Programma scientifico
Martedì 3 settembre

15.00 – 17.00
Maria Careri, Direttore del Dipartimento di Chimica Roberto Gobetto, Presidente della Divisione di Chimica Inorganica, S.C.I. Metal alkoxide derivatives: from basic coordination chemistry M.L. Terranova, Università di Roma, Tor Vergata Metal nanoparticles coupled with carbon nanostructures D. Osella, Università Piemonte Orientale Pt(IV) complexes as anticancer prodrugs
Mercoledì 4 settembre

R. Peruzzini, L. Banci, I. Bertini, S. Ciofi-Baffoni Molecular mechanisms of protein trapping and maturation in the Inter Membrane Space (IMS) of mitochondria S. Mirra, M. Strianese, S. Milione, C. Pellecchia Cobaloximes as selective tools for H2S sensing. A coordination G. Grasso, F. Bellia, D. La Mendola, A. Magrì, A. Pietropaolo, Metalloproteases and metal ions in Alzheimer’s disease: C. Nardon, A. Adami, G. Boscutti, L. Marchiò, L. Dalla Via, Copper(II)- and ruthenium(III)-based complexes with S. Ciofi Baffoni, CERM, Università di Firenze A. Galliani, F. Arnesano, M. Losacco, G. Natile, F. Tadini- Buoninsegni, G. Bartolommei, M. R. Moncelli MNK1, the first metal binding domain of ATP7A, binds cisplatin through its cysteines. First evidence for active D. Rogolino, M. Carcelli, A. Bacchi, E. Fisicaro, C. Compari, Chelating pharmachophores targeting metal cofactors as effective inhibitors of viral enzymes Synthesis, infrared, and X-ray diffraction studies for new manganese(II)- and copper(II)-oxicam drugs A. Taglietti, B. Bassi, E. Cabrini, G. Dacarro, P. Grisoli, P. Layer by layer assembly of nanomaterials for antibacterial G. Malavasi, V. Aina, G. Cerrato, G. Martra, G. Lusvardi, L. Towards the controlled release of metal nanoparticles from biomaterials:physico-chemical, morphological and bioactivity features of Cu-containing sol gel glasses V. Oliveri, A. Puglisi, M. Viale, C. Aiello, C. Sgarlata, G. New multifunctional 8-hydroxyquinoline-appended cyclodextrins: exploring their antioxidant and metal binding Soluble polycluster molecular frameworks S.Todisco, V. Gallo, M. Latronico, P. Mastrorilli, U. Englert, Activation of P-C bond in thioether functionalized DPPA during the synthesis of PtM2 clusters G.P.M. Bignami, A. Ceriotti, P.R. Mussini, C. Oliva, G. Longoni, S. Zacchini, M. Gaboardi, M. Mazzani, M. Riccò Comparative investigations on Pt cluster salts From transition metal organically functionalized oxoclusters to thioclusters: versatile inorganic polynuclear precursors for S. Zacchini, I. Ciabatti, F. Fabrizi de Biani, C. Femoni, M. C. Metal segregation in bimetallic Co-Pd carbide carbonyl Computational thermochemistry of inorganic materials:from superalloys to synthetic diamonds The key roles of the porous architecture and crystal surfaces in upgrading the functional properties of oxide materials C. Battocchio, I. Fratoddi, S. Mukherjee , M.V. Russo, G. Molecular structure and organization of Au nanoparticles capped with molecular ligands investigated by NEXAFS
Giovedì 5 settembre

