Choose the correct answer:

I-Explain the following statements on pharmacological

 Resistance is developed after long term use of isoniazide.  Antituberculous therapy may fail.  Clavulonic acid is combined with amoxicillin upper respiratory  Clistatin is combined with imipenium anaerobic infections.  Trimethoprim is combined with sulfamethoxazole in the treatment  Tetracyline is contraindicated in children.  Vitamin B6 is combined with isoniazide treatment.  Resistance may develop after administration of gentamicin.  Three methods and three delivery systems of gene therapy. II- Mention the chemotherapeutic agents used in the treatment of the
following diseases , mention the mechanism of action and 3 side
effects of each of them:

Millary tuberculosis.
Tuberulosis in pregnant women.
Extrapulmonary tuberculosis.
Helicobacter pylori(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Urinary tract infections(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Syphilis(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents0.
Gonorrhea(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Chronic prostatitis(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Typhoid fever(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Meningiococcal meningitis(mention 3 chemotherapeutic
Penicillinase producing staphylococcal infections(mention 3
chemotherapeutic agents).
Anaerobic infections(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Hepatitis virus C(mention 3 chemotherapeutic agents).
Systemic fungal infections(mention 3 chemotherapeutic
III- Enumerate:
Two broad spectrum anihelmenthic drugs.
TWo broad spectrum bacteriostatic chemotherapeutic agents
3 antipsudomonas chemotherapeutic agentso different
chemical groups.
Two Nephrotoxic chemotherapeutic agents of different
chemical groups . Mention the mechanism of action ,
mechanism of nephrotoxicciy and 2 therapeutic uses of each of

Two hepatotoxic chemotherapeutic agents . Mention the
mechanism of action , mechanism of hepatotoxicity and 2
therapeutic uses of each of them.

Three chemotherapeutic agents that produce peripheral
neuritis mention the mechanism of action and 2 side effects of
each of them.

Three drugs that produce bone marrow suppression .
mention the mechanism of action ,2therapeutic uses.
Two broad spectrum antimicrobial agents that inhibit
cell wall synthesis.
Three chemotherapeutic agents effective against
mycobacterium and gram –ve bacilli.Mention the
mechanism of action ,2 therapeutic uses and 2 side
effects of each of them.

Choose the correct answer:
1- Gentamicin is effective against which of the following infections except :

