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Stress ECHO Information & Instructions
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What is the purpose of a stress echocardiogram?
This test combines an ultrasound of your heart and a stress test. The purpose of the test is to compare the images of
the heart muscle before and after it is stressed. In a healthy heart, all areas of the heart pump harder during & after
exercise. Abnormal movement of the heart may suggest blockage in the arteries supplying the heart.
How should I prepare for my stress echocardiogram?

♥ Please do not eat anything 6-8 hours prior to the test. For appointments after 12:00 noon you
can have a normal breakfast. Diabetic patients may have a piece of dry toast and some fruit 2-3 hours
prior to the test. Consult your doctor as to your insulin dosage on that day.

♥ No caffeine before test (Including tea, sodas, or coffee. This also includes the decaffeinated versions
of these beverages) 12-24 hours before test.

♥ You may drink water the day of your Stress Echo.
♥ Do not take the following blood pressure medications the night before or the morning of the test:
Toprol(Metoprolol), Atenolol, Loporessor, Coreg(Cardizem), Norvasc, Digoxin etc. Be sure to take all
other blood pressure medications if they are not listed above.

♥ If you are diabetic, take only ½ dose of your diabetic medications.
♥ Wear comfortable clothing and footwear appropriate for brisk exercise on a treadmill.
♥ Total test time will vary, but usually takes approximately 1 to 1 ½ hr.
♥ Bring all medications with you to your appointment in the original prescription bottles.
What will I experience during the stress echocardiogram?
• Ultrasound technologist will obtain your baseline Ultrasound pictures on ultrasound bed. Gel like lubricant will be applied to the Ultrasound probe to obtain better images. • After that electrodes will be placed on your chest and hooked up to a monitor so that your heart rate and rhythm can be watched closely throughout the test. For appropriate monitoring your chest might be shaved as needed. • You will be asked to exercise to your maximum capacity or until instructed by the physician. If you experience symptoms, such as chest/arm discomfort, unusual shortness of breath, or lightheadedness, immediately inform the technologist. • Up on physician’s advice, treadmill will be stopped abruptly and you will be taken to the Ultrasound bed immediately and stress pictures will be taken. You might be asked to hold or release your breathing by the technologist.
: Stress echo cardiogram is a very useful test to evaluate for the possibility of blockage in the
arteries. However this is limited by the quality of the ultrasound images. Each individual is unique in their
anatomy hence quality of the images varies. Prior to proceeding with the test, Physician will review your
rest pictures decide if stress echo is ideal for you. If it is decided you do not make ideal images, you will be
rescheduled for a different type of stress test called nuclear stress test.
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