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8 Days Fun in Korea + Jeju Island
Yongduam Rock, Songsun Sunrise Peak, Chonjiyon Waterfall, Songup Folk Village, Mysterious Road, Teddy Bear Museum, Glass Castle, Trick Art Museum, Mt Sorak National Park, Kyeongbok Palace, Presidential Blue House, NamSangol Hanok Village, Shinheungsa Temple Fun: Everland (Unlimited Pass), Waterpia 100% Hot Spring + Doctor Fish Therapy , Chocolate
Museum, Sokcho Abai Village, Imjingak – Odusan Unification Observatory, DaeJangGeum Kimchi School , Wild Grape Winery Wind Village Farm (DIY Ice Cream + ATV + Sheep Feeding) Shop: Underground Central Street, Paju Premium Outlets Dongdaemun, Ginseng Showroom,
Myeongdong, , Amethyst Factory, The A PLUS Shop Cosmetic House… Cuisine: BBQ Pig Rib, Abalone Porridge, Bibimbap, Ginseng Chicken, Seafood Steamboat, Korean BBQ
Lunch Dinner
Assemble at Changi Airport for flight to Incheon – 02 Arrive at Incheon – Gimpo Jeju – Mysterious Road – Yongduam Rock – Underground Central Street – Songsun Sunrise Peak – Songup Folk Village – Chonjiyon Waterfall – Teddy Bear Museum – Jeju Gimpo – Yong In Everland (Unlimited Pass) Wind Village Farm (DIY Ice Cream + ATV + Sheep Mt. Sorak National Park – Shinheungsa Temple – Sokcho Abai Village– Waterpia 100% Hot Spring + Imjingak– Odusan Unification Observatory-Wild Super Deluxe Sheraton Walker
Grape Winery – Paju Premium Outlets- Dongdaemun Hill Casino hotel / Grand Hyatt
Hotel or similar
Kyeongbok Palace – Presidential Blue House – Super Deluxe Sheraton Walker
Ginseng Showroom – Liver Paul Store – The A PLUS Breakfast at Hill Casino Hotel Seoul Grand
Shop Cosmetic House – Dae Jang Guem Kimchi Hyatt Hotel or similar
School – DIY Kimchi making, wearing of the Hanbok (traditional Korean costume) & complimentary a cup of Ginseng milk – NamSangol Hanok Village – Hongik University Fashion Street – Myeongdong
Validity: 01 March – 25 November


Important Notes:

~ The above flight schedule is for your reference only, and is subject to change due to airlines’ most updates announcements ~ All passengers are suggested to buy travel insurance prior to departure of the tour for the best interest of the passengers ~ Due to unforeseen circumstances, the sequence of the sightseeing may be altered without prior notice. ~ All passengers must hold valid travel document with at least 6 months validity before expiry in accordance with the return date. ~ All passengers must have valid visa to enter the intended country. No refund will be made shall the passenger be refused to enter the country by the immigration officer. For clarification, please refer to our company’s officers. ~ Tour commentary will be conducted in Mandarin ~ Liquids (explosive), gels and aerosols exceeding 100 ml are not allow on hand carry luggage.
~ If deviation during the tour in Korea, additional surcharge US100 per person & no refund for unused tour fare. ~ Service Fees for the local guide and driver is USD 28 (whole trip) and SGD 14 for the tour leader if there is one.
Mode of Payment: Cash / Cheque (Nets - additional 1% admin fees / Credit Card - additional 3% admin fees)

Day 01: Singapore Incheon

Your vacation begins with a pleasant flight to Seoul – capital of Korea, the “Land of Modern Miracles & Ancient Traditions.”
Day 02: Incheon – Gimpo Jeju Island/ Mysterious Road/ Yongduam Rock / Glass Castle/ Underground Central Street
(Lunch / Dinner)
Upon arrival, you will be transferred Gimpo Airport for your domestic flight to Jeju , “The Honeymoon Island” of Korea and also the filming site of < All In >. Your tour begins with the Mysterious Road where you can witness the unusual phenomenon of a vehicle going up hill with the
engine off. Yongduam Rock literally known as the Dragon Head Rock, a lava formation of a dragon head jutting out from the sea.Continue on
to Glass Castle, Last will proceed to Underground Central Street and enjoy the shopping’s fun.
Accommodation: Jeju Hanhwa Resort or similar

Day 03: Songsun Sunrise Peak / Songup Folk Village /Chonjiyon Waterfall/ Teddy Bear Museum/ Chocolate Museum /Trick

Art Museum (Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner)
After breakfast, we will visit Songsun Sunrise Peak, an extinct volcanic crater located on the eastern tip of Jeju Island that looked like an old
castle wall. Continue on to see the Songup Folk Village where you can see the well preserved traditional houses with their thatched roof and
Tolhorubang grandfather stone which is believed as the guardian of the island. Next we will proceed to Chongjiyon Waterfall; a cascade that
falls majestically from the cliff heights and then runs through a narrow gorge to the sea. Our next highlight is the Teddy Bear Museum, the one
and only one of its kind in the world. You can see different types of teddy bears collections from the smallest which is 4.5mm in size to the most expensive “Louis Vuitton Bear”.Next proceed to the Chocolate Museum. See the traditional handmade process through large display window made specially for tourist. Trick Art Museum offers an optical illusion and provides an interesting perspective with 3 D paintings and exhibits. Accommodation: Jeju Hanhwa Resort or similar

