This Product Highlights Sheet is an important document.

It highlights the key terms and risks of this investment product and complements the Prospectus1.

It is important to read the Prospectus before deciding whether to purchase units in the product. If you
do not have a copy, please contact us to ask for one.

You should not invest in the product if you do not understand it or are not comfortable with the
accompanying risks.

If you wish to purchase the product, you will need to make an application in the manner set out in the
Nikko AM Asia Investment Funds –
Nikko AM Shenton Global Property Securities Fund (the “Fund”)
Product Type
Unit Trust
Launch Date
11 April 2005
Nikko Asset Management
BNP Paribas Securities
Asia Limited
Services, Singapore Branch
BNP Paribas Trust Services
Dealing Frequency
Every Business Day
Singapore Limited
Expense Ratio for the
financial year ended 30 1.75%
June 2012
The Fund is only suitable for investors who:
 seek medium to long-term capital appreciation;  seek regular income distributions during the investment period C
 seek investments in real estate companies and REITs; and T HIG
 are willing and able to accept that their principal will be at risk. Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether this product suitability.
is suitable for them.
You are investing in a unit trust constituted in Singapore that aims to achieve medium to and 27-28 and I
long term capital appreciation and to make regular income distributions during the G
investment period by investing globally in (i) REITs listed or traded on a regulated market; 3B on Pg 97-88 of H
 The Managers, at their sole discretion, may make quarterly distributions to Holders further information TS
provided that there is distributable income and/or capital gains for that period. Sources of on features of the income for distribution include dividend and/’or interest income and/or capital gains derived Fund.
from the investments of the Fund. The Managers may also make capital distribution to
Holders at such time as they deem fit in accordance with the Deed. Where distributions are S
paid out of capital of the Fund, the capital and the NAV of the Fund will be reduced and H
this will be reflected in the realisation price of the Units. E
 There are two Classes of Units within the Fund, which differ in terms of their subscription E
currency and minimum subscription amounts. T
 You can invest in either the S$ Class Units or the US$ Class Units. The base currency of Investment Strategy
 Currently, the Fund intends to invest at least 70% of its net assets in REITs and REITs- Refer to Para 1 in type securities listed or traded on a regulated market, and invest up to 30% of its net Appendix 3B on Pg  The Managers manage the portfolio by selectively overweighting or underweighting Prospectus for component securities of the UBS Global Real Estate Investors Total Return Index (“Index”) further information with the aim of achieving relative outperformance against the Index.  The Managers may also invest in non-Index component securities with the aim of strategy of the 1 The Prospectus is available for collection at the Managers’ business address at 8 Cross Street, #08-01 PWC Building, Singapore 048424 during usual business hours. The Prospectus is also available on the Managers’ website at Nikko AM Shenton Global Property Securities Fund – 31 May 2013 Parties Involved
The Fund is a sub-fund of Nikko AM Asia Investment Funds.

 The Managers are Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited.
The Trustee and the Registrar is BNP Paribas Trust Services Singapore Limited.
 The Custodian is BNP Paribas Securities Services, Singapore Branch.
 The Sub-Manager is Urdang Securities Management, Inc.
Prospectus for
further information
on these entities.
You should be aware that the price of Units can go down as well as up. The value of the Appendix 3B on Pg
Fund and its distributions (if any) may rise or fall. The following are key risk factors 99 of the
that may cause you to lose some or all of your investment:
Prospectus for further information on risks of the Fund. Market and Credit Risks
You are exposed to market risk in the global markets
o The price of securities comprised in the portfolio of the Fund and the Units, and the income from them, may be influenced by political and economic conditions, changes in R
interest rates, the earnings of the corporations whose securities are comprised in the portfolio, and the market’s perception of the securities. O
You are exposed to market interest rate risks
o The movement in domestic and international securities markets, economic conditions, foreign exchange rates and interest rates may affect the market price of, and demand U
for, units in REITs. An increase in market interest rates may have an adverse impact on the market price of units in REITs if their annual yields give investors a lower return as C
You are exposed to currency risk
o As investments of the Fund may be denominated in foreign currencies, fluctuations of the exchange rates of foreign currencies against the base currency of the Fund may have an impact on the income of the Fund and affect the value of the Units. Liquidity Risks
The Fund is not listed and you can redeem only on Dealing Days
o There is no secondary market for the Units. All realisation requests should be made to L
the Managers or their approved distributors. o If there is a surge in realisations at any particular time, the Managers may impose a IG
gate on realisations. If that happens, realisation of Units and/or payment of realisation H
o In addition, you may not realise your Units during any period where realisation is TS
You are exposed to liquidity risk
o The extent of market liquidity is dependent on the size and state of the markets and therefore affects the Fund’s ability to acquire or dispose of assets at the price and time S
Product-Specific Risks
You are exposed to sector risk
o Investors should note that Real Estate Companies are particularly vulnerable to the E
local and international economic climate and real estate market conditions (such as oversupply of, or reduced demand for, commercial and residential space, changes in T
market rental rates, operating expenses, increases in property taxes, changes in zoning laws, environmental risks, increases in interest rates, depreciation of buildings over time etc). o The Fund invests in a portfolio of REITs which invest primarily in real estate and this may involve a higher level of risk as compared to a diversified securities fund. Real estate investments are relatively illiquid and may affect the ability of a REIT to vary its investment portfolio or liquidate part of its assets in response to changes in economic,  You are exposed to foreign securities risk
o The investments of the Fund may be affected by political instability as well as exchange controls, changes in taxation, foreign investment policies and other restrictions and controls which may be imposed by the relevant authorities in the other countries. o The legal infrastructure and accounting, auditing and reporting standards in certain countries in which an investment may be made may not provide the same degree of investor protection or information to investors as would generally apply in major securities markets. Foreign ownership restrictions in some markets may mean that corporate action entitlements in relation to any collective investment schemes or other investments the Fund is invested in, may not always be secured or may be restricted. o In addition, the Fund may invest in emerging markets securities which are in general more volatile than those of developed countries, with the result that Units may be subject to greater price volatility. Nikko AM Shenton Global Property Securities Fund – 31 May 2013
You are exposed to derivatives risk
o The Managers may invest in financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”) for the
purposes of optimising returns, hedging and/or efficient portfolio management.
As at the date of the Prospectus, the Managers only use FDIs for purposes of hedging
and/or efficient portfolio management. Derivatives involve risks different from, and in some cases, greater than, the risks presented by more traditional investments. Some of the risks associated with derivatives are market risk, management risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, moratorium risk, capital control risk, tax risk and leverage risk.
You should be aware that your investment in the Fund may be exposed to other risks
of an exceptional nature from time to time.

