musikelectronic geithain
musikelectronic geithain
The Reference Class - Active Studio-Monitors made by musikelectronic geithain
RL Series
From a compact two-way monitor up to large
available for long-term. We believe that this is the only loudspeaker-systems - we pro vide you with t he best way to create a product which is worth your investment solutions for all kinds o f pro fessio nal use. The RL series' and satisfies your professional needs for many years. studio-monitors are the result of consequent development that needed many years and pursued only Active and Coaxial
one aim: the highest degree of precise sound without any Active mult i-way technique with internal crossovers, coloration regardless of genres. Hearing and measuring power amplifier, and our special coaxial arranged are the basis of our work. We build on profound musical transducers are the basis of all professional monitors of comprehension and the knowledge of unalterable our RL series. As a result of this technology our speaker physical laws - not on magic tricks, new fashioned ideas reveal a great depth and precise focus and low harmo nic distortion. We used physiological effects of hearing to optimize the power concentration and directivity of You have to do it you yourself!
sound. This degree of accuracy of sound is unmatched We produce loudspeaker in accordance to our convictio n. That is why we develop and construct all monitors ourselves - from A to Z, from the electronics of Made from one piece
the amplifier to the voice coil of the transducer. A All RL-loudspeaker from the compact RL 906 to the RL product, which components all come from our own 900 A are tonal compatible with each other. Therefore it manufacturing, has noticeable advantages for you as a is your choice where you prefer to wo rk; even within the professional customer. We are independent of third same production you are independent from the studio parties products and build our components just the way environment. No matter if you work in a broadcast van we require them - this proceeding can't be beaten in or in a studio - the loudspeaker will no t differ in sound, quality by mass-production. This strategy also leads to but only in their low-frequency cutoff and the maximum high continuity and a fixed (st able) value o f our pr oduct range as well as it ensures that replacement parts will be The RL 904 is an all purpose main loudspeaker for indicates sound pressure levels within the overload middle size o r smaller audio -, video- and film margin of 3 dB and warns of clipping. Beyond this limit production studios. Its coaxial arranged transducers the output level gets damped by 20 dB to protect t he ensure a sound impression with a high degree of homogeneity to a point source. The power co ncentration is designed for middle distance monito ring situatio n, at The coaxial driver system can be revolved by 90 which a great differentiation in depth and a high fidelity degrees, that way the speaker can be installed either in of sound is guaranteed. Non-linear distortion rema ins vertical or horizontal position. To compensate their small even at high sound pressure levels. The bass reflex placement the speaker features two controllers to system obtains a low-frequency cut-off at 40 Hz and continuously adjust the low-frequency response. provides a high degree of sound accuracy. We designed the whole system to achieve an optimum group delay. There are various stands available as optional extras, which fit in the integrated appliance. We also offer this The two-way MOSFET-amplifier with active crossover is situated at the back of the cabinet and is easily accessible for maintenance. An intermittent LED Specifications
active two-way monito r for use in small and middle Calibratio n: Acoustic output level / P = -14 dBu Total harmo nic distortion / measured at 90 dB, r=1m, from 100 Hz.10 kHz Nominal output power of the MOSFET-amplifier MDF wood, black veneer, different colors optional


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