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Gary Kurc
Creative, award-winning senior medical sales professional with extensive experience in the clinical and pre-clinical marketplaces.
Repeated success in cultivating and managing multi million dollar accounts and budgets. Responsible for all forms of client
management from initial contact to effectively communicating complex technical issues in a persuasive and convincing manner
through developing relationships to close business.
Client portfolio includes physicians and research scientists from world-class pharmaceutical, contract research organization
(CRO’s), and academic companies and institutions.
Key Strengths
§ Strong desire and natural ability to sell in the life science market. § Understanding of electronic instrumentation, software, and physiological measurement principles. § Demonstrated ability to prioritize competing tasks with end goal focus towards achieving sales numbers. § Understanding of how to use sales automation tools to manage the sales process to make it more effective. § Team oriented individual that works closely with others in management, tech support, and customer service § Exceptional personal integrity and ability to maintain ethical standards in a self managed environment while improving the health and quality of life by applying technology to medicine. Experience:

Data Sciences International (DSI), St. Paul, MN
§ Responsible for the promotion and sale of implantable telemetric physiological monitoring systems and equipment to industrial and academic customers located in MI, OH, IN, KY, WV, and Pittsburgh areas. Called on researchers in CV, Respiratory, CNS, Oncology, and other research areas in the drug development arena. § Duties included product demonstrations that focused on customer needs and research goals, competency in small animal surgery, organizing user group and lunch & learn meetings, participating in the company product marketing process, staying current on market trends, competitive threats, advancements in technology/science, etc., identifying and developing young scientists to present posters and papers using DSI technology, and attending trade shows and scientific meetings. AWARDS AND ACTIVITIES:
§ Exceeded quota of $3.6M ($3.8M actual) in 2008. § Exceeded quota of $3.5M ($3.6M actual) in 2009.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals, East Hanover, NJ

Ophthalmic Retina Account Specialist/Respiratory-Dermatology Senior Sales Consultant § Strived to increase sales of Elidel, Lamisil, and Famvir by developing and influencing key thought leaders in the areas of dermatology, podiatry, pediatrics, allergy, and primary care in the Southfield, MI territory. § Endeavored to increase sales of Visudyne, as well as Zaditor and Retisert, by influencing and developing key retinal surgery thought leaders and general ophthalmologists in the Detroit area. § Duties included identifying and developing retinal specialists to become trained speaking advocates, setting up CME, roundtable, dinner, and community AMD education programs, attending key retinal conferences and acting as a spokesman on behalf of Novartis, working on a committee with sales, marketing, and IT Gary Kurc
departments to implement a better call reporting/tracking program, and training/mentoring new associates in the district and region. AWARDS AND ACTIVITIES:
§ Ranked 1st in district, 2nd in region and 4th nationally (n = 66) for 3rd Trimester 2005 Visudyne sales. § Ranked 3rd in district, 18th in region and 32nd nationally (66) for 3rd Trimester 2005 Zaditor sales. King Pharmaceuticals, Bristol, TN
§ Strived to increase sales of Synercid, Altace, and Intal by influencing key thought leaders and decision makers in Infectious Disease, Oncology, Pulmonary/Critical Care Units, Cardiology, Trauma/Burn Units, Surgery, OB/GYN, Pediatric and Pharmacy departments in hospitals located in the state of Michigan. Awards and Activities:
§ Q4 2003 sales numbers to goal – for Synercid: 95%, for Intal: 157%, overall attainment: 102%.

Professional Detailing Inc., Upper Saddle River, NJ

Primary Care/Specialty Pharmaceutical Representative

Allergan Eye Care Contract (10/2001-7/2003)
§ Attained increases in market share of Zymar, Ocuflox, Acular, Alocril, and Refresh Tears using visual aids, clinical materials, lunch and dinner programs, custom care kits, displays and other events. § Developed and implemented a territory management plan to identify and appropriate call frequency for the Detroit South/Toledo, OH territory. Targeted physicians included ophthalmologists in office, hospital, and cataract/refractive outpatient surgical settings. Awards and Activities:
§ Ranked #2 in the nation for Zymar sales: market share (12.87%)/share growth (24.7%) vs. 6.8% share and 10.1% growth for the national average YTD as of 7/30/03. § Ranked #5 in the nation for Alocril sales: market share (6.2%)/share growth (2.2%) vs. 5.76% share and -0.37% growth for the national average YTD as of 7/30/03. § Finished 1st in North region for highest Ocuflox market share growth (7.60%) for Trimester II 2002. Pfizer Contract (6/1999-10/2001)
§ Achieved top increases in market share of Glucotrol XL, Celebrex, and Cardura using visual aids, clinical materials, lunch and dinner programs, hospital displays, inservices and other events. § Developed and implemented a territory management plan to identify and appropriate call frequency. Targeted physicians included PCP/IM’s, cardiologists, endocrinologists, urologists, and rheumatologists in office and hospital settings. § Assisted fellow colleagues, counterparts and management at district POA as well as regional/national meetings by giving multiple presentations on published clinical research papers and other technical marketing material by showing how to use them to more effectively sell products in the field. Awards and Activities:
§ PDI/Pfizer Midwest Region Rookie of the Year Award for 1999-2000. § PDI/Pfizer All-Star Award for 2000. § Final GAR on the Pfizer contract (through October 2001) – Glucotrol XL: 106.2% to quota (13th in region), Celebrex: 102.6% to quota (6th in the region). EDUCATION:
Kalamazoo College (Kalamazoo, MI) 1988-1993.
BA (Biology), Concentration in Education Studies.
NCAA Division III Football Four Year Starter, Quad Co-Captain 1991 Season.
Co-Author of Published Clinical Research Paper – (Senior Thesis).


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