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curated by Luca Beatrice

Monday, June 6th 2011, from 7 pm

Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery
Lilienblum Street 3, 65131
Tel Aviv - Israel
tel. (+972) 3 5170344 / fax (+972) 3 5170390 / [email protected]


This summer will open in Tel Aviv's vibrant Neve Tzedek neighbourhood (Rehov Lilienblum 3) the new Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery. With its three successful venues in Rome, Milan and Turin, the Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery is already a well-established presence in the Italian artistic landscape. Now, with the addition of its fourth location, Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery – directed by Simona Di Nepi - sets to boost its international vocation. To mark the launch of this new venture - made possible by the collaboration with Ermanno Tedeschi of Jenny Hannuna and Joseph Matalon - a select number of artists from Europe, United States, the Far East and Israel, will present works on the themes of globalisation, mobility, and the crumbling of territorial borders. The exhibits will therefore challenge visitors to reflect on the loosening of material and cultural boundaries that exist between people and ideas. .WORLD, curated by Luca Beatrice, will feature the creations of fourteen artists from
across the globe (for full list see next page). This group exhibition is designed to trace a
common denominator in a wide range of expressive languages - from painting to
photography, from sculpture and installation to video art. The common thread is the
international dimension of contemporary life which, by taking down society's physical
boundaries, encourages the contamination of languages, while still allowing each culture
to retain its own specific traits.
.WORLD will be accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue, with texts by Luca Beatrice
and Arturo Schwarz.

Barbara Nahmad (1967, Milan – Italy) Lives and works in Milan
Tobia Ravà (1959, Padova - Italy) Lives and works in Venice
Valerio Berruti (1977, Alba (CN) – Italy) Lives and works in Verduno (CN)
Enrico T. De Paris (1960, Belluno - Italy) Lives and works in Turin
Daniele Galliano (1961, Pinerolo (To) - Italy) Lives and works in Turin
Riccardo Gusmaroli (1963, Verona – Italy) Lives and works in Milano
Sam Havadtoy (1952, London - England) Lives and works between Italy and Hungary
David Kassman (1971, Israel) Lives and works between Tel Aviv and New York
Minjung Kim (1962, Gwangju - Republic of Korea) Lives and works between Italy, France
and USA
Sharon Pazner (1970, Tel Aviv – Israel) Lives and works in Tel Aviv
Shay Frisch Peri (1963, Israel) Lives and works in Rome
Alex Pinna (1967, Imperia - Italy) Lives and works in Milan
Robert Sagerman (1966, Bayside (NY) - USA) Lives and works in Jersey City (NY)
Maurizio Savini (1962, Rome – Italy) Lives and works in Rome

Monday, June 6th 2011, from 7 pm

June 6th - August 30th 2011
Monday - Thursday h. 11.00 - 19.00
Friday h. 11.00 – 14.00
Closed on Saturday and Sunday


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