1982 – Present
12th & Lombard Streets Philadelphia, PA 19102 President American Endodontic Society Levittown, PA LICENSURE Chester County Hospital West Chester, PA International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics DONALD ROBBINS, DMD DENTAL LEARNING RESOURCE, LLC Founder The Dental Training Center
Pennsylvania Department of Education Licensure
Exton, PA 19341
E-mail: [email protected]
4 Learning Group at
Delaware County Community College
Media, PA
DONALD ROBBINS, DMD PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION MEMBERSHIP International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics Queens College of the New York City University PUBLISHED SCIENTIFIC PAPERS Cervical Trauma as an Etiology of TMD. American Academy of Head, Neck and Facial Pain, 1998 Literature Reference, Contributing editor. Update on human herpesviruses: new research and new threats to health professionals. J Acad Gen Dent. 1994; 42(5): 418-423. SCIENTIFIC PRESENTATIONS (meetings) North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology (NACCT) “Silver-Mercury Amalgam Dental Fillings Expose Patients to High Levels of Mercury Vapor” (poster presentation) PROFESSIONAL PUBLICATIONS (books) GOVERNMENTAL/LEGISLATIVE TESTIMONY Food and Drug Administrative Hearings on Toxicity of Mercury Dental 2010 Amalgam Fillings, Bethesda, Md Advisory Board for Dental Devices Testified against continued use of mercury in dental offices with presentation of original clinical study data from Dr. Robbins office Conference for support of H.B.1898 for patient brochure about mercury dental fillings Philadelphia City Council, Hearings on “Use of Mercury in Dentistry” bill Testified for Patient Informed Consent and signed patient brochure before dentist places mercury in teeth Recommendations for Safe Dental Care. Dental Page for Autism Research Institute. Difficulty Concentrating – It May Not be Your Fault! Yoga Living Nov/Dec 2008 Various Publications and Newsletter Articles for the Public Doctor of Dentistry Magazine – Cover/Article BIOSAFEDENTISTRY Advocate Aug 2009 Goldman School of Dental Medicine “Attract More Patients by Practicing ‘Green’ BioSafeDentistry” Lecture #1: “Protect Your Health Part 1 – Say NO to Silver Mercury Dental Fillings” Lecture #2: “Protect Your Health #2 – Say NO to Fluoride” Weston A. Price Foundation, Chester County Chapter “Biosafe Dentistry and the Dangers of Fluoride” Meeting of the Minds – Health Expo – Dr. Frank Wyatt, Naturopath African American History Museum, Philadelphia, PA CDE/CME Lecture Chesapeake Health Education Program, Inc. 2009 Press Conference/Speaker for Mercury in Dentistry Bill, Mayors Office, 2008 City of Philadelphia Lectures to general public on BioSafe Dentistry (Invited or sponsored lectures and participation in health fairs) Clinical Lectures as Director, Dental Assisting Program, Delaware County 2005 - Present Community College, Media, PA Clinical Lectures as Director, The Dental Training Center, Exton, PA Sleep Apnea and Radiofrequency Surgery (Somnoplasty) Alumni Meeting, University of Pennsylvania, Dental School Lecture "Chronic Pain Patients and the Autonomic Nervous System" Lectures in Delaware Valley area to groups about sleep apnea Pre-Clinical/Clinical Instructor, University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine, Philadelphia, PA International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) Poisons in Our Bodies; Mercury is Just the Beginning ,David Getoff, CNN, CTN, CNC,FAAIM Update on Fluoride, David Kennedy, DDS Vitamin D in Prevention and Treatment of Cancer, Cedrick Garland, PhD Type 2 Diabetes Breakthrough, Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD