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Department of Kinesiology Report, 2010-2011
Co-Authored Publications with Students
Faculty Members in Bold
1. Brewer, R.M., & Pedersen, P.M. (2010). Franchises, value drivers, and the application of valuation
analysis to sport sponsorship. Journal of Sponsorship, 3(2), 181-193. 2. Suh, Y., Lim, C., Kwak, D., & Pedersen, P.M. (2010). Examining the psychological factors associated
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(2010). Comparative effects of caffeine and albuterol on the bronchoconstrictor response to exercise in asthmatic athletes. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 31 (4): 231-235. 1. Burch, L., Zimmerman, M., Frederick, E., & Clavio, G. (2011). Agenda-setting and La Copa Mundial:
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Studies and Clinical Implications. Vascular Medicine, 16:365-377, 2011.
10. Johnson*, B.D. and J. P. Wallace. A comparison of postexercise shear rate patterns following different
intensities and durations of running in healthy men. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, currently on line.
11. Patel, Y.R., K.A. Han, A.A. Lteif, J.P. Wallace and K.J. Mather. A cross-sectional evaluation of
seasonality as a determinant of endothelial function. Nitric Oxide, 25:282-287, 2011.
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physically active and inactive adults. Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism 36: 3368-375, 2011.
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Journal of Applied Physiology. 110: 285-286, 2011. 14. Garn, A.C., Cothran, D.J., & Jenkins, J. (2011). A qualitative analysis of individual interest in middle
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Professional Athletes,” in Modern Sport and the African American Athlete, Gary Sailes (ed.), Cognella Publishers: San Diego, p. 217-230. 16. Hoseini, N., Koceja, D.M. & Riley, Z. (2011) The effect of down-training lower-limb spinal reflexes in a
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Measures. Foot & Ankle International. 2011; 32(12): 1140-1146. 18. Walter H, CL Docherty, J Schrader. A comparison of ground reaction forces on ballet dancers landing in
flat shoes versus pointe shoes. Journal of Dance Medicine & Science. 2011; 15(2): 61-64. 19. Turner, L.A., Mickleborough, T.D., McConnell, A.K., Stager, J.M., (2011). Tecklenburg-Lund, S. and
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20. Mickleborough, T.D., Head, S.K. and Lindley, M.R. (2011). Exercise-induced asthma: nutritional
management. Current Sports Medicine Reports. (Invited review). 10 (4): 197-202.

21. Stickford, J.L., Mickleborough, T.D., Fly, A.D. and Stager, J.M. (2011). Conjugated linoleic acid’s lack
of attenuation of hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction in asthmatic individuals in the short term. International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. 21 (1): 40-47.


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