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Plants and Plant Material
1. Abies canadensis - Hemlock spruce bark (dried) for medicinal use 2. Acacia mangium - Brown sal wood for consumption 3. Acer pseudoplatanus /Acer spp. - Sycamore/Maple wood/logs for consumption 4. Acorus calamus - Manau cane for consumption 5. Adansonia digitata - Baobab fruits (Dried) for medicinal use 6. Adina cordifolia - Hnaw logs wood for consumption. 7. Aegle marmelos/Limonia acidissima - Beli wood for consumption 8. Aesculus hippocastanum - Horse Chest Nut dried seeds for medicinal use 9. Agathis dammara - Agathis wood for consumption 10. Agave sisalana - Sisal fibres Albizia lebbeck- Acacia wood for consumption Alpinia officinarum - Gallangal Roots Amomum subulatum - Large cardamom Anacardium occidentale - Cashew nuts (Raw) Anacyclus pyrethrum -(Anthemis Pellitory roots)( dried) for medicinal use Anemone hepatica - Hepatica whole plants (dried) for medicinal use Angelica archangelica - European Angelica roots (dried) for medicinal use Angelica glauca/ Angelica spp - Gandh Roots/ Angelica roots dried for consumption Aningeria spp.- Aningre wood for consumption Anisoptera spp. - Mersawa/Kaung HMU wood for consumption Anthemis nobilis - Roman Chamomile flower head (dried) for medicinal use Apocynaceae sp./Vocanga sp. - Voacanga seeds, roots and bark (dried) for medicinal use Apocynum cannabinum - Black Indian Hemp Roots (dried) for medicinal use Aquilaria malaccensis - Agar wood Aralia racemosa - Spikenard roots (dried) for medicinal use Arctium lappa - Batweed whole plants (dried) for medicinal use Arctostaphylos sp. - Uva-Ursi leaves (dried) for medicinal use Areca catechu - Betel nut Argemone maxicana - Prickly poppy whole plant (dried) for medicinal use Arnica Montana - Celtic Nard whole plants (dried) for medicinal use Artemisia spp.- Artemisia leaves (dried) for medicinal use Aspidosperma spp. - Quebracho blanco bark (dried) for medicinal use Atropa belladonna - Deadly nightshade leaves/roots (dried) for medicinal use Aucoumea spp.- Okoume wood for consumption Azadirachta indica –Margosa/Neem for consumption Bambusa arundinacea - Bamboo sticks Baptisia tinctoria - Wild Indigo bark/ roots (dried) for medicinal use Berberis sp. - Barberries roots (dried) for medicinal use Borago officinalis - Gauzban/ Borage dried leaves/ flowers for medicinal use. Bryonia alba - Wild Hops roots (dried) for medicinal use Caesalpinia sappan - Sappan wood for consumption Calamus rotang- Rattan (Cane) Calmia latifolia - leaves (dried) for medicinal use Calophyllum spp. - Bintangor wood for consumption Camellia sinensis - Tea Seed Powder/green tea Cannabis sativa - Hemp fibres Capsicum annum - Capsicum fruit & seed (dried) for consumption Cardui mariae - (Silybum marianum) Milk Thistle seeds/fruits (dried) for medicinal use Carduus sp. - Blessed Thistle whole plants (dried) for medicinal use Carum carvi - Caraway seed for conumption Carya glabra - Hickory logs wood for consumption Cassia cinnnamomum/ Cassia spp. - Chinese cassia/ Senna pods for medicinal use Catalpa bignoniodes - Catalpa roots (dried) for medicinal use Ceanothus amaricanus - leaves (dried) for medicinal use Cedrus spp. - Cedar wood for consumption Ceiba pentandra - Kapok fibre (lint) for consumption. Centella asiatica - Centella leaves (dried) for medicinal use Cephaelis ipecacuanha/psychotria - Ipecacuanha roots (dried) for medicinal use Chamaecyparis spp. - Juniper berries dried seed for medicinal use. Chamaemelum nobile - Chamomile flowers (dried) for consumption Cheiranthus cheiri - Common wall flower whole plants (dried) for medicinal use Chelidonium majus - Calandine whole Plants (dried) for medicinal use