T H E S P A S U I T E b y A n n E S E m o n I n The Anne Semonin treatment collection combines a superb blend of aromatic essentials oils and marine ingredients with the classic French touch and a holistic approach to treating the individual needs of your body and skin. Anne Semonin treatments are designed to be “tailor-made” and are focused towards maximum comfort, absolute luxury and outstanding results.
Because each individual is unique, L’ Experience Anne Semonin allows your therapist to personalise and blend a synergy of essential oils and trace elements to suite your skin moment and needs. These bespoke treatments will not only revitalise the skin but energise and balance the mind and spirit providing total relaxation.
Immerse yourself into the tranquil world of the Spa Suite by Anne Semonin, rediscover your senses and emerge relaxed, recharged and glowing.
Enter the tranquil world of the Spa Suite and begin all signature therapies with an aromatic flower and Herbal foot bath. Combining the finest natural essence of enriching sea salts with the healing and restoring benefits of warmed aromatic oils, be transported on a journey of total relaxation and bliss. Sani Royal Experience
Commencing with a back neck and shoulder massage to truly relax and unwind, you will then experience the ultimate facial treatment. Warmed essential oil complexes and Greek aromatic oils are used during this luxury experience treatment of the back, face and scalp to soothe, replenish, and repair. The ultimate “made-to-measure” facial combined with the intensive eye brilliance and décolleté treatment will leave skin hydrated, lifted and firmed. Soothe and unwind with the anti-stress back therapy to experience the ultimate in relaxation. Sani Anti Cellulite - Detoxifying Ritual
Rejuvenate with a full body exfoliation combining Sea Salts with the wonderful aromas of Lavender, Mandarin and Basil. A specialised treatment including the innovative Anne Semonin “Lipoliss” designed to stimulate the body’s system and target areas of fluid retention, cellulite and uneven skin tone. The use of Cinnamon, Ginger, Sea Lotus and Caffeine are massaged into the legs and feet to restore circulation and a firming and detoxifying mask is applied to relieve blockages and tone the skin. A course of treatments is recommended.
Sani Couples Escape - Polynesian Four Hands Massage
A sublime massage experience from the shores of French Polynesia to ease away stress and strains from daily life. The traditional flowing and soothing movements lull you into a deep state of peace and tranquillity, as soft palms and forearms remove tension from tight muscles. This unique, healing massage offers two massage therapists working with intuition and expert skill in complete synchrony to restore your energy and strengthen you health and wellness. L’Experience Anne Semonin Face, Eyes and Décolleté
Encounter the ultimate bespoke facial incorporating a client-specific intensive eye and décolleté treatment. Aromatic complexes and serums will boost cellular renewal whilst a firming algae mask will detoxify for absolute skin radiance. This treatment is a complete and effective remedy for removing the stresses of daily life leaving skin firm, smooth and brilliant.
Anne Semonin Eternal Youth Cryotherapy Facial
A contouring and firming facial designed to combat the visible signs of ageing; Evening Primrose Oil and Red Micro Algae are excellent for mature, dry and dehydrated skin. Innovative Anne Semonin Neuro cosmetics are combined with 100% Active Serums and advanced cryo – therapy ice cubes to regain the skins natural youthful glow. The result is instantly tightened and firmed skin, a superb brightener for special events & boosting skin vitality.
Anne Semonin Deep Marine Purifying Facial
Ideal for oily, congested, problematic skin this complete deep cleansing purifying treatment combines traditional steam and extraction techniques with Sage, Geranium and Thyme essential oils to rebalance and aid lymphatic draining. A detoxifying and anti inflammatory peel off mask is used to soothe, calm and rebalance the skin to encourage a visibly clear complexion. AnnE SEmonIn PHyTo-ARomATIC FACIAL CoLLECTIon Quick Flash Beauty Escape
A refreshing mini - face therapy designed for quick results. Innovative Anne Semonin neurocosmetic ingredients are combined with 100% Active Serums and advanced cryo–therapy ice cubes to regain the skins natural youthful glow. The result is instantly tightened and firmed skin and superb brightener for special events. Phyto-aromatic Facial
These skin enhancing “made-to-measure” facials ensure effective, visible results. This collection has been designed to be tailor made for your individual skin needs, through individually blended plant active serums, masks and complexes. Following an initial skin consultation your therapist will assist you in choosing from the following options:

Extreme Moisture Phyto-aromatic Facial
Ultra Firming Phyto-aromatic Facial
Pure Skin Phyto-aromatic Facial
Soothing Repair Phyto-aromatic Facial
Deep Clean Detox Facial
Ideal for city skins or imbalanced, stressed skins suffering from breakouts or congestion. A complete deep cleansing facial is achieved through traditional steam and extraction techniques. A detoxifying and rebalancing peel off mask is then applied using intensive complexes to give that deep clean feeling. Made-To-Measure Grooming Facial
This Phyto-aromatic Facial is tailored to you. Following a consultation a bespoke facial is created for your skin using our Anne Semonin essential oils, serums and mineral oils. Unique to you.
