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Z-itch is a brand new pour-on product that was launched at BETAInternational 2011. It is designed to aid the control of sweet itch inhorses and donkeys…and it will be available from a retailer near you! “Z-itch is a ready to use, pour-on solution which contains Permethrin and has been designed especially for those horses and ponies who sufferwith sweet itch,” says a spokesman for Z-itch. “It is easy to apply and, formost horses, needs to be reapplied just once a week meaning that onebottle could last the full season, depending on the size of the horse.
“Ideally, treatment with Z-itch should start prior to the ‘sweet itch season’for best results.” Z-itch retails at £30.40 (including VAT) for a 250ml bottle. For more information, see or speak to your nearest equestrian retailer and ask for Z-itch.
SOL HEALING DOGSTER DEODORISERMy Labrador smelt so much better after using this!100% Natural Organic that work in harmony with your furry friend. Sol Healing products are blended with the finest natural organic human grade ingredients sourced from around the world. Pure Essential oils with no synthetic fragrances means you pet has no contact with hard chemicale. Puppy Safe, Does not stain SLS THINKING FROM WOOF WEAR]Woof Wear are excited to announce the products on the market because on impact the Poron Xrd foam stiffens to give the required protection to a whole new level. is stylish and innovative boot range which consists of a Tendon, Fetlock, Over-reach and Knee Boot is position the boot correctly which in turn allows an air channel behind the tendon to aid All boots incorporate Poron Xrd foam in the Other innovative features that make these key strike areas. Poron Xrd is a Smart material boots special include anti-slip properties of the impact creating a protective shield. It then returns to its submissive state remaining comfortable and non-confining throughout.
We call this ‘Protection on Demand’.
e inclusion of Poron Xrd foam means that the PU outer shell can be more flexible and off, durable, smart and lightweight.
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INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION IN COMBATING TRAFFICKING IN HUMAN BEINGS AND SMUGGLING OF MIGRANTS I. INTRODUCTION Characterized by shrinking space and time and disappearing borders linking people’s lives moredeeply and more immediately than ever before, the present era of globalization has brought about masshuman migrations. Human migrations are caused either by wars, social and politica

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