anwar., (Ongoing). Comparative study on body composition and plasma lipid profile of smokers and non- smokers in Peshawar. Agric Univ Peshawar (Member) 2008, Ongoing. 5. Muhiyud din, Afshan, (Ongoing). Assessment of body composition and hemoglobin status of adolescents in selected schools of Peshawar. NWFP Univ. Agric. (MSc Hons Thesis, Member). 6. Daulat Khan. Effect of seasons and extenders on semen quality in goats. AUP, Major supervisor. 7. Raj Wali Khan. Evaluation of quality of drinking water used at dairy farms in District Peshawar. AUP, major 8. Bakht Daraz Khan, (Ongoing). Milk fat levels under different storage conditions and physiological states in dairy 9. Munawar Shah, (Ongoing). Effect of different feed combinations on glucose contents in blood and lactose of cattle and 10. Tariq Aziz , (Ongoing). Effect of different feed combinations on protein and fats contents in blood and milk in cattle 11. M Obaidullah Qureshi, (Ongoing). Reproductive ccylcity of cattle under tropical conditions. AUP, major supervisor. 12. Sajid Khan., (Ongoing). Association of somatic cells count with health and productivity status in dairy animals. 13. Usman, M., (Ongoing) Study of the impact of Animal Husbandry In-service Training Institute on the livestock performance in three districts of NWFP. AUP, major supervisor. 14. Kadwal, MH, (Ongoing) The status of blood metabolites and hormonal profile in crossbred cattle manifesting various reproductive disorders under field conditions. AUP, major supervisor. 15. Ali, Amjad, (Ongoing) Conception rate of local cows as affected by semen quality and blood metabolites. AUP,
G. Research papers with impact factor