Labile palladium species and applications in catalysis F. Ferretti, M. Viganò, E. Gallo, F. Ragaini One pot synthesis of zerovalent palladium – olefin complexes from palladium(II) carboxylates with reduced 1,2- bis(arylimino)acenaphthenes (Ar-BIANH2) A. Biffis, M. Cipani, E. Bressan, C. Tubaro, M. Basato, C. Group 10 metal complexes with cis-chelating, macrocyclic dicarbene ligands bearing a bridging pyridyl group: synthesis, reactivity and catalytic activity A. Ghisolfi, C. Fliedel, K. Y. Monakhov, A. Thibone, V. Rosa, Nickel complexes of thioether-functionalized PNP and PNP=S Ligands. Ethylene oligomerization and solvent- and D. Intrieri, S. Le Gac, A. Caselli, B. Boitrel, E. Gallo Synthesis of metal binaphthyl porphyrins to promote the Chair: Adriana Saccone – Sessione congiunta con Gruppo Interdivisionale di Chimica per le Energie Rinnovabili (EnerCHEM) Water oxidation catalyzed by iridium coordination complexes A. Volpe, C. Tubaro, A. Sartorel, M. Bonchio, M. Di Valentin, Novel dicarbene iridium(III) complexes: synthesis and catalytic activity in water oxidation reaction A. Credi, S. Silvi, T. Avellini, C. Lincheneau, F. Vera Saz Chemical functionalization of semiconductor nanocrystals for M. Favaro, S. Agnoli, S. Leonardi, A. Moretto, D. Garoli, M. Cattelan, C. Durante, O. Schneider, J. Kunze, G. Granozzi Cut&paste of graphene electrodes: bottom-up and top-down methods for the development of three-dimensional graphene- Rim functionalization of BN-heterographene A. G. Marrani, D. Dini, V. Novelli, R. Zanoni Formation of oxyhydroxide species at the surface of electrochemically treated NiO thin films for solar cells applications: spectral signatures in XPS L. Maini, D. Braga, V. Fattori, P. P. Mazzeo, A. Petrolati Copper(I) iodide: a good candidate for OLEDs Synthesis, surface chemistry and some physical properties of G. Di Carlo, A. Orbelli Biroli, F. Tessore, M. Pizzotti Zn(II)-porphyrinates with a dithienylethylene moiety linked in β-pyrrolic position by different π bridges: a panchromatic-dye M. Benedetti, C. R. Barone, C. R. Girelli, F. P. Fanizzi, G. Activation of C-H bond in the coordination sphere of M. Panigati, D. Villa, C. Cebrian Avila, M. Mauro, L. Maggini, L. De Cola, M. Natali, G. D’Alfonso Supramolecular nanostructures by self-organization of C. Giacobbe, S. Galli, A. Maspero, N. Masciocchi, A. Comotti The chemist playground: a molecular meccano toward nano- M. Rancan, J. Tessarolo, S. Quici, L. Armelao Chemical effectors vs. physical stimuli in a constitutional dynamic library of Cu(II) coordination polygons M.A. Lucchini, P. Riani, M. Alloisio, F. Canepa Fluorescent magnetic nanostructures as model for drug M. Chiesa, S. Maurelli, G. Berlier, E. Giamello Structure and reactivity of transition metal ions in the framework of aluminophosphate molecular sieves. New evidences from advanced EPR methods F. Costantino, M. Taddei, R. Vivani, M. Nocchetti, A. Novel functional materials based on zirconium carboxyphosphonates with different dimensionality Crystalline calcium alendronate obtained by octacalcium L. Carlucci, G. Ciani, E. Bossi, M. Visconti, D. M. Proserpio, From β-diketonate complexes to highly porous heterometallic A. Fermi, G. Bergamini, P. Ceroni, M. Gingras Polysulfurated aromatic molecules as ligands in multichromophoric supramolecular networks A. Ienco, M. Caporali, F. Costantino, A. Guerri, M. Taddei Relationships between strips, ladders, waves, 1D tubes and 3D networks in coordination polymers based on diphosphinate
Venerdì 6 settembre

Chairs: Maurizio Peruzzini, Antonio Tiripicchio P. Braunstein, Institut de Chimie, Université de Strasbourg Using the diversity of the metal – Ligand interplay in molecular chemistry. Design or serendipity? E. Gallo, A. Caselli, F. Ragaini, D. Intrieri, P. Zardi Synthesis of biological compounds by ruthenium porphyrin- catalysed amination of benzylic C-H bonds M. R. Plutino, M. P. Gullo, G. De Luca, A. Romeo, A. Rosa, Reactivity of square planar platinum(II) complexes towards porphyrins: a new synthetic route to platinum(II) insertion C. Cerrone, G. Caserta, R. Vitale, F. Nastri, O. Maglio, V. Developing new artificial heme-enzymes for catalytic A. Caselli, B. Castano, E. Gallo, V. Dal Santo, D. J. Cole- Silica “SHB”chiral Pc-L* Cu(I) complexes for continuous flow cyclopropanation reactions with carbon dioxide as a Palladium catalyzed CO/vinyl arene and ethylene/acrylate copolymerizations: analogies and differences M. L. Mercuri, M. Atzori, F. Artizzu, E. Sessini, A. Serpe, P. Deplano, S. Benmansour, M. Clemente-León, G. Minguez- Espallargas, P. Gómez-Claramunt, A. Abhervé, C. J. Gómez- A new family of porous molecular chiral magnets with tunable V. Gallo, P. Mastrorilli, M. Latronico, S. Todisco, J. Forniés, Coordination chemistry of platinum in uncommon oxidation states and 195Pt NMR spectroscopy L. Rigamonti, A. Pasini, A. Forni, A. Ponti, A. M. Ferretti Experimental and theoretical studies on magneto-structural correlation on hydroxydo-bridged trinuclear copper complexes [Cu3(µ3-OH)(L)3](ClO4)2 with tridentate Schiff base ligands P. Dolcet, S. Gross, S. Diodati, M. Casarin From colloids to functional materials: different wet-chemistry synthesis routes to metal oxide nanostructures New technological development in multinuclear NMR Inorganic and General Chemistry aspects of conventional and non-conventional weapons demilitarization S. Orlanducci, Università di Roma, Tor Vergata The bright future of nanocarbon materials Homogeneous catalysts for ethylene/polar monomer copolymerization: a challenging reaction


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Irenísia Torres de Oliveira* Resumo fora escrito, cheia de inquietações e problemas, além das cir- Este artigo apresenta algumas das importantes lei- cunstâncias da publicação, levada a termo na sua ausência. turas críticas do romance Angústia , de Graciliano Ramos, Referia-se a essa impossibilidade de revisão com pesar, pois nos seus setenta anos de publicação, objet

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Birth Control Choices: All the currently available options for birth control (excluding vasectomy for men) are office at OB/GYN Associates. These include: The birth control pill and alternatives (including Implanon) We are glad to discuss your options with you, and we will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your birth control choices. With the vol

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