Cooling Ice Facial Therapy
A contouring, tightening and firming facial achieved with our innovative Neurocosmetics Express Radiance Ice Cubes. Contour Serum tones the skin and our 100% Active Serum regains its youthful glow. This specialised cryo-therapy gives an instant tightening and lifting treatment boosting your visage. A superb brightener for special events & for boosting the vitality of your skin.
Back, Face and Scalp Therapy pour Homme
This ‘all in one’ treatment commences with a soothing back massage to ease away all tension, continue to relax with an invigorating facial & finally drift away while having a therapeutic scalp massage. heaven.
Anne Semonin Miracle Eye
Designed to enhance, lift and firm your eye area. State of the art express radiance Ice cubes with their cryotherapy benefits are used in combination with a therapeutic lymphatic eye massage to relax muscular fatigue and target the signs of ageing. Heated black basalt stones are used to massage neck and décolleté, finally drift away while having a therapeutic scalp massage. Firming Silhouette Décolleté Treatment
A remodelling and firming treatment designed to care for the décolleté contours. Gentle exfoliation and the benefits of active marine ingredients of Spirulina, improves skin texture and the appearance of fine lines visibly lifting and firming the skin.
Anne Semonin Parisian Top to Toe Treatment
This treatment begins with an invigorating back cleanse to exfoliate and smooth the skin. A soothing back, neck and scalp massage begins this wonderfully relaxing therapy designed to relieve key areas of tension and muscle tightness. Combined with the Made to Measure Facial the result is re-hydrated, nourished and protected skin and an overall sense of calm and harmony. Finish with a wonderful pressure point foot and leg massage making this a fabulous top to toe experience.
Serenity Treatment with Hot Stones
An all embracing treatment incorporating a full Anne Semonin Phyto Aromatic Facial followed by the hot stone massage designed to de-stress both the mind and body. Warmed aromatic oils combined with the therapeutic effects of the stones are used to massage the back, neck and shoulders to aid a sense of deep relaxation and restore body balance. Complete Harmony Treatment
A soothing back, neck and scalp massage begins this wonderfully relaxing therapy designed to relieve keys areas of tension and muscle tightness. Combined with the tailor made Phyto-Aromatic Facial the result is rehydrated, nourished and protected skin and an overall sense of calm and harmony. B O D Y T H E R A P Y C O L L E C T I O N
A tailor-made full body massage combines classic Anne Semonin techniques along with a personally prescribed blend of intensive complexes and warmed botanical oil. After your initial consultation your therapist will assist you in choosing from the following options: Anne Semonin De-Stress Phyto-Aromatic massage
Anne Semonin Body Fitness Phyto-Aromatic massage
Anne Semonin Uplifting Phyto-Aromatic massage
Anne Semonin Detoxifying Phyto-Aromatic massage
Stress Zone Relaxing Body Therapy
A truly soothing back, neck and scalp massage begins this wonderfully relaxing therapy designed to relieve keys areas of tension and muscle tightness. Combined with feet and lower legs massage to improve circulation allowing a powerful sense of calm and wellbeing. Anne Semonin Blissful Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage
An express massage using warmed aromatic oils focusing purely on the back neck and shoulders to relieve tension and enhance wellbeing. Deep Release Massage with Hot Stones
Heated black basalt stones are used to massage the whole body releasing deep seated tension ideal for anyone suffering with muscular aches and pains. Working at relieving stress at the deepest level this treatment is designed to work on the body’s energy channels this intensive exceptional treatment is a holistic and energising therapy for the mind body and spirit. Reflexology
Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect certain parts of the body, helping to achieve and alleviate pain, tension and regains overall balance of the body.