Heavy Metal Retention Toxicity, Boyd Haley, PhD Thiol Antioxidant &Metal Chelator, Narasimham Parinandi, PhD Basis of Mercury Poisoning, David Geier, Mark Geier MD, PhD Toxic Dentistry Exposed, Graeme Hall, BDS Permeability of Dental Dam and Glove Material to Mercury, Paul Rubin, DDS Immediate Load Implant Retained Overdentures, Mark Murphy, DDS Precision Prothesis for RPD’s and Implants, James Ellison, CDT Dental Therapeutics:Dental Drugs and Over-the-Counter Dental Products, Peter Jacobsen, PhD International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Spring Meeting) Occlusal Dental Whole Body Connection , Gerald Smith, DDS Three Dimensional CAT Scan Screening, Thomsa Colpitts, DDS Touretts Syndrome: A New Treatment w/o Medications or Psychotherapy, Brendon Stack,DDS The Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease, Richard Moscowitz, MD Vaccines, Mercury Fillings & the Suppression of Natural Food, James Turnes, JD Heavy Metals, Oxidative Stress & Human Health, Boyd Haley, PhD BioDetox for Healthful Survival, Russell Jaffe, MD Autism Update: Four Primary Treatments: Methylcobalamin, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, James Neubrander, MD Neuromarker Guided Neuromodulation, Phil DeFina, PhD Smedley Orthodontic Study Club Pathos of Pathology”, Betsy Reynolds, RDH, BA MS Brandywine Dental Implants and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons All-on-4 Treatment Concept, Ken Parrish, DMD, PhD International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) New Aspects of Immuno Compatible Restorative Dentistry by Using Zirconia, Sami Sandhaus, DDS Mercury Induced Vasculotoxicity and Impairment of Angiogenesis, Nasasimham Parinandi, PhD Diagnosis and treatment of Chronic Fluoride Poisoning, Phyllis Mullenix, PhD Understanding Analytical Approaches, Diagnostic Tools and Detoxification Strategies for Mercury Intoxication, Christopher Shade, PhD Mercury, Science and Politics 2009,Boyd Haley, PhD The Effects of Amalgam-Derived Hg on Commensal Bacteria and Visa Versa, Anee Summers Impact of Restorative Materials Selection on Fine Dental Medicine, Walter Jess Clifford, MS Medically Complex Dental Patients Michael Glick, DMD Superior Esthetics and Occlusion with Ceramic Restorations. Jimmy Eubank, DDS Metal Free Possibilities in Dentistry, David A. Little, DDS Recapture the Zeal and Rejuvenate Your Practice, Mark Hyman, DDS Oral Health for the Prime of Your Life, Linda Niessen, DMD, MPH Providing the Ultimate in Patient Care, Rosemary Bray Environmental Toxins, Autoimmune Disorders and Total Body Detoxification, Donald Feeney, DC,CCN Brandywine Dental Implant and Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Overdenture Course – Locator Abutments Peter Famiglio, DMD Faster, Easier, Better Way to Implant Restoration, Peter Famiglio, DMD International Society for Fluoride Research XXVIII Emerging Diseases and Challenging Issues in Infection Control John Molinari International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) MELISA Testing for Diagnosis & Treatment of Metal-Induced Diseases Vera Stejskal, PhD Biological Mobilization of Toxic Minerals: What’s the Evidence Russell M.Jaffe, MD, PhD Fluoride Hardy Limeback, BSc, PhD, DDS Classical Homeopathy in Dentistry I& II Richard Fischer, DDS, FIAOMT Mitochondrial Resuscitation Using Ozone Frank Shallenberger, MD, HMD The Effects of Mercury on Hypertension & Cardiovascular Disease Mark Houston, MD, MS Minimally Invasive and Ultraconservative Restorative Dentistry. Randolph Shoup, DDS If You Are Not Involved with Dental Implant Treatment, You Soon Will Be Bill Becker, DDS, MSD International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) Investigation