Day 04: Jeju Island Gimpo – Yong In Everland/
Wind Village Farm (Unlimited Pass) (Breakfast / Dinner)
After breakfast, take a domestic flight back to Gimpo. Upon arrival, proceed to “Yong – In Everland” (Unlimited Pass), the largest Theme Park
dubbed as “The Disneyland of Korea” and the l filming site of < A Red Bean Lady >. As for those adventurous, take on the challenge of The Suspended Roller Coaster, the Amazon Express Water Adventure, or the ble Loop and Cork Screw Coaster. You must not miss the Hurricane rides as well as the Safari - spot the Liger, a crossbreed between the tiger and the lion, as well as other endangered animal like tigers, lions, bears and many others. Get ready for some fun at Wind Village farm, where you can experience sheep-feeding as well as enjoy seasonal activities
such as making cheese or ice cream, ride ATV-All Terrain Vehicle (subject to weather conditions) Accommodation: Sorak Hanhwa Resort or similar

Day 05: Mt. Sorak National Park / Shinheungsa Temple / Sokcho Abai Village/ Waterpia 100% Hot Spring + Doctor Fish
Therapy (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
After breakfast, we shall proceed to Mt. Sorak National Park, one of the most beautiful national parks in Korea with its granite peaks, lush
green valleys and dense forest. The park is divided into inner and outer Mt Sorak and this magnificent Mt Sorak towers 1708m above sea level. Visit the Shinheungsa Temple where a three-storey pagoda and a bell thet were built and preserved until today. After that proceed to Sokcho
Abai Village – the filming site of < Autumn in My Heart > Abai Village is the home to grown up En-Xi (lead actress). The 50 year old ferry boat
on which En-Xi and Jun-Xi passes each other without recognizing each other is the main attraction of Sokcho. Next proceed to Waterpia 100%
Hot Spring, pamper yourself at Hot Spring. The resort’s facilities include indoor spring water, hot spa pool, Needle Bath, Slider Bath, Tube
Slider, Lazy River, Mushroom Bath and a kid pool for children. You may also go for outdoor facilities such as leisure spa facilities, Rock Bath – with 100% Hot Spring Water. We have also specially arranged a Doctor Fish Therapy for you as well. This is a unique experience where you
get to submerge your leg onto the hot spring spa and let small fishes nibble on your leg providing a natural massage! This is definitely a therapeutic experience! Accommodation: Phoenix Park Resort or similar
Day 06: Imjingak/ Odusan Unification observatory/ Paju Premium Outlets/ Donggdaemun (Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
We proceed to Imjingak, the Korean War Memorial. It has been one of the most popular tourist attractions among foreign visitors. Next visit Odusan Unification Observatory, which offers a spectacular view of the Hangang and the Imjingang rivers, is only 460 m from North Korean territory. From the circular observatory, visitors can see north korean residents farming across the border. Next proceed to Paju Premium Outlets. .After visit Dongdaemum, Dongdaemun Market – Korea’s largest wholesale center, here you can find men, ladies and children
clothing, traditional costumes, shoes, leather goods at discounts of up to 20~30%. Accommodation: Sheraton Walker Hill Casino Hotel / Seoul Grand Hyatt or similar

Day 07: Kyeongbok Palace / Presidential Blue House / Ginseng Monopoly Showroom / Liver Paul Store/The A PLUS Shop

Cosmetic House / Dae Jan Geum Kimchi School – DIY Kimchi making - wearing of the Hanbok (traditional Korean costume) &
complimentary a cup of Ginseng milk / NamSangol Hanok Village / Hongik University Fashion Street / Myeongdong
(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)
After breakfast we shall visit the Kyeongbok Palace, built in 1394 as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty by its founder King Taejo. This is
followed by the Presidential Blue House. Ginseng Monopoly Showroom, a place for you to purchase what is hailed as the world’s best ancient
tonic elixir and stamina builder, Korean Ginseng. Next to The A PLUS Shop Cosmetic House for some popular Korean skin care and cosmetics
shopping. Next to DaeJangGeum Kimchi School- Here, you can learn how to make Kimchi and bring home for you loved ones to taste. A glass
of complimentary ginseng milk will be given to every passenger. Here you can also get the chance to wear the Hanbok (the traditional Korean costume). Next proceed on to Namsangol Hanok Village – another filming site of DaeJangGuem, this beautiful village is composed 5 traditional
Korean houses. These houses model traditional houses of Joseon Dynasty belong to the various social ranks of the society from common peasant to the king. Furniture is displayed to help you to understand their daily lives, it also include a large common area where you can play their traditional game. Our next highlight – Hongik University Fashion Street & Myeongdong, Korea’s trendiest shopping area selling clothes,
shoes, handbags, accessories and cosmetics. Accommodation: Sheraton Walker Hill Casino Hotel / Seoul Grand Hyatt or similar

Day 08 : Amethyst Factory - Incheon

This morning we shall visit Amethyst Factory where you can find local produced purple gemstones at bargain price before biding farewell to
Korea. This evening, bid farewell to the city if Seoul and transfer to the airport for your flight to Singapore with an enjoyable and memorable vacation with Wingo Travel.


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