Chionanthus virginica - Fringe Tree bark (dried) for medicinal use Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium /Chrysanthemum tanacetum – Pyrethrum flower powder/flowers (dried) for consumption Cinchona spp. - Cinchona bark (dried) for medicinal use Cinnamomum camphora - Bay leaf Cinnamomum zeylanicum - Cinnamom Clematis erecta - Upright virgin’s bower leaves/ stem (dried) for medicinal use Cochlearia armoracia - Horse Radish roots (dried) for medicinal use Cocos nucifera - Coconut fibre /powder /Copra kernel dried for consumption Corchorus capsularis -Jute fibres Coriandrum sativum – Coriander seed for consumption Coffea arabica -Roasted Coffee beans Collinsonia canadensis- Stone Root roots (dried) for medicinal use Commiphoran wightii - Guggal Crataegus laevigata - Hawthorn fruits (Dried) for medicinal use Crocus sativus – Saffron (dried) flowers for consumption Croton sp.- Cascarilla Bark (dried) for medicinal use Cuminum cyminum - Cumin /black cumin Curcuma longa - Turmeric rhizome (dried) for consumption Curcuma zedoaria - Kachura Cut Flowers (Except Roses & Carnation) Cyamopsis tetragonoloba - Guar seeds (broken) for processing Cynara spp. - Artichoke leaves (dried) for medicinal use Dalbergia spp. - Rosewood wood for consumption Dialyanthera spp.- White Cedar wood for consumption Digitalis spp. - Digitalis leaves (dried) for medicinal use Dioscorea villosa - Colic root roots/bulbs (dried) for medicinal use Diospyros spp.- Malabar ebony wood for consumption Dipterocarpus alatus - Gurjan logs Dipterocarpus stellatus - Keruing logs Dryobalanops spp. - Kapur wood for consumption Duboisia spp. - Duboisia leaves (dried) medicinal use Ecklonia maxima/ Gelidium/ Gelidiella/Gracillaria/ Pteraclodia/ Eucheuma/ Chondrus Kappaphycus - Seaweed dried for consumption Elaeis guineensis - Oil Palm cake Dried for consumption Elettaria cardamomum - Small cardamom Entandrophragma spp.- Sipo/ Tiama wood for consumption Equisetum arvense - Field Horsetail leaves (dried) for medicinal use 100. Eriodictyon glutinosum - Yerba santa leaves (dried) for medicinal use 101. Eryngium spp. - Button snake root roots (dried) for medicinal use 102. Erythorophleum sp. - Tali wood for consumption 103. Eupatorium sp.- Indian sage whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 104. Euphrasia officinalis - Eye-bright whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 105. Eurycoma longifolia - Tongkat Ali roots/bark (dried) for medicinal use 106. Fagus grandifolia - Beech logs 107. Ficus auriculata - Arau (Timla) wood for consumption 108. Ficus carica -Figs (dried) 109. Foeniculum vulgare - Fennel 110. Fraxinus americana - Ash logs/ White Ash bark (dried) for medicinal use 111. Fucus vesiculosus - Bladder Wrack whole Plants (dried) for medicinal use 112. Garcinia combojia - Garcinia 113. Garcinia mangostana – Mangosteen (dried fruit rind) for medicinal use 114. Gaultheria procumbens - Winter green leaves (dried) for medicinal use 115. Gentiana sp.- Bitterwort roots (dried) for medicinal use 116. Geranium sp. - Alumroot whole plants/ root (dried) for medicinal use 117. Geum urbanum - Herb Bennet roots (dried) for medicinal use 118. Ginkgo sp. - Ginkgo leaves (dried) for medicinal use 119. Gluta spp. - Rengas wood for consumption 120. Glycorrhiza glabra - Liquorice/ Mulati 121. Gmelina spp. - Yemane wood for consumption 122. Grandifoliola swietenia - mahagoni wood for consumption 123. Griffonia simplifolia 124. Guaiacum officinalis- Guaiacum whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 125. Guazuma ulmifolia -Rudraksha 126. Guibortia spp. - Ovengkol/ Mutenge wood for consumption 127. Hamamelis virginica - Witch Hazel bark (dried) for medicinal use 128. Harpagophytum - Devil’s Claw roots (dried) for medicinal use 129. Havea sp. - Rubber wood 130. Hexandrum sp. - Podophyllum rhizome/roots (dried) for medicinal use 131. Hibiscus sabdariffa - Hibiscus flowers (dried) for consumption 132. Homeopathic/Ayurvedic/medicinal herbs (in dry and coarse grounded/ powdered/kibbled form) for medicinal purpose. 