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Hackthorn Church of England Primary School

Dear Parents and Friends
There has been a lot of illness about this winter and it seems to be continuing into summer. There
seems to be a ‘lively’ bug in the area at the moment. Many children and adults have been sick over
the last couple of weeks. This began at the beginning of last week, long before we went swimming,
and has continued into this week.
There have been some important changes to rules regarding exclusion periods when children are ill.
The current exclusion times are available on our website and have also been reproduced in the table
The section of particular importance is the time children should stay away from school if they have
suffered from vomiting or diarrhoea ……… please note this is 48 hours from the last episode.
Required Time to be kept away from school
(once child is well)
Until clinically recovered after appropriate treatments have been given Until diarrhoea and/or vomiting have settled Until clinically fit and no diarrhoea for at 21 days from onset of typical paroxysmal cough OR 5 days from commencing antibiotic treatment (erythromycin) Until advised by GP that no longer infectious Until swelling has subsided (7 days min.)
Certain diseases are statutorily notifiable under the Public Health (Control of Diseases) Act 1984 and Control of
Infection Regulations 1988. It is the responsibility of the Doctor concerned to carry this out.
Headlice: No exclusion or isolation of a child is required. Headlice are a problem not just for schools but
the whole community. In accordance with Lincolnshire Health Authority guidance “parents are at the ‘front line’ of head louse
Parents should inspect their children regularly.
Swimming Lessons
Going swimming can be very difficult for families (especially in Lincolnshire where access to swimming
pools is limited). There is an alarming report this week describing how half the children in the country
cannot swim 25m by the time they are 11 years old. The report also finds that the average amount of
swimming tuition in school time is around 8 hours in total and that most children do not start lessons at
school until they are well into KS2.
As far as our school is concerned swimming is going really well. As a school we are extremely
successful at teaching swimming. This is one of the most valuable life skills we can pass on to our
children. Our system of taking the whole school right from reception starts them off early and ensures
they received 35 – 40 hours swimming during their time with us.
Cyber Coach
Remember school has bought a licence to use this online dance/fitness scheme which can be used by
parents too! Age groups from 4 yrs to adult

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India Day
The whole school enjoyed a fabulous India day recently. We had stories, dancing, art, costume and
food. We even performed a dance straight from ‘Bollywood’! (Look on the website for more
Next term KS2 will be going to Leicester to visit a Mandir and enjoy traditional food (and visit shops).

Pedestrian Training
KS1 are learning how to keep safe with a special ‘pedestrian training course’ delivered by one of the
Lincolnshire road safety scheme.
Dates For The Diary

Half Term 27th – 31st May
4th June
Y6 Church Schools’ Festival at the cathedral Sports taster afternoon for whole school


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