Payable directly by you
 You will need to pay the following fees and charges as a percentage of your gross 13 on Pg 12-13 Currently 5% for non-CPF subscriptions and 3% for Initial Sales Charge
Realisation Charge
Conversion Fee (in relation
An amount not exceeding 1% of the value converted to conversion of Units
between sub-funds of Nikko
AM Asia Investment Funds)

Where initial sales charge paid for the units being R
Exchange fee
exchange is less than the initial sales charge payable O
for units being acquired, the difference will be charged. D
Payable by the Fund from invested proceeds
 The Fund will pay the following fees and charges to the Managers, Trustee and other C
Currently 1.5% per annum (Maximum 2% per annum) Annual Management Fee
Annual Trustee’s Fee
(Maximum 0.2% per annum) Applicable for both S$ and US$ Classes H
Other Substantial Fees &
Charges (for the financial
year ended 30 June 2012):

The issue price and realisation price of Units will be available on the Business Day following 10.10, 11 and 15 S
The issue price and realisation price of Units may be obtained from the Managers’ website 20-22 and 24 of the H
Cancellation of Units
If applicable to you, you may cancel your subscription for Units within 7 calendar days from
the date of your subscription or purchase of the Units by sending a cancellation request to the
Managers or their approved distributor. Any Initial Sales Charge paid will be refunded to you.
However, you will have to take the risk for any price changes in the NAV of the Fund since
you purchased the Units.

Realisation of Units
You can exit the Fund by submitting a written realisation request to the Managers or through
their approved distributors.
If your realisation request is received and accepted by 5 p.m. Singapore time on a Dealing
Day, your Units will be realised at the realisation price for that Dealing Day. If your realisation
request is received and accepted after 5 p.m. Singapore time, your Units will be realised at
the realisation price for the next Dealing Day.
The net realisation proceeds that you will receive are calculated by multiplying the number of
Units to be realised by the realisation price, less any applicable charges.
Nikko AM Shenton Global Property Securities Fund – 31 May 2013 Gross Realisation Proceeds - Realisation Charge
The cancellation or realisation proceeds will normally be paid within six Business Days after
the relevant Dealing Day on which the cancellation or realisation request is received unless
realisation of Units has been suspended in accordance with the Prospectus.

 You can call us, Nikko Asset Management Asia Limited, at 1800 535 8025 if you have
queries regarding your investment in the Fund. You can also visit our website at (  Our business address is at 8 Cross Street, #08-01 PWC Building, Singapore 048424. APPENDIX: GLOSSARY OF TERMS
means any day (other than Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) on which banks and other P
financial institutions in Singapore are generally open for business. R
means any class within the Fund which is established pursuant to the provisions of the Deed O
and which may be denominated in Singapore dollars or US dollars or such other currency as the Managers may from time to time determine. D
in relation to the subscription and realisation of Units means a Business Day or such other day U
means the trust deed of the Fund as may be amended or modified from time to time. T HIG
in relation to a Unit, means the person for the time being entered in the register of holders of the Fund as the holder of that Unit and includes persons so entered as Joint Holders (as defined in the Deed). a charge upon the issue of Units of such amount as the Managers may from time to time determine generally or in relation to any specific transaction or class of transactions, being a percentage of the gross investment sum, which shall not exceed the maximum charge for the H
for the purposes of this Product Highlights Sheet only, means the inception date of the Fund. IG
means the quoted securities of companies listed or traded on a regulated market which derive a substantial part of their revenue from the ownership, management and/or development of real TS
estate primarily in the United States, Australia, the European Union and Asia. means real estate investment trusts (including business trusts). S
means the lawful currency of the Republic of Singapore. H
means the nature of the interest issued to investors, being an undivided share in the relevant deposited property for the Fund which includes a fraction of a Unit. E
means the lawful currency of the United States of America. E

Nikko AM Shenton Global Property Securities Fund – 31 May 2013


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