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Fresh field salad in potato dressing with roasted Serrano ham and winter leaf salad in white balsamic dressing € 11,90 Smoked salmon rosette and smoked fillet of trout with orange-horseradish-sour-cream and field salad in shallot dressing Soups
Clear beef soup with vegetable strips, dumplings and fine Sherry Potato-horseradish soup with croutons Vegetarian meals
Ragout of potatoes and root vegetables with horseradish, backed under the Pecorino crust Tortellini filled with ricotta cheese, vegetable strips in paprika cream, gratinated with Parmesan
Rustic and Fine

Sauerkraut dish with bratwurst, wiener, smoked pork loin and mashed potatoes Grilled pork medallions, “Spätzle” with sauerkraut, red-wine sauce and champignons Stewed beef roulade bonne femme, filled with cucumber, ham3,10,11 and onions in red-wine sauce, red cabbage Roasted calf`s liver with sliced apples, sautéed onions, mashed potatoes and fresh leaf salad Fillet of beef tournedos with morel cream sauce and tagliatelle with vegetables Our “Kurpfälzer farmer´s treat”
Liver dumplings, saumagen3,11, grilled sausages4,9,11 on sauerkraut and finger shaped potato dumplings Fish specialities
Roasted fillet of John Dory from New Zealand, lobster sauce, leaf-spinach and parsley potatoes Fillet of pike-perch on glazed ragout of potatoes and root vegetables with orange-curcuma-sauce “House specialities“
Escalope “Viennese style” with roast potatoes and Braised roast deer in juniper cream sauce4, ragout of forest mushrooms, buttered vegetables, home made “Spätzle”, pear filled with cranberries Grilled rumpsteak with pepper cream sauce, roast potatoes and leaf salad in herb dressing Barbarie duckling breast, pink roasted, on sauerkraut with Riesling, Portwine-orange-jus and potato gratin € 23,90 Pink roasted fillet of lamb with lime-ginger sauce, beans and potatoes with rosemary
Our recommendation for two persons:

Pink roasted chateaubriand, sauce béarnaise, fresh champignons,
grilled tomato, glazed vegetables and potato gratin

Warm raspberries with raspberry brandy, Bourbon vanilla ice-cream, whipped cream and fine pastry € 7,50 Home made ice-parfait with vanillized ragout of pineapples, whipped cream and fine pastry Warm home made apple strudel with vanilla sauce, walnut ice-cream and whipped cream € 7,80 Curd cheese with nougat roundly shaped in a cinnamon- sugar-coating, raspberry sauce, butterscotch ice-cream and whipped cream
For two persons:

Flamed sour cherries on Bourbon vanilla ice-cream, served with whipped cream and fine pastry
Our „dessert wine“-recommendation:
2011er Schriesheimer Rittersberg13 € 5,10 / 0,1l
Gewürztraminer Spätlese, quality wine with distinction
Full-bodied, expressive, fine fruit note with elegant bouquet

Our coffee specialities

Please ask for our recommendation

Notes in the menu card:1=with coloring agent;2= conserved;3=with antioxidant;
4= with flavor enhancer;5= sulfurated; 6= blackened; 7=waxed; 8= with sweetening agent;
9= with phosphate; 10=alternatively with nitrate; 11=nitrite pickling salt; 12= with caffeine;13=with sulfites

Source: http://www.ritter-heidelberg.de/en/gastronomie/Speisekarte_E.pdf


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