a- Brrucella . b- Klepsella. c- Hemophyllus influenza d d- Bacteroid fragilis. 2- Which of the following is not chemically related to aminoglycosides:
a- Kannamicin. b- Tobrammycin. c- Amikacin d d- Clindaycin. 3- Which one of the following antibiotics is bacteriostatic :
a- Erythromycin. b- Gentamicin. c- Cefradin. a d- Ampicillin. 4- Which one of the following antibiotics is effective in treatment of typhoid
a- Penicillin G b- Kefaclor. c- Demicocycline. d d- Ceprofloxacin. 5- Which of the following is a broad spectrum bactericidal antibiotic that
inhibit bacterial protein synthesis:
a- Bencxacin penicillin. b- Ampicillin. d c- Chloramphicol. d- Ofloxacin 6- Narrow spectrum chemotherapeutic agent that inhibits DNA gyrase
enzyme is :
a- Nalidixic acid. b- Ofloxacin. a c- Spectinomycin d- Non of above 7- Bone marrow depression is a side effect of all of the following drugs
a- Chloramphicol. b- Cyclosporin. d c- Interferone A. d- Penicillin G 8- Fanconi syndrome is a side effect of which one of the following
chemotherapeutic agents:
a- Refampicin. b- Neomycin. c c- Demicocycline. d- Clindamycin 9- Cotromizole is a combination of :
a- Sulfadiaxine + trimethoprim b- Sulfamethoxazole+ trimethoprim b c- Sulfamdioxine + dapsone. d- Sulfadioxine + pyrimethamine. 10- All of the following antimicrobial agents are used in the treatment of
chronic prostatitis except:
a- Cotromixazole. b- Ceprofloxacin. c c- Amikacin. d- Non of above. 11- All of the following statements are correct about ethambtol except:
a- It kills mycobacteria . a b- It is active against tuberculous meningitis. c- It causes optic neuropathy. d- It inhibits cell wall synthesis of mycobatria. 12- Which of the following is effective against peudomembranous colitis:
a- Spiramycin. b- Clindamycin. c- Vancomycin. c d- Erythromycin. 13- All of the following is correct about amphotricin B except:
a- It is long acting antifungal agent. b- It inhibits fungal cell wall synthesis. b c- It is poorly absorbed from gastrointestinal tract . d- It is highly nephrotoxic. 14- Which one of the following has the longest duration of action:
a- Oxytetracycline. b- Demicocyline. c- Minocycline c d- Chlortetracycline 15- Which one of the following is second generation cephalosporin
16- Which one of the following has the longest duration of action:
a- Benyl penicillin. b- Benzacine penicillin b c- Procaine penicilline d- Amoxacillin. 17- Which one of the following drugs passes blood brain barrier
a- Cephalexin. b- Cefaclor c- Cefatriaxone c d- Cephradine. 18- Which one of the following is more active against gram –ve bacilli
a- Dicloxacilline.
b- Erythromycin.
c- Cephalexine. d
d- Micillinam
19- Febrile reaction after penicillin injection in syphilitic patient is:
a- Jarisch –Hexheimer reaction a
b- Fanconi syndrome.
c- Gray baby syndrome
d- Non of above
20- Which one of the following has the least possibility to develop drug
a- Benzyl penicillin.
b- Benzacine penicillin c
c- Cloxacillin.
d- Amoxacillin
21- Which one of the following has the highest oral bioavailability:
a- Amikacin
b- Amoxacilliln b
c- Vancomycin.
d- Amphotricin .
22- All of the following chemotherapeutic agents are effective in treatment of
anaerobic infections except:
b- Imipenium. b
c- Vancomycin.
d- Cefoxitin.
23- Pyrentel pamoate is effective in treatment of all of the following except:
a- Ascaris .
b- Ancylostoma
c- Entrobius
d- Tinea solium d
24- The drug that kills secondary tissue phase of plasmodium vivax is;
a- Chloroquine.
b- Quiine.
c- Primaquine c
d- Tetracycline
25- The drug that kills gametocytes of plasmodium falciparum is;
a- Tetracycline
b- Quinine
c- sulfadioxine + pyrimethamine d
d- Primaquine
26- All of the following statements are correct about metronidazole except:
a- It is equally effective against luminal and tissue amoebiasis.
b- It is effective against trichomonas vaginalis. a
c- It has potent antimicrobial action against anerobic organisms.
d- It can be administrated both orally and parentrally. 27- Which one of the following has the least myelodepressive effect.
a- Mustin.
b- Procarbazine. c
c- Vincrestine.
d- Doxorubicin.
28- All of the following are cell cycle non specific anticancer agents except:
a- Nitrosurea.
b- Cisplatinum. d
c- Cyclophosphamide
d- Bleomycin.
29- Which one of the following drugs produces hemorrhagic cystitis:
a- Nitrosurea.
b- Cisplatinum.
c- Cyclophosphamide c
d- Bleomycin.
30- Which of the following types of interferone is used in the treatment of
hepatitis c virus:
a- Interferone α a
b-Interferone β
c- Interferone γ
d- Non of above
Guide answers
1- Mbendazole, levamizole
2- -Tetracline , chloramphicol.
3- Antipsudomonas penicillin eg carbincillin and

aminoglycosides eg gentamicin, imipenium
4- Aminoglycosides and cephalosporins.
5- Erythromycin , tetracycline
6- Ethambtol , isoniazide, aminoglycosides.
7- Chloramphicol , refampicin , alkylating agents
8-ampicillin , quinolones
9- Refampicin ,ceprofloxacin, aminoglycosides

III-d,d,a,d,d,a,d,c,b,c, a,c,b,c,d,b,c,d,a,c,b,b,d,c,d,a,c,d,c,a


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