Thai Massage
This traditional therapy is designed to energize, stimulate and completely alleviate tight and stressed muscular aches and pains. Your therapist uses his or her hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches. Muscle compression, joint mobilization, and acupressure are also used during treatment.
Indian Head Massage
Indian Head Massage is a valuable technique for combating stress and loosening the tension in the shoulders, neck and head. It relaxes the mind, controls excess energy and allows you to focus. Working up the spine and over the head will send messages from the brain to relieve mental and physical tiredness, and rebalance energy flow.
Anne Semonin Black Sand Body Scrub Ritual
This ultimate exfoliating experience with Black Sand from Tahiti and aromatic oils actively sweeps away dead surface skin cells, leaving skin wonderfully soft, silky, detoxified and youthfully radiant. The delicate fragrance of exotic verbena promotes a holistic sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Aromatic oils are applied all over the body to deeply nourish, soften and re-mineralise the skin, followed by a revitalising exfoliation and body wrap. This therapy concludes with a Phyto-Aromatic Relaxing full body massage, to reawaken your senses. This holistic treatment is an ideal preparation for pre-tanning and special occasions as skin is left deeply hydrated and silky smooth. Detoxifying Sea Salt and Aromatic Oil Wrap
An ultra moisturising body scrub experience incorporating a therapeutic scalp massage. Warmed aromatic oils are applied all over the body designed to deeply nourish and soften the skin followed by a revitalising exfoliation and warm body wrap. This treatment is an ideal preparation for pre-tanning and special occasion as skin is left hydrated and silky smooth. Express Aromatic Salt Exfoliation
An express aromatic oil and salt scrub the perfect skin preparation, leaving skin deeply nourished, smoothed and hydrated. Individually selected aromatic Intensive complexes are blended with mineral rich body masks designed to treat all skin and body needs; following an initial consultation, your therapist will assist you in choosing Detoxifying Spirulena Body Wrap
A detoxifying, slimming and energy boosting treatment, this envelopment begins with gentle exfoliation to boost circulation combined with seaweed extracts to harness the powerful cleansing and remineralisng benefits of the ocean. This natural seaweed re-metabolises the body to efficiently kick start and maintain the elimination of toxins and waste. An essential body treatment to support a detox or weight management programme. Firming Spirulina Body Envelopment
An anti-ageing, firming and toning body envelopment ideal for combating congestion, cellulite and maintain a healthy skin tones after weight loss. Firming aromatic complexes treat the areas of the body that need skin conditioning combined with Spirulena seaweed to rebalance and remineralise the body restoring a feeling of total well-being. Hydrating Pink Kaolin Clay Body Envelopment
An ultra moisturising and hydrating body envelopment designed to recondition dry, dehydrated or sun damaged skins. This treatment begins with a full body exfoliation and scalp massage followed by an application of Pink Kaolin clay combined with nutrient rich treatment oils. A perfect full body thirst quencher for tired sensitive skin. Nurturing Mother to be Therapy
A relaxing, unwinding therapy, targeting areas of aches and pains and rejuvenating the face and body to give ultimate radiance back to the skin. Your body will be supported and caressed by soft cushions whilst your therapist massages your back neck and shoulders. Followed by a sublime facial treatment, combining a foot and leg massage to alleviate achy, heavy and tired legs.
Anti-Stress Back Therapy
A hot marine mineral mud treatment for the back, neck and shoulders is designed to release tension and combat tight muscles. The back, feet and lower legs are carefully massaged to improve circulation allowing a powerful sense of well-being. This energising, stimulating therapy will rebalance your energy levels and reactivate your senses.
Anti-Cellulite Remedy
A specialised treatment designed to stimulate the body’s system and target areas of fluid retention, cellulite and uneven skin tone. The use of Cinnamon, Cedar, Rosemary and Ginger are massaged into the legs and feet to restore blood circulation, relieve blockages and tone the skin. A course of treatments is recommended.
Perfect Hands Treatment
A softening arm, hand and nails treatment includes gentle exfoliation and a luxurious southern sea ocean hand bath. Cuticles and nails are nourished with warmed aromatic oils massage and rich, creamy Kaolin mask used to refine nourish and protect the skin. Finishing with an application of Botanical Hand Cream, the result is perfectly groomed hands and nails.
