…Trust, Live, Enjoy
• NGC is a Vibrant company that is committed to improving
peoples’ lives in a transparent and socially responsible
• Building on its solid multinational heritage, NGC's commitment to 'best practice' in business management and the pursuit of manufacturing excellence has enabled it to forge strategic relationships with a number of blue chip companies to complement its long standing tradition of manufacturing as well as trading quality • NGC stands out as Nigeria's foremost indigenous enterprise in the pharmaceutical and chemical fields, providing world-class companies with a vehicle to promote & distribute their products in the • Through its extensive nation-wide distribution network, NGC serves a number of key market sectors including: TRUST
As a foremost producer of pharmaceutical and other life
enhancing products, NGC is more than just a name. It is an icon
of enduring trust which stems from its time tested pedigree and
commitment to standard.
Every second… every minute… every hour invested on producing any of the NGC brands, is aimed at making people ENJOY
At NGC it’s not just about living, it’s about enjoying life actively.
The new NGC is transparently committed to constantly
improving its existing brands as well as developing new Products
that make life more enjoyable.
We want to build a foremost, profitable and esteemed corporation that enables people live more active and fulfilling lives.
share in the pharmaceutical, fast moving consumer goods and oil & gas sectors while continuously diversifying into new Vibrant: We are a bold, proactive and lively brand that consistently support customers’ quest for an active and healthy life. Through our well trained, motivated and dedicated workforce we are always ready to experiment & Committed: We go the extra mile to know the needs of our customers; consciously building life-long relationship with them by creating brands that deliver value Transparent: We are always open in everything we do. We create communication channels that give the customers and other stakeholders more access to what we do and how we do them. The customers know us & know that whatever comes from us comes with a seal of standard and unparalleled Socially responsible: We take measures that ensure that our operational processes do not have any negative impact on the environment and the people.
– Quoted on the Nigerian Stock Exchange.
– Over 10,000 shareholders. • Country wide distribution network with over 1,250 sales • Strategic alliances with blue chip international companies including Johnson & Johnson, Jeyes, Kunming Pharmaceutical Corporation, Solvay Pharma, Linton 1963:
On December 18, the company was formed under the name “Hoechst Products
Nigeria Limited”
1964: On January 10, the company was registered as a private liability company with an authorized share capital of ten thousand pounds (£10,000) divided into ten thousand (10,000) ordinary shares of £1 each. On July 6, the authorized share capital was increased to fifty thousand pounds (£50,000) by the creation of an additional fourty thousand (40,000) ordinary shares of £1 each. On August 4, ten thousand (10,000) ordinary shares of which Farbwekerke Hoechst AG held 60% and Major & Company 40%.
On October 4, PVA plant at Ikeja was commissioned.
1972: On January 10, the authorized share capital was increased to four hundred thousand pounds (£400,000) by the creation of an additional three hundred and fifty thousand (350,000) ordinary shares of £1 each.
1973: On April 13, Major & Company sold their 40% shareholding to Ashamu & Sons (Holdings) Ltd. On the same day the name of the company was changed to “Nigerian 1977, 1978: The authorized share capital & paid up capital were increased to three million Naira (N3,000,000) in 2 stages (on Dec 6 1977 & Mar 16 1978) by the creation 1979:
In August, Nigerian Hoechst shares were quoted on the Nigerian Stock
Exchange for the first time. The quotation was 30 kobo per share of 50
On May 26, the foundation of the pharmaceutical factory at Otta was
1982, 1985, 1988:
Nov 4, 1982 the pharmaceutical factory and the central warehouse at
Otta were officially commissioned.
The authorized share capital was increased to fifteen million Naira (N15,000,000) in two stages (on Aug 26, 1982 & July 5, 1985) from three million while the paid-up capital increased to fourteen million Naira (N14,000,000) by an hybrid offering in Sept 1982, bonus issue of one ordinary share already held on July 15, 1985 and bonus shares of one ordinary share for every three held on June 30, 1988.
On December 18, the company celebrated its 25th anniversary
1992: The company offered for subscription debenture stock of sixty million Naira (N60,000,000) which was fully subscribed.
For the second time in the company’s history, the Nigerian Stock Exchange
Merit Award was received for the best presentation, quality and depth of the
annual report and accounts for the year 1992
1995: Hoechst AG divested its holding from in Nigerian Hoechst Plc and at an extra- ordinary General Meeting held on 23 February 1995, the shareholders approved the change of the company’s name to “Nigerian-German Chemicals Plc”.
1991, 1996: The authorized share capital of the company increased to N100,000,000 through 2 stages (on July 3, 1991 & March 4, 1996) and the paid-up capital was increased to N30,625,000 by a bonus issue of one ordinary share for every four ordinary shares already held (on July 3, 1991) & rights issue in 1996.