of the Adverse Health Effects of Amalgam in a General Medical Practice: Implications for the Future. Michael Godfrey, MD Mercury Toxicity: Scientific Diagnosis. Thomas Baldwin, DDS, MS, MAGD, FIAOMT The Importance of Iodine for Health. Sherry Tenpenny, DO Oral Toxicity and Systemic Illness as Detected by Modern Science. Boyd Haley, PhD, MIAOMT Impact of Heavy Metal and Metalloid on the Cardiovascular System: Mercury and Arsenic. Louis Chang, PhD Childhood Lead Poisoning. Herbert Needleman, MD Metals in Neurological Disease: Mercury and Manganese. Michael Aschner, PhD Statin Induced Coenzyme Q10 Depletion. Peter Langsjoen, MD, FACC Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry Immediate Temporization vs Immediate Load. Christopher Marchack, DMD, Peter Famiglio, DMD Teeth in an Hour vs Teeth in a Day. Immediate Temporization of Dental Implants. Christopher Marchack, DMD Cosmetic Occlusal Connection. John Cranham, DDS Superior Esthetics and Occlusion with Ceramic Restorations. Jimmy Eubank, DDS Clinical Dental Materials. Edward Swift, Jr., DMD, MS Nutrition. David Meinz, MS, RD Dental Materials. Ed Swift, DDS The Extraordinary Dental Office. Marvin Berman, DDS How to Have 100 Birthdays (Neutraceuticals). David Meinz, MS, RD, FADA, CSP Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry: Principles and Practice. Stephen Chu, DMD, MSD, CDT, MDT Controversies and Innovations in Implant Dentistry and Esthetics. Dennis Tarnow, DDS The Reality of Removable Prosthodontics. Nader Sharifi, DDS, MS Is the Six-Month Recall Interval Evidence-Based? Self Study Course Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry Simple Approach to Complex Implant Restorations. Norma Olvera, DDS, MS International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) Fundamentals of Biological Dentistry. Richard Chanin, DMD The Sad Truth about Dentists’ Occupational Exposure to Mercury. Murray Vimy, DMD Water Fluoridation Osteosarcoma Link and Cover-up. David Kennedy, DDS Mercury and the Environment. Marcia Basciano, DDS NICO Lesions. Dr. Richard Keller Antioxidants and Health Benefits. Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, FACN, CNS Autism as a Minimata Disease Variant. Ken Stoller, MD Heavy Metal Induced Porphyrinuria in Childhood Autism Disorder. Richard Lathe, BSC, DSC Pathophysiology of Lead and Mercury Poisoning and Treatment. Robert Nash, BS, MS, FAAN Quantum Nutrition/Dental Materials. Robert Marshall, PhD New Restorative Systems. Karl Leinfelder, DDS, MS Emerging Diseases and Challenging Issues in Infection Control. Chris Miller, PhD Advanced Strategies in Cosmetic and Esthetic Dental Treatment. Ross Nash, DDS Occlusion and TMJ. Terry Tanaka, DDS International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) Oral Galvanism 101. Janet Stopka, DDS When Restorative Materials Become Physiologic Problems. Walter Clifford, MS The Metabolic Code: Heavy Metals in Metabolic Dysregulation: Research and Detoxification Protocols. James LaValle, R.Ph, CCN, ND Non-Surgical Perio. David Kennedy, DDS Oral Toxicity & Its Relationship to Systemic Illness. Boyd Haley, PhD Health Risks of Dental Amalgam. Louis Chang, PhD Role of Infection & Heavy Metals in Cardiovascular and Autoimmune Diseases. Ari Vojdani, PhD Infection, Heavy Metals & Chelation. Garry Gordon, MD, DO International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) Predictable Perio Outcome. Oksana Sawiak, DDS Oxygen/Ozone Therapy in Biological Dentistry. Philip Mollica, DMD Mercury Exposure and Risk Assessment. Mark Richardson, PhD Dental Mercury Use and Release Reduction. Michael Bender Mercury Separators. Pierre Larose, DDS Mercury Vapor