133. Humulus lupulus - Hop pellets/hop leaves (dried) for medicinal use 134. Hydrangea arobrescens - Seven Barks roots/ rhizomes (dried) for medicinal use 135. Hymenaea courbaril - Jatoba Sawn Timber wood for consumption 136. Hypericum perforatum - St. Johnswort whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 137. Ignatia sp. - St. Ignatius Bean cut (dried) for medicinal use 138. Insect Galls for medicinal use 139. Intsia spp. - Merbau logs 140. Ipomoea spp. - Scammony roots (dried) for medicinal use. 141. Jasminum officinale -Poets Jessamine berries (dried) for medicinal use 142. Jateorrhiza palmate - Colombo roots (dried) for medicinal use 143. Juglans spp. - walnut shell (crushed/powdered) (dried) for consumption 144. Juncus effuses - Rush rhizome (dried) for medicinal use 145. Juniperus communis/ Juniperus sp. – Howbar/ Sabina twig (dried) for medicinal use 146. Kola vera - Kola nuts 147. Koompassia spp. - Kempas wood for consumption 148. Krameria sp.- Ratanhia roots (dried) for medicinal use 149. Laburnum anagyroides - Golden Chair leaves/flowers (dried) for medicinal use 150. Lactuca virosa - Lactuca whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 151. Lagerstroemia speciosa - Banaba 152. Laminum album - Blind Nettle leaves/ flowers (dried) for medicinal use 153. Laurus nobilis –Laurel 154. Lavandula angustifolia - Lavender flowers (dried) for consumption 155. Ledum spp. - Marsh-Tea whole Plants (dried) for medicinal use 156. Leitneria floridana - Corkwood for consumption 157. Lemna spp. - Common Duckweed whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 158. Liatris spicata - Gayfeather roots (dried) for medicinal use 159. Liriosma sp. - Muira Puama root/bark (dried) for medicinal use 160. Litsea spp. - Sticky wood bark (dried) for consumption 161. Lonicera xylosteum - European fly honeysuckle berries (dried) for medicinal use 162. Luffa spp. - Lufo fruits (dried) for medicinal use 163. Machilus macarantha - Jigat dried bark powder for consumption 164. Maclura tinctoria - Mora wood for consumption 165. Menispermum canadense - Common Monseed roots (dried) for medicinal use 166. Mentha spicata -Spearmint 167. Michelia champaca (Champa)- Sagawa wood for consumption 168. Millettia spp. - Wenge wood for consumption 169. Mimosa pudica - Lajwanti seeds (dried) for medicinal use 170. Mimusops sp. - Moabi round logs wood for consumption 171. Mrystica aravens - Nutmeg & Mace 172. Myrica cerifera - Wax-Myrtle roots/ bark (dried) for medicinal use 173. Myristica spp - bark (dried) for medicinal use 174. Nuphar lutea - Yellow Pond-lily rhizomes (dried) for medicinal use 175. Ocimum basilicum/ Ocimum spp - Basil leaves/ Tukmaria fruits (dried) for consumption 176. Ocotea spp. - Green heart wood for consumption 177. Oenothera biennis - whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 178. Okoubaka sp.- Okoubaka roots (dried) for medicinal use 179. Onosma echioides -Ratton jot 180. Oreganum vulagre - Oreganum 181. Origanum majorana - Majorana whole plants/herbs (dried) for consumption/medicinal use 182. Ornithogalum umbellatum - Star-flower (dried) for medicinal use 183. Orthosiphon sp. - Orthosiphon leaves (dried) for medicinal use 184. Oryza sativa - Rice bran dried for processing. 