The company’s turnover crosses the billion-naira mark for the first time.
NGC entered strategic relationship with Parke-Davis (now Pfizer Consumer
Healthcare) and introduced Benylin
ranges, Anusol & Sloan’s
Mr. A. Shonekan appointed Chief Executive Officer.
The company commissions pharmaceutical oral liquid line and produces liquid medicines for the first time at
the Otta plant.
2000: Our association with Aventis, the successor of Hoechst group finally ended.
2001: Company’s paid-up capital increased to N76,893,000 following a bonus issue of 1 new share for every 6 existing 2002:
NGC exits agro veterinary unprofitable business and industrial chemicals.
NGC was the proud recipient of the Pfizer Healthcare Division 2002 Agent of the Year award (Export Region).
This award was in recognition of the significant progress made by NGC in the production and distribution of a range of Pfizer Consumer Healthcare products including Benylin. 2003:
Company commissions its multi-million-naira bottled water plant.
July, saw NGC expand into the beverage market with the launch of its own brand of bottled water, Sparwasser
2004: NGC celebrates its 40th anniversary. NGC partners Kunming Pharmaceutical Corporation, China & launches Artem (artemisinin anti-malarial) into the 2005:
Company’s turnover crosses the N2 billion (two billion naira) mark for the first time.
NGC launches Gluformin (antidiabetic) to the market
2006: NGC launches new brands: Arco (antimalarial), Vimto (refreshing fruit drink), Linton park (wine) into the Nigerian 2007: NGC splits into 5 autonomous divisions, namely Manupharm, Distripharm, Districon, Brand Assets, and
Shared Services
HRH Alhaji Shehu Idris (CFR) Alhaji Idris is a seasoned administrator, scholar and a well respected traditional ruler. In the course of his career, he served in various positions in the Ministry of Local Government, Zaria Local Authority council, and Kaduna State Broadcasting Corporation. HRH is the current Chairman of the Kaduna State Council of Chiefs and Pro-Chancellor of the University of Technology, Minna and Chancellor of the University of Nigeria - Nsuka. The Emir sits on the Board of UAC and UNIC Insurance PLC. Mr. Adeboye Shonekan A lawyer by profession, he is a 1986 graduate from the University of Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom. He also attended the management program at Harvard Business School in 1998. Prior to joining NGC in 1995 as the Executive Director responsible for Materials Management, Logistics & Import Financing, he had worked as Investment Officer with International Finance Corporation (1990-1995). He became the Vice-Chairman of the Board on 28 March 1998 and Chief Executive Officer of the Company on 27 April 1999. He is also a Director of several other companies, including Universe Reinsurance Limited, Virgin Nigeria Limited, Critical rescue International and Intersource S A Limited Mr. Matthew Chadzimura Mathew Chadzimura joined NGC in 2006 as Commercial Director. He is a graduate of University of Zimbabwe, where he obtained B-Tech Management in 1993. He became a Fellow Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) (UK) in 1996 and also has an MBA from the University of Zimbabwe in 2001. NGC Plc BOARD MEMBERS / PROFILES continued Mr. Ndiokwere holds an M.Sc. degree in Fibre Science and Technology from the University of Leeds. He originally joined the former Hoechst company in 1973 and served until 2001 when he retired as head of the Industrial Chemicals Division. He became an executive director of NGC Board in 1999 and since retiring has continued to serve the company in a non-executive capacity. Mr. Balogun is a Chartered Accountant who served for over 25 years in several prominent organizations including Nigerian Breweries and UACN, where he held the position of Managing Director – GBO/MDS before retiring from Mr. Oshinowo holds a B.Sc Business Administration and an MSc in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He became the Director General, Nigeria Employers’ Consultative Association since 1999. A fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management, Nigeria, he is on the board of several organizations including Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), Nigeria Labour Advisory Council, National Pension Commission (PenCom), National Orientation Agency, and the National Health Insurance Scheme. In addition, he is a member of the governing board of International Labour Organization, International Organization of Employers and Pan-African Employers Federation. Tom Lindsay has over 40 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He has held senior positions in overseas operations of several leading multinational companies, including Hoechst Marion Roussel. In 1995 he left the Hoechst Group to set up TradeLink International Ltd to provide Hoechst with outsourced marketing and distribution in Africa and the Caribbean. This has evolved to providing pharmaceutical companies with management and logistics services, including procurement, technology transfer, recruitment and marketing support. As NGC’s overseas director in residence in London, TradeLink International Ltd serves as NGC’s overseas liaison office. Mr. Samson Osewa A pharmacist by profession, Mr. Samson Y. Osewa joined the Company in 1982. He became the Executive Director in charge of Technical Operations on 28 March 1998 and was responsible for the Pharmaceutical business until January 2008 when he retired from active service after 26 years of meritorious service. He has been retained on the board of the company in a non-executive capacity.