and Thimerosal: Neurotoxic Damage and Disease. Boyd Haley, PhD Challenges & Protocols of Effective Mercury Detoxification. Rashid Buttar, DO Does Heart Disease Begin in the Mouth? James Roberts, MD Dental Roots of Systemic Illness. John Wilson, Jr., MD International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Fall Meeting) Glutathione, Ascorbic Acid or DMPS do not Reduce Brain Mercury Rats. H. Vasken Aposhian, PhD Accurate Detection of Jawbone Lesions and Osteolytic Abnormalities using Cavitat. Michael Margolis, DDS Movement Disorders Associated With TMJ Internal Derangement. Brendan Stack, DDS, MS The Tooth Body Connection. Michael Rehme, DDS Caries Prevention, Periodontal Disease, Aphthous Ulcerations and Bone Loss: Nutritional Prevention and Treatment. Jonathan Wright, MD Antioxidants and Oral Cancers. Harinder Garewal, MD, PhD To Clot or Not To Clot: What is the Predisposition? David Berg, MS, CLS, FAHA Biochemical Analysis of Crevicular Fluid & Extracts from Periodontally Involved Teeth. Boyd Haley, PhD Innovative Materials in Modern Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry. Dan Nathanson, DDS Communication Solution. Sandy Roth New Non-Surgical Perio. Timothy Donley, DDS, MSD Esthetic Full Coverage Restorations. Robert R. Winter, DDS International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology Non-Surgical Perio, the Science & the Practice. David Kennedy, DDS Dentistry, Diet & Metabolic Nutrition. Harold Kristal, DDS Successful Brain Detoxification. Sam Queen, DSc, CCN Heavy Metal Toxicity in the Medical Practice. Stephanie Cave, MD Mercury Effects on the Fetus & Child: 2003. Pierre Larose, DDS Interaction of Antineoplastons with Genome in Cancer and Aging. Stanislaw Burynski, MD, PhD Neurotoxicology of Fluoride. Phyllis Mullenix, PhD Periostat – Soft Tissue Management Program. Scott Smith, DDS International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (Spring Meeting) Ischemic Bone Disease. Jerry Bouquot, DDS Fluoride Updates Anesthetic Susceptibility & Next Generation Testing. Walter Clifford, MS The Five Aspects of Biological Dentistry. James McFarland, DDS Mercury Toxicity: Evaluation of Dose Effects and Genetic Susceptibility. Boyd Haley, PhD Biological Conductance and Dentistry. Vincent Speckhart, MD The Role of Nutrition in Periodontal Disease, Dental Caries, and Osteoporosis. Alan Gaby, MD The Mouth/Heart Connection: Preventing and Testing Cardiovascular Disease. Stephen Sinatra, MD Medical Emergencies: Local Anesthesia. Stanley Malamed, DMD Pennsylvania Academy of General Dentistry Integrating Dental Implants with Your Practice. Peter Famiglio, DMD Adhesion Dentistry. Raymond Bertolotti, MS, PhD, DDS Composite Artistry. Newton Fahl, DDS, MS Dental Technology for the 21st Century Office. Paul Feuerstein, DMD Esthetic Implant Dentistry. Daniel Sullivan, DDS


L. Guibert , Destruction de l'Ordre et de l'abbaye de Grandmont , Appendice: Monastères de l'ordre de Grandmont C.— Etricor , Etricord , Entricor , Entricol , — Estrigcorn , Estregcorn titres: de 1191 et 1219 — (de Strieto Cornu , de Tricor), à peu de distance de Chabanais ( Charente ), près de la Vienne , a appartenu au diocèse de Limoges jusqu'à la Révolution, e

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XXI Congreso de la Sociedad Valenciana de Patología Digestiva Valencia, 30 de noviembre y 1 de diciembre de 2007SUMARIOVolumen 30, extraordinario 3, Noviembre 2007 Junta Directiva Sociedad Valenciana de Patología Digestiva Comité científico Avance de Programa COMUNICACIONES PRESENTADAS EN EL CONGRESO Comunicaciones orales 1 Pósters 12 Índice de autores 17 XXI Cong

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