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International students (LLP/Erasmus and exchange/Non-European students) interested in coming to study at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM) during one semester or a whole academic year agreement signed between the faculty / school of his/her home university and the faculty / school of the UCLM
On-line application
should complete the following steps to be accepted as exchange students:
STEP 1. Online Application Form for Incoming Exchange Students

VERY IMPORTANT! First of all, you must make sure that the International Relations Coordinator at your Home
University has nominated you as a candidate for the exchange programme, which means that he/she has forwarded
your personal details and the estimated exchange period by e-mail to the contact person at the
Relations Office (ORI in Spanish) of UCLM where you are going to study.
This step is absolutely essential in order to start the online application procedure because in the
email you will be indicated the campus where you are going to study at UCLM (if you are an LLP Erasmus student,
your destination will be fixed by the campus where the specific bilateral agreement was signed between your home
university and UCLM).
The online application form is available in Spanish and English through the links at the bottom of this page. Please, read all the instructions carefully before filling in the online application form. Then, fill in all themake sure there are no missing data.
*In the field “DNI, NIE or Passport, introduce your ID card no. or passport no. (Leaving no
* In the field “Telf (include the international dialing code)” introduce your phone number using this format
YYYYY”. “X” refers to the international dialing code in your home country and “Y” corresponds to your phone number
(you should indicate the phone you usually use).

In the section of “Academic data” if you cannot find your country
university, please send an email to the ORI at UCLM explaining your
will try to solve it for you as soon as possible.

STEP 2. Learning Agreement
After you have submitted your online application form, you will be directed to this link again. Here you can download
the UCLM Learning Agreement. Once you have filled it in, print and sign it and ask your International Coordinator to
sign and stamp it too before sending it by email. This Learning Agreement is only a provisional selection of the
courses you plan to study at UCLM. Enrolment on the courses must be made on arrival at
the availability of places in the corresponding Centre.
ATTENTION! Before filling in the Learning Agreement, confirm with your home university the campus of UCLM
where you are going to study. This is very important because the university is composed by 4
and you will be linked to the Faculty / School you choose. Furthermore, the subjects you will be able to take in your
provisional learning agreement may be similar but can be taught at different periods depending on the
Visit this link to check the list of courses available: http://www.uclm.es/centros/ First of all, you should select the campus, and then, the Faculty or School of UCLM where you will study according to the field of study in which you have been nominated. If you do not know this information, please contact your home University. SENDING APPLICATION DOCUMENTS:
In order to be accepted at UCLM, all incoming exchange students should scan their Learning Agreement signed and sealed by them and their home Coordinator and send it by email along with a scanned copy of their passport/IDthe corresponding ORI at UCLM. Furthermore, incoming students from Non-European countries should attach to their applications other documents indicated by their home institutions (motivation letter, transcript of records,of reference…) https://www.uclm.es/ori/erasmus/index.aspx IMPORTANT
LLP-Erasmus students should submit a copy of their European Health Insurance Card valid for the whole stay at the
host institution.
Non-European students should submit a copy of their private insurance upon arrival at UCLM.
This health document is mandatory to be able to enroll at UCLM.
You will be asked to enter a valid e-mail address in your online application form, which we will use for sending you all the necessary information for your stay. After checking your application, the ORI will send you an official e-mail confirming if your registration is correct or asking you for additional information. If you don’t receive any email from UCLM after two weeks, please contact the ORI of the campus where you intend to study. NOT BEFORE! Afterwards, you will receive another email with information about accommodation, Spanish language courses, etc.
IMPORTANT: ORI will prepare the acceptance letters and send them to the International Relations Coordinator at the University of the Non-European Exchange Students that need to apply for a visa.
15th June for the first semester /full academic year30th November for the second semester Addresses ORI - UCLM
Campus Albacete
Campus Ciudad Real
Campus Cuenca
Campus Toledo
Vicerrectorado de Extensión Universitaria BE CAREFUL
Applications can only be accepted from students of our partner institutions! THIS FORM IS ONLY VALID FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS.

Source: http://corsi.unibo.it/redazione/SharedDocuments/Economia/Forl%C3%AC/Relazioni%20internazionali/Erasmus/Infosheet%20CASTILLA-LA%20MANCHA.pdf

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