EC Safety Data Sheet pursuant to Directive 2001/58/EC Convotherm GmbH
Trade name:
Product no.: 3007028
Issue: 19.12.03
1. Substance/preparation and company name
Product particulars
Trade name:

Convocare-K , concentrate for mixing 1 : 9 withwater Manufacturer/supplier particulars

Convotherm Elektrogeräte GmbHTalstraße 35D-82436 Eglfing / GermanyTel. no.: +49 - 8847 - 67 - 0Fax no.: +49 - 8847 - 414 Emergency
089 / 19240 „Rechts der Isar“, Reg. no.: 403 telephone:
2. Composition/constituent particulars
Chemical characterisation:
Mixture of phosphoric acid, surfactants, emulsifying agent, colour, water.
Content CAS no.
3. Possible hazards
Hazard symbols
R-phrases: 36/38
4. First aid
Remove soiled clothes immediately. If patient likely to lose consciousness, position and move propped securely instructions:
If inhaled:
Immediately inhale dexamethasone spray (Auxiloson, Pulmicort). After inhaling rest, fresh air, seek medical aid.
If contact with skin: Immediately rinse affected areas of skin thoroughly with plenty of water
If contact with
Keeping eyes open, immediate thorough prolonged (15 minutes) rinse under running water (protect uninjured eye, remove contact lenses). Consult eye specialist.
If swallowed:
If swallowed rinse mouth out immediately and drink copious amounts of water. Seek medical aid. Avoidvomiting.
Notes for the doctor:

Skin irritation; conjunctivitis; corneal clouding; respiratory tract irritation; asthmatic states; pulmonary oedema;burning and redness in mouth, throat and gullet; scabbing; foam aspiration possible if there is vomiting.
Irritant action: on skin and mucus membranes of eyes and respiratory tract; sensitisation possible due to skincontact Treatment:
Decontamination, symptomatic treatment. No known specific antidote. If inhaled administer: dexamethasone.
Monitor if risk of pulmonary oedema.
5. Fire fighting
Use all known extinguishants. Fight ambient fire with appropriate extinguishants.
Special hazard from the substance or product itself, its products of combustion or gases produced.
May be released in the event of fire: nitrous fumes ( NOx ); phosphorous oxides (e.g. phosphorous pentoxide)
Special fire fighting safety equipment
In the event of fire wear breathing apparatus.
EC Safety Data Sheet pursuant to Directive 2001/58/EC Convotherm GmbH
Trade name:
Product no.: 3007028
Issue: 19.12.03
6. Action in the event of unintentional release
Personal safety
Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing. Special risk of slipping on leaking/spilt product.

Do not allow into surface water/ground water.
safety precautions:

Flush away small amounts with water. Absorb with absorbent material (e.g. sand, kieselguhr, acid binder, procedure:
universal binder, sawdust). Remove as instructed. See also: Section 13.
7. Handling and storage
Safety handling instructions:
Fire and explosion protection:
Storage area and container
Storage with other substances:

Keep in a cool place away from alkaline solutions. Do not store together with strong oxidants.
Other information on storage
8. Exposure limits and personal safety equipment
Additional notes on the design of technical installations
See Chapter 7 ; no additional measures required.
Constituents with workplace-related limit values requiring monitoring
Health hazards in the workplace
Maximum allowable concentrations of components in Chapter 2
Substance name

ml/m³ mg/m³ Fibres/m³
N-cocinic aklyl-N, N- 61788-dimetylaminoxide General safety and hygiene precautions
Avoid direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
Personal safety equipment

For respiratory protection: Particle filter. Filter type: P2 protection:
Hand protection:
Butyl rubber (0.5mm) gloves; penetration time: > 480 min.
Eye protection:
9. Physical and chemical properties
Vapour pressure:
Boiling point:
Solubility in water:
Solubility in organic solvents (at 20 °C)
very slightly soluble in most organ. solvents; miscible with alcohols
Relative vapour density:
Evaporation number:
Odour threshold:
ph-value of substance:
ph-value of substance in
10. Stability and reactivity
Thermal decomposition:
Phosphoric acid products of decomposition; nitrous gases, nitric acid products of decomposition Reacts with:
Alkalis; metals, releasing hydrogen; strong oxidants Reacts very violently with:
Alkaline solutions, forming salts (heat build-up) Substances to avoid:
Conditions to avoid:
EC Safety Data Sheet pursuant to Directive 2001/58/EC Convotherm GmbH
Trade name:
Product no.: 3007028
Issue: 19.12.03
11. Toxicological particulars
Acute toxicity
12. Ecological particulars
General notes:
Surfactants easily biodegradable. Owing to the acid fraction the product should not be releasedinto drains or drainage ditches without being diluted and neutralised.
13. Notes on disposal
Disposal instructions

Small amounts can be diluted with plenty of water and flushed away. Otherwise dispose of as special waste.
Empty contaminated packing as well as possible, it can then be appropriately cleaned and recycled.
14. Transportation particulars
Land transport
NB: Not a hazardous product within the meaning of the current transport regulations – ADR.
15. Regulations
Labelling instructions:
The product is classified and labelled in accordance with EC Directives/GefStoffV.
R-phrases: 36/38
Hazard symbols
S-phrases: 1/2
Keep locked up and out of reach of children.
In the event of contact with eyes immediately flush thoroughly with water and consult a doctor.
In the event of accident or indisposition call a doctor immediately (show this label if possible).
Water hazard class:
Water hazard number:
Classification according to
Treat as total dust: max. permissible emission: mass flow > 0.2 kg/h: 20 mg/m^3, mass flow <= 0.2 TA Luft2:
16. Other particulars
Other information
R-phrases for raw materials in Section 2 (Composition): R34: Causes caustic burns;
R41: Danger of serious eye damage; R50: Very toxic to water organisms.
Department: Customer Service
Trans. notes: 1 Regulations governing carriage of goods by road and rail 2 German Technical Directive on Air Quality Control


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