(IF 2007: AJAS 0.857; Ani Rep Sci 1.89; Italian JAS 0.0.218; Trop Anim Hlth Prod 0.41, Pak J Bot 0.29, Pak J Zool 0.189) 1. Qureshi, M.S.; H.A. Samad, G. Habib., R.H. Usmani and M.M. Siddiqui, 1999. Study on factors leading to seasonality of reproduction in dairy buffaloes. I. Nutritional factors. Asian-Aust. J. Anim. Sci, 12 (7): 1019-1024. 2. Qureshi, M.S.; G. Habib., H.A. Samad, L.A. Lodhi and R.H. Usmani, 1999. Study on factors leading to seasonality of reproduction in dairy buffaloes. II.Non-nutritional factors. Asian Aust. J. Anim. Sci. 12 (7): 1025-1030. 3. Qureshi, M.S., G. Habib, H.A. Samad, M.M. Siddiqui, N.Ahmad and M. Syed, 2002. Reproduction-nutrition relationship in dairy buffaloes. I. Effect of intake of protein, energy and blood metabolites levels. Asian-Aust. .J.Anim.Sci, 15(3): 330-339. 4. Chand, N., F.R.Durrani, M.S.Qureshi, Z.Durrani, 2007. ROLE OF Berberis lycium In Reducing Serum Cholesterol In Broilers. Asian Aust J. Anim. Sci. 20 (4): 563-568. 5. Qureshi, M.S., S. Khan and N. Ahmad, 2007. Pregnancy depresses milk yield in dairy buffaloes. Ital. J. Anim. 6. Qureshi, M.S., N.Ahmad 2008. Interaction among calf suckling, use of oxytocin, milk production and reproduction in dairy buffaloes. Animal Reproduction Science, 106: 380-392. 7. Khan, S., M.S. Qureshi, N. Ahmad, M. Amjed, F.R.Durrani and M. Younas, 2008. Effect of Pregnancy on Lactation Milk Value in Dairy Buffaloes. Asian Aust. J. Anim. Sci. 21(4): 523-531. 8. Khan, S., M.S. Qureshi, N. Ahmad, M. Amjed and M. Younas, 2009. Feed Supplementation Prevents Decline in Milk Progesterone Levels associated with Post-conception Production Stress in Dairy Buffaloes. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 41: 1133-1142 (DOI:10.1007/s11250-008-9293-4). 9. S Khan and MS Qureshi, G. Habib, A Mushtaq, Ihsanullah, S Ahmad, SM Sohail and SS Afridee, 2009. Effect of pregnancy on lactation performance in dairy buffaloes. Pak J Zool., Sup. No.9. 55-60. 10. Sohail, S.M., M.S. Qureshi, S Khan, G Habib, 2009. Relationship among various production and reproduction Contributors of Breeding Efficiency in Dairy Buffaloes of Pakistan. . Pak J Zool., Sup. No.9, 297-301. 11. Qureshi, MS, A Mushtaq, S Khan, G Habib, ZA Swati, 2010. Variation in milk fatty acids composition with body condition in dairy buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). Asian Aust J Anim Sci23: 340-345. 12. Hussain, T, M Arshad, I Jan S Khan, H Sattar, MS Qureshi, 2010. In Vitro Screening Of Ten Pakistani Plants For Their Antibacterial Activity. Pakistan Journal of Botany (accepted). 13. Khan, S., MS Qureshi, I. Ahmad and S.M. Shah. 2010. Milk Composition and Yield Changes with the Advancing Pregnancy in Dairy Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis). Turkish J Vet Anim Sci (accepted). 14. Samo, M.U., S. Khan, M.S. Qureshi and Z.U. Rehman,2010. Efficiency of different sugars in Tris-based extenders for the cryopreservation of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) sperm. S Afric J Anim Sci (submitted). 15. Mushtaq, A., MS Qureshi, S Khan, G Habib, ZA Swati, S Rahman, 2010. Body condition (BCS) regulates milk yield (MY) and composition (MC) in dairy animals. Pak J Zool (in press). 16. Shah, SM, S Khan, MS Qureshi, SM Sohail, G Habib, I Ihsanullah, U Sadique, SS Afridee, S Ahmad, A Mushtaq, Z Shah, Z Rahman, 2010. Effect of pregnancy on milk composition in buffaloes. Pak J Zool (in press). 17. Qureshi, M.S., 2010. Reproduction-Nutrition Interaction in Dairy Buffaloes. Pak J Zool (in press). 18. Mushtaq, A., M.S. Qureshi, S. Khan, G. Habib and Z.A. Swati, 2009. Variation in milk composition and its relationship with physiological states and management in crossbred cattle under tropical conditions. Tropical Animal Health and Production (submitted). 19. Khan, S., N. Ahmad, M.S. Qureshi, M. Amjed and M. Younas, 2008. Modeling and managing post-conception decline in milk yield of dairy buffaloes. Canadian J Anim. Sci (submitted). Total papers:
Total 117

M. Creative activities

1. Worked as member Editorial Board of the Asian Australasian Journal of Animal Science, published from South Korea, since 1999 to date. The impact factor of the journal was increased from zero to 0.857. Also evaluated articles for the Indian Journal of Dairy Science and Journal of Dairy Science USA 2. Attending the 8th World buffalo congress in Italy during 2007, had an oral presentation of a research paper and chaired a session on livestock management. 3. Evaluated research projects for Pakistan Science Foundation, PARC-ALP, UA Faisalabad, etc.; Hired graduates for teaching assignment in livestock economics under HEC sponsorship.; Suggested measures for improvement of the University Dairy Farm and initiated support activities like fodder preservation. 4. Improved the research quality at the Department. Produced the first ever PhD graduate in the Department. 5. Focused on research activities of the Department on physiological base of animals’ productivity and stress physiology; formulation of research priorities for Department of Livestock Management and tailoring the postgraduate thesis research and research and development projects into these priorities. 6. Formulation of M.Phil degree program in Dairy Science and Technology; Attracted postgraduate students to the Department, 13 out of 41 during August, 2008; Initiation and operation of Yahoo group “Livestock Industry”, for postgraduate students, scientists, extensionists, farmers and industry people 7. Awards: Got Star Award 2008 (for seniors); Star Laureate 2008; nominated for Pakistan Academy of



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