– NGC-valgin® (Acetaminophen) Tabs & Injection, – Glanil® (Glibenclamide) tabs & Gluformin® – Traflox® (Ofloxacin), Ciproval® (Ciprofloxacin) & – Broncholyte® (Bromhexine HCl) Elixir – Cofeeze® (Ipecacuana plus) Non-drowsy – Colipan® (Hyoscine Butyl Bromide) Tablets & – Sparwasser® Lime & Lemon Flavoured • Johnson & Johnson Products’ Portfolio – Sloans’ Liniment® (Anti-inflammatory – – Abidec® Drops (Children Multivitamins) – Anusol® Suppository (Anti-hemorrhoid / NGC PARTNERS’ PRODUCTS PORTFOLIO continued NGC PARTNERS’ PRODUCTS PORTFOLIO continued – Artem® (Antimalarial) Tablets & Injection – Vimto® Sparkling, Vimto® Cordial & Vimto® Lite (Under Production & Sales & Distributorship Agreement with Nichols – Parozone® Bleach & Perfumed Bleach (under Production & Sales & Distributorship Agreement with Jeyes, UK) – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chadonnay, Sauvigon Blank (under Sales & Distributorship Agreement with Linton Park – Russians Bear Vodka, Hooper Schnapps, Two Keys Whiskey, Stretton’s Gin (under Sales & Distributorship Agreement with • Our Distribution Network is pan-Nigeria with eight (8) depots (apart from the Ota Central Warehouse) located in the following Cities: – Ikeja, Lagos– Ibadan (West)– Benin (Midwest)– Onitsha (East)– Aba (East)– Abuja (North Central) – Jos (covering North East)– Kano (North West) • Our Distribution Network is supported by well trained and performance driven field force as follows: – Ten (10) Customers’ Service Managers responsible for the – Three (3) Field Force Managers responsible for supervising the sophisticated hospital & retail pharmacy channels – Thirty One (31) Business Development Executives – Twenty (20) Interim Sales Representatives – In view of ongoing expansion of brand portfolio, additional recruitments will be made in 2008 as follows: • Ten (15) Business Development Executives• One (1) Customers’ Service Managers• 1 Customer & Product Services Manager NGC TRANSFORMATION AGENDA & FUTURE STRATEGY Unlock potential of our business by decentralizing operation and extending the frontiers of our three main Secure our long term future by forward investment: Affordable access to first class medical services through NGC TRANSFORMATION AGENDA & FUTURE STRATEGY In order to pursue aggressive growth within the next three years the company was recently restructured into five (5) different divisions namely: Responsibility for manufacturing lowest cost, high quality pharmaceutical & consumer products Distripharm: Responsible for distribution of pharma brand assets & third party brands to 70 traditional distributors as well as 680 institutional, hospital & retail pharmacy channels Districon: Responsible for distribution of consumer brand assets to 500 institutional & Responsible for managing the pharma and consumer brand assets of the business with 12 Continue to exit marginal brands & apply available & future working capital in driving a range of Register & launch new products or line extensions. Explore new partnerships with multinational companies for the introduction of brands in prime therapeutic segment areas in line with our business objectives.
Shared Services: Commercial (Finance, Logistics, Procurement), HR, Admin & Legal Our goal is to reach the N10 billion rev enue through above strategy by year 2010 with NGC TRANSFORMATION AGENDA & FUTURE STRATEGY contd 1. UNIC2. CRI3. Realworth Pharmacy4. NGC Oil Services 1. Plant expansion & modernization (GMP/WHO)2. Establishment of an ultramodern infusion plant3. Expansion of Distribution network Joint venture on Integrated Kidney & Transplantation Therapies (peritoneal dialysis & heamodialysis) including treatment centers companies for Brand promotion / Sales & Distributorship partnership of brands & products in the Cardiovascular, Antiinfectives, Pain, Cold & Cough therapeutic segments as Care, Critical & Hospital Care products etc


Compte rendu 15 02 2006 (grippe aviaire)

REUNION SPECIALE du 15 février 2006 Relevé de conclusions Influenza aviaire Etaient présents : voir liste en annexe. M. Gilbert HÉBRARD préside cette réunion consacrée à la "grippe aviaire", sujet particulièrement d'actualité et à nouveau médiatisé, depuis le rapprochement des récentes évolutions des foyers dans le monde. Pour les aspects vétérinaires


Please complete the accompanying Posttest and Evaluation Form. Return the completed Answer Sheet and Evaluation Form to: University of California, Irvine School of Medicine Posttest (Answer sheet below) 1. Which of the following is not a positive sign of the upper motor neuron syndrome a. Co-contraction b. Spastic dystonia c. Loss of finger dexterity d. Associated reactions a. Disinhibi

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