Soul Foot Therapy
This nourishing and conditioning foot and nail treatment begins with a mineral enriched footbath and exfoliation ideal for softening the skin. Warmed aromatic oils and active serums are then applied and the feet are enveloped with a pink kaolin mask and a rich cream massage relieves tension, nourishes and repairs the skin. The feet are left groomed and revitalised. Designed for the younger discerning “Little Miss Clients” to groom, pamper and relax. Little Miss “Face Wash”
Cleanse tone and moisturise an essential beauty treat designed to care for younger delicate skins.
Little Miss “Petit Mani”
Shape, moisturise and polish this mini manicure leaves hands and nails sparkling bright. Ideal for “Little Miss Parties” and special occasions.
Little Miss “Petit Pedi”
Feet are buffed and smoothed, nails are shaped and polished. This mini pedicure promises to leave you walking on air.
The unique Anne Semonin ceremonies are designed to purify the body and mind whilst completely indulging the senses. A holistic approach to treating the individual needs and concerns of your body. Anne Semonin Parisian Ceremony
The ultimate treatment to help you relax and unwind….a journey from beginning to end. You will be invigorated with a body exfoliation using natural sea salts to completely polish your body to perfection, followed with a detoxifying seaweed wrap and concluding with a full body massage, with made to measure products, to suit your individual needs. Choose from one of the following… Detoxifying
This experience is excellent for relaxing heavy legs and is targeted at slimming and detoxifying. You will be immersed in an inviting seaweed wrap containing a blend of powerful Spirulina and Laminaria Algae, and a wonderful blend of Ginger, Cinnamon and Montana flower.
This experience is tailored to lift and firm loose, slack skin tissue. With the use of powerful seaweeds and essential oils of Ylang ylang, Geranium and Tea tree to help toning and tightning.
Ultimate Nourishing
This experience is balancing, relaxing, and nourishing. Hydrate and moisturise your body with our phenomenal Pink Kaolin envelopment to surge the skin with moisture blended with powerful concentrated Lavender and Mandarin peel to soften and repair.
The ultimate in luxury and indulgence; the Spa Suite “Made-to-Measure Time Ritual” is designed for you and is tailor made to your every need. Face and Body Detox Therapy
A specific trouble-shooting treatment for cellulite accumulation. This treatment breaks down fatty deposits with an exfoliation, stimulating massage for the legs and a detoxifying and firming mask on localised areas. An energising abdominal massage assists in the elimination of toxins and waste which contributes to cellulite formation. You will then lye back onto warmed bubbling seaweed to relax and unwind aching muscles in the back area. This therapy will conclude with a prescribed phytoaromatic facial. You are left feeling refreshed, energised and relaxed. Hot aroma stone face and body ritual
A sublime therapy commencing with an invigorating natural salt and oil body polish. Ideal for pre holiday preparation followed by a full body massage with hot stones to work deep into the muscles and our signature L’ Experience Anne Semonin Facial.
Ultimate Journey of Anne Semonin Beauty
A sublime therapy commencing with an invigorating natural salt and oil body polish. Ideal for pre holiday preparation followed by a prescribed seaweed body wrap to detoxify and remineralise and a full body massage with hot stones to work deep into the muscles and our signature L’ Experience Anne Semonin Facial. This grooming ritual concludes with our “perfect hands” and ‘sole foot therapy.
As we believe in total beauty, we want to ensure that your nails and hair receive the same special pampering, for a complete, healthy Hands and Feet
Hair Salon by
Make up
Make up
and Consultation
Wedding Day Make up
Upper lip wax
Mellona Original
Mellona Almond
Pure raw honey. An exquisite blendof blossom Pure raw honey and ground almonds. It is a great honey varieties from Mediterranean herbs. It has taste combination of raw honey and aromatic smooth, creamy texture and characteristic light Cyprus almonds. Almonds are mainly from moun-yellow colour.Its excellent taste and delicate aro- tainous villages of Limassol and Paphos. Like the nuts for the other Mellona flavors, they are ground with skin to prevent the loss of the fiber and nutri- Mellona Carob
Pure raw honey with traditional Haroupomelo
(carob syrup). Haroupomelo is produced from the Mellona Hazelnut
ripe fruit of the carob tree. Mellona Carob is a dark Pure raw honey and ground hazelnuts. A sweet
spread with smooth creamy texture, characteris-
spread with wonderful hazelnut flavor. Delicious tic aroma and chocolate like flavour. It combines and very healthy. The Cypriot hazelnuts though chocolate flavour with the fine sweet flavour of small in size are very tasty and aromatic. Like the raw honey. Carobs are very nutritious and are nuts for the other Mellona flavors, they are ground known for their macrobiotic properties. with skin to prevent the loss of the fiber and nutri-tion value it contains.
