What others like and admire about rachel

What others like and admire about Rachel
Her ‘model-looks’: she is a stunner!
wicked sense of humour
Her ability to make friends and connect with people
Her taste in men, music and DVD’s!
Her long eye lashes and expressive eyes
She is a funky babe!
Important To Rachel
Contact with her family, especially her mum
and sister Lindsay.
Listening to pop music, especially boy bands and hunky
gorgeous male artists
(favourites at the minute –Mc Fly; Shayne Ward; Westlife)
Having people around her who she can
have a laugh and a giggle with.
Having fun and getting messy –
like water fights in the bath;
being nibbled by Button her hamster.
Looking stylish in trendy clothes and accessories
in her favourite colour – pink.
Loves having her hair and nails done –‘girlie pampering’
Her mobile phone to keep in touch (calls and texts)
with what is happening!
Being supported by people who know her
well and who she likes
Not to be in her chair any longer than she has to be –
must get out of it as soon as possible, prefers to lie on the floor or on her tummy on her bed
That everyone who supports Rachel understands
her communication (see communication charts)
That only female staff support her around her personal care
Important To Rachel for the future
Getting to a football match – with a crowd and all the gear!
Going to a star-studded ‘flash’ event where she can
dress-up and impress the men.
Going on holiday and livin’ it up! (Preferably abroad)
Living in her stylish bachelorette pad
Important For Rachel (support needs)
Rachel has complex needs and these must be fully
understood before you can properly support her.
You need to read the details of her file
(including her health action plan) before supporting
her as it contains vital, detailed information
around staying healthy and safe
Having the right equipment on hand to meet her needs –
e.g. Day-bed, hoist fully charged, suction machine
Rachel eats and drinks using a PEG (gastrostomy tube)
she does not take any food, drink or medication orally,
Rachel takes medication daily – refer to her medication
chart for up-to-date information.
Rachel has epilepsy – refer to her care plan around
how best to support her when she needs emergency
medication for prolonged seizures
Rachel needs to stay calm and cool. If she gets upset she
becomes hot and finds it difficult to control her saliva and
manage her swallow – you need always to have suction
equipment with you. She also must wear cool, loose-fitting
Rachel is allergic to SORBITOL which is found in many forms of liquid medication and anti-biotic’s
Rachel takes Baclofen her GP and dentist must always be reminded of this due to the risks associated with her neck and
swallowing difficulties. Rachel is prone to chest infections

Source: http://www.helensandersonassociates.co.uk/media/39141/rachel.pdf


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