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BORDER CROSSING: Just a reminder that you are going into a foreign country! You can’t take fruit across
the border. And you MUST have proper I.D. (Passports or birth certificates and photo identification.) BOAT DEPARTURE: The Malibu Princess, the boat that takes us to Malibu, leaves the dock in Egmont, B.C.
at NOON on Wednesday, August 18th. Unless you made arrangements to spend the night on the Sunshine
Coast, you wil need to be on the 7:15 a.m. B.C. Ferry. It departs from HORSESHOE BAY and goes to
(If you miss the ferry you wil miss the Malibu Princess, you wil then have to charter a water taxi
or float plane at your own added expense.) MALIBU HAS ASKED THAT WE ARRIVE IN EGMONT AT
LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE DEPARTURE, WHICH IS 11:00 A.M. or earlier. Scheduling information is
currently being finalized. Updates will be posted as soon as they are available.

RETURN: We wil depart Malibu at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 22nd, and arrive in Egmont around 5:00 p.m.
Then, we load our cars and drive to the ferry at Langdale. There are two departure times from Langdale on
the BC Ferry, 7:35 p.m. and 9:40 p.m.
FOOD ON THE SUNSHINE COAST: Let me make some recommendations. If you are the “Fast Food” kind,
you’l find some fast food places on the road just after the B.C. ferry (A& W, Wendy’s, Tim Horton’s, McD’s.)
and a bit farther down the road in a town cal ed, Sechelt. (McD’s, Starbucks!) There are grocery stores near
these stops, if you want some other food choices. By Wendy’s & McD’s, Grocery Store = IGA In Sechelt,
Grocery Story = Clayton’s, in a strip mal .
There are restaurants at the resorts farther down the road, closer to
Egmont, but they can be a bit spendy. Mol y’s Reach is a reasonably priced place to eat in Gibsons, just after
the ferry. Another friend always recommends The Old Boot Eatery in Sechelt. Jim and I have had our fair
share of White Spot Burgers on the B.C. Ferry. Yum. They come with fries. The ferry also serves a decent
breakfast if you are on the 7 a.m. ferry.
CLOTHES: Plan to bring clothes for fun in the sun and rain. Don’t forget swimsuits, beach towels,
sunscreen, flip flops and athletic shoes, among other items. The weather at Malibu is unpredictable,
so bring a jacket and some clothes that wil keep you warm. Think: polar fleece.
DRAMAMINE: Part of the drive to Egmont is on a very curvy road. If you get car sick or have in the
past, you might want to bring some Dramamine or other motion sickness medication.
TOP SECRET ITEM #1: The “element of surprise” is a big part of a Young Life camp. So, those
coming with families might want to keep this information from your kids. There wil be a “Theme
Night” where everyone in camp dresses up in an 80’s theme. Plan early, be extravagant!
DRESS UP A SMIDGE AND GET THE CAMERA: On the last night of camp, we have a real y nice
dinner. Leave the prom dresses and tuxes at home. Just put something a little dressier than “camp
casual.” Malibu is quite scenic. You might want to plan on taking your family photo before dinner
when everyone is looking spiffy. (Potential Christmas Card…)You’re al invited to congregate on the
Inner Deck before dinner and help each other out by snapping family photos.
RETAIL POSSIBILITIES: Malibu has a store where you can buy shirts, sweatshirts, fleece, and a
number of great souvenirs. There is also a snack shop where you can get ice cream, candy and
other snacks. And if that wasn’t already enough, Malibu is the home to a cozy little coffee shop
cal ed, Hamiltons. It’s open in the early a.m. for those that are in the habit! (Drip coffee is free in the
dining room.) Malibu wil accept American Currency. Credit cards and checks are also accepted in
the clothing store.
Hopeful y this is a “no-brainer.” Alcohol and drugs are not allowed. Offenders wil win a float plane trip out of Malibu, at their expense. Al Young Life properties have a procedure we fol ow when campers get to camp. We pack up their iPods, MP3 players, etc, and store them for the duration of camp. We are asking them to take a week out of their life to set aside the “noise” and just listen. We encourage you and your families to do the same. The cabins have bunk beds made up nicely with sheets, blankets and shower towels. You do not need to bring sleeping bags. EMERGENCY NUMBERS: In case you want to let someone at home know how to get in touch with you, tel
them to cal the Malibu office at (604) 883-2582. They relay messages to camp. If the office is closed at the
time you cal , the emergency number is (604) 408-1086 or (778) 785-0419. Be aware that once we are in
Canada, we wil be “roaming.” And coverage gets weaker and weaker the farther we get up the road. Malibu
has no cel coverage.
LUGGAGE: Be sure to mark your luggage with your name and address.
BABIES AND TODDLERS: Parents of smal children wil want to bring Baby Monitors. Camp has
some portable cribs, but personal y, I like to bring my own “Pack-n-Play.”
HIGH CHAIRS: There wil be approximately 10 kids age 2 and under. That is about the number of
high chairs and booster seats available in the dining room. You make the cal on bringing a compact
seating system of your own.
FERRY: When you pay for the ferry in Horseshoe Bay, the cost wil seem a bit hefty. Keep in mind
that this is for a round trip ticket. You do not pay for the ferry on the return trip.
PARKING: There is plenty of parking in Egmont at Malibu Landing. That is where you wil drive your
car and fol ow the directions of the parking attendants as they line you up in an orderly, compact
fashion. (“Parking is free, but owners do so at their own risk”.)
FOOD: A snack bar wil be open on the 3 hour Malibu Princess cruise.


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