markets and enables provision of an AMRand prepayment service. It is a single- phase meter intended for use in residential applications. The meter incorporates afully integrated GSM/GPRS modem that can be exchanged with integrated RS485communication interface for block installa-tions. It is a perfect combination of well-proven metering technology and state-of-the-art GSM/GPRS modem, all integratedand sealed in a single enclosure. The inte-grated solution attains the same high qual-ity and reliability of Iskraemeco meters.
The meter is approved according toIEC 62052-11, IEC 62053-21, ISO 9001,and designed according to even higherinternal Iskraemeco standards, based on60 years of experience of meter manufac-turing and more than 55 million metersinstalled worldwide.
Real-time clocksynchronised by comm.
■ Fully Integrated AMR communication – GSM/GPRS/SMS ■ 'Fit and go' – simple and fast installation procedure■ Multi-utility input for gas or water meters ■ Power disconnection or limitation – integrated switching device ■ DSM: local or remote load control – integrated load relay■ Indication of operational status Active and reactive energy in both energy flow directions Built-in LEDs indicate active and reactive energy flow.
– import (A+), export (A-) and absolute IAI, accuracy Blinking frequency is related to energy consumption. Maximum demand with programmable integration period (typically 5, 10, 15, 30 or 60 minutes) Power quality parameters
• Super Cap for backup power supply (up to 10 days) • Data can be displayed in automatic or manual scroll • Number of short power-downs (less than 3 min- • Data identification according to IEC 62056-61 Self-consumption voltage c. .<2 W / 10 VA Multirate registration
Switching device state, energy flow direction, self-diag- • Programmable tariff structure, up to 4 rates nosis parameters as well as some communication • 3-state GSM signal level indicator (high, low, too low) Load profile
• The meter detects the main cover and the terminal • Two independent load profiles (LP1, LP2) up to cover opening, records it in a logbook and optionally • Programmable LP period (typically 15, 30 or • Capacity (one measurement value with a time stamp Programming of the meter as well as Firmware upgrade One 6 A relay is integrated into the meter. It can be can be done locally (via an optical port) or remotely (via used for load control according to the internal tariff a GSM modem) in compliance with the predefined secu- Log book: up to 64 events with a time stamp
High quality 100 A switching device (106 actions) is integrated into the meter. Information about the state • IP 54 protection against water and dust of the switching device is available in the certain regis- • Dual-band EGSM 900/1800 MHz is supported ter and on the display (code red and load limitation func- • High performance internal antenna is integrated into • MeterRead software for local reading and program- External antenna option
The meter is equipped with an M-Bus micro master to • MeterView software for local or remote programming Available for installation in case of insufficient GSM which up to 4 gas, heat or water meters can be con- signal. An external antenna can be connected via a special inductive coupler - no need to open a meter or The meter is optionally equipped with two additional SIM card exchange
inputs (an external alarm device can be connected).
A SIM card can be hot-swapped and automatically reg-istered in a GSM network. The SIM connector is designed for high reliability contact and is positioned The meter can perform a call and send a message to Optionally, instead of a GSM/GPRS modem, the meter • If a pre-defined alarm condition exists can be equipped with RS485 interface. Up to 31 meters can be connected to one communication • If a signal appears on the alarm input The meter can be remotely switched to the prepayment mode. Information about purchased energy amount is • IEC 62056-46 (DLMS) on a GSM modem and sent to the meter remotely. The purchased energy is consumed according to the tariff program.
• IEC 62056-46 (DLMS) and IEC 62056-21 (former • Universal clamping type: D=8.5 mm or D=9.5 mm Owing to periodical improvements of our products the supplied products may differ in somedetails from the data stated in the prospectus material.
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