Good morning remedy
Dittany of Crete
Rich herbal blends from the unique greek flora This endemic herb of crete is traditionally called such as cinnamon, sage, dittany, peppermint, “the love herb”. It is better combined with a basil, thyme and greek mountain tea offer a spoonful of honey to enjoy its unique energizing unique revitalization.
Relaxing pot
Green tea
In order to relax and balance the mind and the The wisdom of the far east, the tea of chinese senses, choose this special blend of orange emperors, captures the invaluable antioxidant blossom, lemongrass, linden, chamomile, and anti-ageing ingredients that safeguard the passionflower, marjoram and poppy seed.
To help you enjoy your visit at The Spa Suite… For your convenience, we have compiled answers to common Young adults over the age of 16 years are welcome to visit questions you may find helpful in choosing the types of treatment that best meet your individual needs or desires.
Should I make a reservation for my booking? While there are a few services that should be avoided during Yes, and it is best to do so upon or prior to your arrival at the pregnancy, there are many beneficial treatments that can be resort to accommodate your schedule.
enjoyed. If you are pregnant, please notify our spa concierge when you make your appointments so they can offer Who can guide me in choosing my treatment? guidance. Furthermore, certain treatments may require a Our spa concierge can assist you in planning the perfect spa experience, including the best order for your treatment.
What if I have special health considerations? Please notify our spa concierge before scheduling your Out of consideration for all guests, a minimum of 24 hours treatments if you have high blood pressure, allergies, any notice is required to cancel or reschedule. Cancellation or other physical ailments or disabilities, on any medications, or time change within this time will result in a 50% fee being if you are pregnant. I f you have any concerns at all, please let charged. “No show” appointments are charged at full price of us know. If at any time during your services you experience discomfort, please alert your service provider immediately.
No service charge or gratuity is added to your bill; they are of course appreciated, however it is left at your discretion as a This is your time and you should delight in the experience to the fullest. Whether it’s the room temperature, the amount What about payment for spa services? of massage pressure or the volume of the music, please notify We accept all major credit cards. You may also charge spa services to your hotel bill. For your convenience, payment is also accepted prior to your treatment.
What if I am late for my appointment? Arriving late will simply limit the time for your treatments, For your comfort and relaxation, we suggest that you arrive thus lessening its effectiveness and your pleasure. Your 45 minutes before your scheduled treatment. This will allow treatment will end on the time so that the next guest will not you to relax in our lounge and use the Thermal Experience. be delayed. The full value of your treatment will be charged.
Should you not wish to use the Thermal Experience please arrive 15 minutes before your treatment to complete our spa Including contemporary cardio-fitness facilities, yoga and Arrive showered, wearing your robe and slippers supplied from your room. If necessary, a robe, towel, slippers, shower facilities and secured locker are all provided. Swimming costumes are required to be worn in the Thermal Experience. With jacuzzis and water aerobics on request RELAxATION AREA WITH TISANNERIE THERMAL SUITE What should I wear during my treatment? You will be provided with disposable underwear. During all treatments, the body is fully draped, except for the area being treated. Before and after you treatment, robes and slippers Jewellery and valuables should not be brought to the spa. If you are a hotel guest, please leave valuable items in the safe in your guestroom. The hotel does not assume liability for any Our Spa environment is one of tranquillity and relaxation. Please respect other guests right to privacy and serenity by not using your mobile phone or pager. Smoking is prohibited Are gift certificates available from The Spa Suite? Beautifully presented Anne Semonin Spa gift vouchers are the perfect gift for any occasion. For your convenience gift vouchers may be ordered by phone and will be dispatched


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