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Date of Birth 2nd August 1963 Nationality Australian SYDNEY UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Science Degree – Animal Behaviour PITTWATER HIGH SCHOOL Higher School Certificate Tailed Black Cockatoo, Green Tree Frog, Paddy Melon. Working Big Cats on Steve Martins Ranch – California, USA. May 03-Apr 04 HOME AND AWAY – Television 18 Rats, 2 horses, 2 viscious guard dogs 4 piglets, 20 English Game Bantam Cockerals, 12 Pekin ducks and 3 arabian goats. ROYAL AGRICULTURAL SHOW – TVC Coloured Donkey and Silkie Chooks Scrub Python), 2 Lizards (Bearded Dragon, Shingle Back), 9 cats (Maine Coone, Burmese, Rag Doll, and crossbred), 20 Dogs (Border Collie, Boxer, British Bulldog, Chihuahua, Cockerspaniels, German Shepherd, Jack Russell, Kelpie, Silky Terrier, and crossbreds), Dingo, Fox, Ferret, 2 Rabbits, 6 horses (thoroughbreds and crossbreds), 3 Wombats, Murray River Short Necked Turtle, 2 Eastern Grey Kangaroos, 9 Birds (Cockatoo, Long Billed Corella, Doves, Galah, Rainbow Lorikeets, Rhode Island Red Rooster, Tawny Frogmouth) and 200 Sugar Ants. Sept 2003 CHILDREN’S MISSION PARTNERS-tvc 4 Doves Sulfur Crested Cockatoo, Gang Gang, Long Billed Corella, Love Bird, 2 Budgies, King Parrot, 2 cats, Rag Doll kitten, Border Collie, 2 Kelpies, 4 Cross Bred dogs, German Shepherd, Doberman, 2 ridden horses, Friesian Cross Thoroughbred, safety horse, 2 shetland ponies, dwarf miniature pony, Koala, 2 Bearded dragons, Crocodile, Stimpsons Python, 2 Carpet Pythons, Goanna, Kookaburra, Tawny Frogmouth, lamb, Jersey Cow, Plover, 4 Chickens, 3 pigs, and 3 goats. Aug 2002 Back to America to further my training in big cats and other exotics. THE RAGE IN PLACID LAKE –F FILM 2 Rabbits and a Terrier Cross Dog Carp, 6 barking dogs, 13 Olive & Diamond Pythons, 4 birds (macaw, cockatoo, galah, magpie), 30 slugs & snails, 100 000 maggots, 20 pigeons, Angus bull, 10 000 Cockroaches, 3 crocodiles. Feb 2002 PHILADELPHIA –TVC (for Germany) 2 Jack Russel Terriers Kangaroo, Cassowary, Goanna, Bearded Dragons, Alligators, Echidnas, Ringtail Possum, Diamond Pythons, 2 Scorpions, 20 pigeons. CUNNING STUNTS -NOVA 96.9FM – RADIO COMPETITION Earthworms, 50 Rats, 5 Golden Retriever Puppies, 100 Eels, 2000 Cockroaches, 2 Pythons, 2 Bird Eating Spiders, 500 Slugs, 10 000 Green Tree Ants, 20 000 Maggots, 2 Tigers, 50 Scorpions, 1000 Daddy Long Legs, 3 Sharks, 3 Monkeys. Received Churchill Fellowship to go over to America and train big cats for 6wks, film horses for 3wks, and film birds for 1wk with some very talented animal trainers. Venomous snakes, monkey, Water Buffalo, Birds. Stunt Actor –falls off galloping horse Crocodile jumping vertically - jaws open Pig dog, Australian Cattle Dog, feral pig FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS –Television King Parrot MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II –Feature Film Special Effects –working with fires SUPERCOAT PACKAGING –Stills shots Assorted Purebred Dogs ACTIVE AUSTRALIA ‘RUSTY’ - TVC Crossbred Dog AUST. TOURISM COMMISION – TVC 3 Camels BABE II –PIG IN THE CITY -Feature Film 50 dogs including the stunt dog team, SAP in the roller blading/motorbike crash scene and Security Guard with German Shepherd. Sep 1998 Stunt Driver -precision driving with the camera on helicopter & tracking vehicle. Stunt Double for Josephine Byrnes, Wrangled 150 sheep, 20 chickens, 4 pigs and a cow, Josephine Byrnes & Richard Roxborough’s riding instructor. Jan - Oct 96 ISLAND OF DR MOREAU -Feature Film llamas, alpacas, Staghounds, German Shephard, goats, pigs, chickens, butterflies, blackheaded python, Cornish Rex kittens, black leopard, monkeys, parrots, and rabbits. Dec 1993 horse to crash through show jumps and doubled for the actress SALUTE OF THE JUGGER-Feature Film S.A.P. -worked on the high wall scene S.A.P. –worked in the jostling sequence Referees/references are available on request, or talk to anyone I have worked for or with. Lic Exotic License No: NIA 0120 R Native License No: GL 1913 Bird License No: AR 54294


Die fettlöslichen vitamine

Die fettlöslichen Vitamine Biochemische Bedeutung.3Pathologie .4Pathologie .5Resorption .6Transport .6Speicherung.6Exkretion.6Resorption .10Transport .10Speicherung.10Exkretion.10Biosynthese.10Biochemische Bedeutung.11Pathologie .12MLach ← Anregungen und Kritiken bitte anAls fettlösliche Vitamine fasst man die lipophilen• A-Vitamine,• D-Vitamine, Chole- und Ergocalciferol• K-Vi

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The current issue and full text archive of this journal is available atWest Chester University, West Chester, Pennsylvania, USAAbstractPurpose – This paper sets out to examine the reasons why 599 entrepreneurs in Kenya, Ghana andNigeria started their small businesses. It aims to compares ten motivations across three countries andby gender. Design/methodology/approach – Ten Likert-style quest

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