185. Osyris lanceolata - Tanzanian/ African Sandalwood dry roots/ wood for consumption 186. Palaquium spp. - Nyatoh wood for consumption 187. Panax quinquefolius - Ginseng roots/ Korean Gensing roots (dried) for medicinal use 188. Papavera somnifera - Popy seed 189. Parashorea spp. - Seraya wood for consumption 190. Paullinia cupana - Guarana seeds (dried) for medicinal use 191. Pausinystalia yohimbe - Yohimbe Bark (dried) for medicinal use 192. Peat/Sphagnum moss 193. Peltogyne pubescens -Purple Heart/ Amarante wood for consumption 194. Perilla spp. leaves (dried) for medicinal use 195. Persea spp - Persea bark - bark (dried) for medicinal use 196. Petraselinum crispum – Parsley plants/herbs (dried) for consumption 197. Peumos boldus - Boldina leaves (dried) for consumption 198. Phytolacca spp. Berries/ roots (dried) for medicinal use 199. Pilocarpus sp.- Jaborandi leaves (dried) for medicinal use 200. Pimpinella anisum – Star aniseed 201. Pinus gerardiana - Pine-nut/Chilgozah roasted seed for consumption 202. Piper cubeba - Cubebs 203. Piper longum -Long Pepper 204. Piper methysticum - Kava Roots 205. Piper nigrum - Black pepper 206. Piscidia sp. - Piscidia bark (dried) for medicinal use 207. Pistacia vera -Pistachio 208. Pogostemon cablin - Patchouli dried leaves for consumption. 209. Polygala senega - Senega roots (dried) for medicinal use 210. Polygonum sachalinense - Giant Knotweed dried hay/ roots for consumption. 211. Populus spp. - Balm of Gilead bud (dried) for medicinal use 212. Pothos spp. - Skunk Cabbage roots (dried) for medicinal use 213. Preira brava - Velvet leaf roots (dried) for medicinal use 214. Prunus spp. - Cherry-Laurel leaves/ Pygeum Bark (dried) for medicinal use 215. Pterocarpus soyauxii - Padauk logs 216. Pulsatilla sp. (Anemone) - Windflower whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 217. Pumento sp.- All Spice 218. Punica granatum - Pomegranate dried seeds for consumption 219. Rauwolfia vomitoria - Rauwolfia root bark (dried) for medicinal use Rhamnus spp- European Buckthorn berries /Alder buckthorn roots/Cascara bark (dried) for 220. medicinal use 221. Rhaponticum carthamoides - Rhodiola 222. Rhus spp. - Kakkar singhi (dried) for consumption. 223. Rhus toxicodendron - Poisoin Ivy leaves (dried) for medicinal use 224. Rosa spp. - Damask Rose flower (dried) for medicinal use 225. Rosmarinus officinalis -Rosemary 226. Rubia spp. - Manjith roots (dried) for consumption 227. Ruta graveolens - Bitter Herb whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 228. Sabal serrulata - Saw Palmetto fruit (dried) for medicinal use 229. Salix alba /Salix nigra - Willow bark /Black Willow bark (dried) for medicinal use 230. Salix spp. Willow Baskets (woven) for consumption 231. Salvia officinalis - Clary sage leaves/plants/herbs (dried) medicinal/consumption use 232. Santalum spp - Sandalwood – wood for consumption 233. Sapindus emarginodus -Soap nut 234. Scammonia sp.- roots (dried) for medicinal use 235. Schoenocaulon sp.- Sabadilla crushed seeds (dried) for medicinal use 236. Scrophularia sp. - Figwort whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 237. Scrophulariaceae sp. - Picrorhiza roots (dried) for medicinal use 238. Scutellaria spp - Helmet Flower whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 239. Secale spp - Ergot of Rye grounded form for medicinal use 240. Sedum spp. - Wall Pepper whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 241. Selaganbatu logs 242. Sempervivum sp. - House leek leaves (dried) for medicinal use 243. Sequoia spp./ Metasequoia spp. - Western Red Cedar wood for consumption 244. Shorea robusta/ Shorea spp. -Sal logs/ Selaganbatu logs / Meranti wood for consumption 245. Smilax sp. - Smilax rhizomes/roots (dried) for medicinal use 246. Stevia rebaudiana –Stevia leaves (dried) for medicinal use 247. Symphytum officinale - Comfrey roots (dried) for medicinal use 248. Syzygium aromaticum - Cloves 249. Syzygium jambos - Rose Apple fruits (dried) for medicinal use 250. Tamarindus indica -Tamarind fruit pulp and seed for consumption 251. Tanacetum vulgare - Tansy whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 252. Taxus baccata - English Yew dried leaves for medicinal use. 253. Taxus brevifolia - Pacific yew 254. Tectona grandis -Teak Logs 255. Terminalia sp. - Htauk Kyant wood for consumption. 