Prescribing Advice In North Somerset
Wc 13/5/13
Public Health England have issued information leaflets containing clinical advice and symp-
toms about ticks & Lyme disease. These can be obtained from nd
There is a local Public Health training evening for pharmacists and technicians on June 3rd at
Castlewood to explain this year’s campaigns which include Be SunSmart, Diabetes Awareness,
Medicine Use and Waste Reduction plus Seasonal Flu and Warming Homes. If you haven’t sent
in your acceptance already please contact Linda Griffiths on 01275 885 152
Please find attached a flyer for North Somerset and Bristol Respiratory evening—Getting the
very best from your MDI (and other inhaler devices) with Dr Jon Bell. You will need to reserve
your place for either 24th June or 3rd July (details of how are within the flyer).
Please find attached the new regulations on the prevention of sharps injuries which apply
from 11th May 2013
Vibramycin-D (doxycycline monohydrate) dispersible tablets 100mg x8 will not be available
soon, but 50mg and 100mg capsules remain available generically.
The Summary of Product Characteristics for Metoclopramide has been updated and now
states it is no longer recommended for nausea and vomiting treatment in children and adoles-
cents in primary care.
A UKMI Q&A recently concluded that SSRI’s do increase GI bleeding risk. If an SSRI is re-
quired in a patient at high risk of a GI bleed then the use of a gastro-protective agent could be
considered. Studies have shown the use of acid suppressing drugs, e.g. PPIs, to be protective
against GI bleeds in patients receiving single therapy SSRI or combined NSAID and SSRI treat-
ment.MHRA guidance: Insulin degludec (Tresiba) is the first long-acting insulin to be available at a
higher 200 units/mL. They state that the strength and dose must be included on prescriptions,
and patients should be educated to always check the item dispensed is correct and seek medi-
cal advice immediately if an incorrect dose is given. Insulin degludec is considerably more ex-
pensive than insulin glargine, and is not currently on the BNSSG formulary, therefore you
should not see any prescribing of this locally. Please let a member of the Medicines Manage-
ment Team (MMT) know if you do get a request to prescribe. Full advice is available from
North Somerset CCG Medicines Management Team
Debbie Campbell 01275 546773 or 07717 718996 Rachel Britton (Mon-Thurs) 01275 547108
Angela Stinchcombe (T, W, Th) 07920 548259 Johanna Topps 07799 133624
Caryn Peeke (M & F) 01275 547121 or 07920 548469 Vicky Ryan 01275 546773
Email : 1st name.2nd name
NHS North Somerset CCG, PO Box 247, Castlewood, Tickenham Road, Clevedon, BS21 9BH


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