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December 21, 2005:
Annual Holiday Lunch at the University Club An RSVP form is included in this newsletter December 30-31, 2005 Men’s Hockey, Denver Cup at DU
Tickets (limited): contact Nate Ford ([email protected]) January 28, 2006:
Winter Bird Walk with Ted Floyd ’90 (see below) February 3, 2006
Prof. Jeff Stock, University Club, 7:00 PM (see below) February/March 2006: Ski Train to Winter Park (organizer needed)
(details will follow VIA EMAIL closer to the event) Spring 2006
Event with Gubernatorial candidate(s) in development! Annual Holiday Luncheon at
Following tradition, current undergraduates will be our special guests and will offer a few words on their the University Club
__________________________________________ DECEMBER 21 (Wed.)
RMPC Annual Dues
The University Club
1673 Sherman Street

11:30 Cash bar
for 12:00 Lunch
The Rocky Mountain Princeton Club depends upon
Cost: $35
the continued support of its many members in Our annual holiday luncheon will once again be held Your tax-deductible dues covers the cost of at the University Club in Denver. Parking will be mailings, supports our Schools Committee's work in available in the adjacent AMPCO lot. Please RSVP attracting promising students to Princeton, using the tear off strip included in this newsletter, or underwrites community service projects, and allows visiting faculty and current undergrads to be our Broadway Street) and SR-170, in South Boulder. Annual Dues - continued
The parking area is on the right (north) side of the road, directly across from the Doudy Draw parking Please return your dues check along with the tear-off strip. We thank you for your support, as your participation is vital to the success of the Club. We We will bird until around noon. Please dress are especially grateful to those alumni who warmly, and wear sturdy footwear. We will walk contribute generously at the level of Sustaining and about three miles on moderately steep but well- Patron memberships. The RMPC scholarship fund maintained trails. Bring binoculars, water, and a is also available for your consideration. In addition to the spectacular scenery, we expect to see Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Bushtit, Canyon Wren, Townsend's Solitaire, and the usual winter mix of jays, chickadees, nuthatches, juncos, and the like. Faculty Speaker Series:
Professor Jeff Stock at the
Please RSVP (e-mail only) with Ted Floyd <[email protected]>. Limit 20 participants. University Club
__________________________________________ February 3, 2006

A Weekend on Mt. Princeton
“Celebrating Celebrex: Ethical Drugs and Patent Medicines” The Annual Mt. Princeton climb on August 27th Join fellow alumni and guests for an informative 2005 was preceded by an eventful (blood and sweat, after dinner lecture by Jeff Stock, Princeton if not tears) two day trail maintenance project in conjunction with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative (CFI). This was the first time that CFI has had any Friday, February 3, from 7 - 9:30 PM
projects on Mt. Princeton. While planning for this event got started fairly late, the Rocky Mountain Contact Stewart A. Levin ‘75 (303) 488-9769 or Princeton Club was able to field half dozen volunteers to assist the three incredibly capable and strong CFI participants: Greg Seabloom, Taryn Olson and Mike Tatro. One of the Princeton volunteers, Sandy Harris ‘74, came all the way from __________________________________________ Philadelphia to get partially acclimated to the altitude before the Saturday summit attempt. In Winter Bird Spotting with
addition to Sandy, Stewart Levin ‘75, his son Birding Magazine’s
Andrew Levin, friend Kelly Schneiderman, professional photographer David Mejias ‘98 and his Ted Floyd ‘90
Join Ted Floyd '90, editor of Birding magazine, for a Trail maintenance has several facets. Our particular winter bird walk in the foothills of scenic southern group worked on three tasks: 1) building a natural staircase at the start of the trail to prevent erosion, 2) constructing a large cairn to clearly mark the We will meet at 8:00 a.m. in the parking area for the improved trail entrance, and 3) repairing and Mesa Trail complex on Saturday, 28 January 2006. reinforcing a short section of trail, about 50 feet The parking area is off SR-170 (El Dorado Road), above the roadway, where two separate paths to the 1.65 miles west of the intersection of SR-93 (South HANDY-DANDY Tear-off Reply Form….
Your phone number __________________ Your email address ___________________________________ Please have someone contact me about: Schools Committee (by tel./email)
Volunteer opportunities (by tel./email) ___________________________
Holiday Luncheon: ___ people at $35.00
Dues: Regular member ($25)
Classes of ‘01-’05 ($15)
RMPC Scholarship
Please return this strip with your check (payable to Rocky
Mountain Princeton Club) to: Rocky Mountain Princeton Club,
c/o Bob Ireland ’76, 5590 S. Helena St., Centennial, CO 80015
-----------------------------------------------------------------Detach here --------------------------------------------------------------
Mt. Princeton - continued
upper trail entrance. Stay tuned for further informa- The staircase effort, which involved the collection __________________________________________ and solid placement of large slabs (weighing 200 lbs Editor’s note:
and up) by sheer muscle power, was the hardest task, As a follow-up on the Mt. Princeton trail main- tenance effort in conjunction with the Colorado Fourteeners Initiative, the RMPC group was Saturday morning, the day of the summit attempt, mentioned in an 11/4/2005 article in the Salida arrived. Sandy, sad to say, just was not able to ac- Mountain Mail newspaper. To access the full article, climate to altitude in the brief period he was out here, and had to turn back. David and Scott sped on ahead, and, after ascertaining that Sandy would be OK returning at leisure to base camp, Stew Levin followed after them. David and Scott had no prob-lem reaching the summit well before 11 AM. Stew, however, was still on the trail when the weather closed in before 11:30 AM, an hour or more ahead to pull up the article 'Collegiate Peaks receive of schedule. Hail, thunder, lightning, the works. maintenance, trail work from their Eastern name- Sensibly, everyone at or near the summit headed back down (Stew was working his way up the ridge- __________________________________________ line at about 13,800 ft elevation) and no one was se- TigerTomes features RMPC
riously hurt, although several people had scrapes and bruises from slipping on hail-covered rocks. We heard, from other descending hikers that the electric The Alumni Council’s online book club, Tiger charge near the summit had built up so strongly that some people’s hair stood on end. Scary stuff! A warning that Mother Nature will try to have the last has selected T.R. Reid’s The United States of Europe: The New Superpower and the End of Next year we will again be working with the 14ers American Supremacy as its November recommended group on further trail maintenance, specifically the Don Kirkpatrick ’71 – Schools Committee Mary Throne ‘82 – Schools – Wyoming ROCKY MOUNTAIN PRINCETON CLUB
New Colorado Princetonians
The team met its goal of interviewing more than 75% of Colorado’s applicants. Colorado will be represented by seven new members of Princeton’s Class of 2009. There were 145 Register your Email address
applicants to the Class of 2009 from Colorado this on TigerNet
year, an increase of one from last year’s 144 applicants. Princeton received a total of 16,516 Don’t miss out on late-breaking RMPC news. Often events with short turnarounds are ONLY announced Congratulations to these outstanding young! Rocky Mountain tigers get all the latest news from the Club in a timely manner by registering their Julio May-Gamboa
Austin Chow
Ali Clare Kelley
Denali Barron
Emily Weigel
Please register and/or verify the accuracy of your Shannon Brink
Amanda Toy
As a reminder, if your email address changes, you A huge (annual) thank you goes to Don Kirkpatrick MUST change it yourself on TigerNet. Your club ’71, Mary Throne ’82, and the volunteers of the officers cannot change your personal information.

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