256. Teucrium marum - Cat Thyme whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 257. Theobroma cacao - Cocoa powder 258. Thuja occidentalis - Eastern arborvitae leaves/twigs (dried) medicinal use 259. Thymus vulgaris -Thyme 260. Tillandsia usneoides - Spanish moss 261. Tribulus terrestris - Caltrop whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 262. Trigonella foenum- graekam Fenugreek 263. Triplochiton scleroxylon - African white wood for consumption 264. Tsuga spp. - Hem-fir/ Hemlock wood for consumption 265. Turnera sp. - Damiana whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 266. Tussilago petasites - Butter Burr whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 267. Uncaria gambier – Kattha (Gambier) 268. Urtica dioica - Nettle roots (Dried) for medicinal use 269. Usnea barbata - Bearded usnea whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 270. Vaccinium myrtillus - Common bilberry leaves (dried) for medicinal use 271. Valeriana officinalis - Common valerian roots (dried) for medicinal use 272. Vanilla planifolia –Vanilla dried beans (pods) for consumption 273. Vatica spp. - Resak wood for consumption 274. Veronica spp. roots (dried) for medicinal use 275. Viburnum sp. - Black Haw barks (dried) for medicinal use 276. Vinca minor - Common Periwinkle whole plants (dried) for medicinal use 277. Vincetoxicum spp. Leaves (dried) for medicinal use 278. Vitex spp. - Vitex wood for consumption 279. Withania coagulans - Paneer dodi 280. Xylia dolabriformis - Pyinkado logs 281. Zanthoxylum americanum - Prickly Ash berries/bark (dried) for medicinal use 282. Zea mays - Corn cob ground without grain /Corn leaf pallets (dried) for consumption 283. Zingiber officinalis - Dry Ginger for consumption.” 284. Eschscholzia californica (Californis poppy) (dried) whole plants except seeds for processing 285. Lycium barbarum fruits (dried) for medicinal use/processing 286. Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm leaves) (dried) for processing. 287. Ruscus aculeatus (butcher’s broom roots) (dried) for processing. 288. Cotinus sp. whole plant (without seed) (dried) for consumption. 289 Thymus sp. whole plant (without seed) (dried) for processing”.


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City of Derby Swimming Club (Affiliated to ASA East Midland Region and Derbyshire ASA Under ASA Laws and ASA Technical Rules of Swimming) Level 1 Licensed Meet 2013 Open Meet – Results Sheet 13th January 2013 – Ponds Forge Pool Sheffield - 50m Pool Session Four Sheet 1 EVENT 46 FINAL OF EVENT 32 Girls 15 Yrs/Over 200m IM Full Results Place Name EVENT 47 FINAL OF EVE

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RESULT OF AN ENQUIRY HELD BY THE DISCIPLINARY PANEL ON MONDAY 22ND JUNE 2009 Nicky Henderson / Moonlit Path 1. On 22nd June 2009, the Disciplinary Panel of the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) conducted an enquiry into allegations that Nicky Henderson acted in breach of the Rules of Racing in relation to a positive analysis returned from a urine sample taken from MOONLIT PATH after she r

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