MELODY FM Presentation
99.5, 99.7 and 99.9 FM
Melody FM is an innovative and trendy radio station that presents the latest in arabic and international music
and talk shows. Its light, energetic and fun flavor penetrates the lives of an active, young-spirited and stylish
audience that seek quality entertainment.
Melody FM being an arabic entertainment radio station, is set apart from competition because it seeks to
maximize its audience’s satisfaction by providing music and programs customized to the lebanese people’s
lifestyle whether they are driving to university, going to work, getting ready to party or relaxing with friends.
With 85% arabic music content (new arabic dance and soft releases from all music labels, chart-toppers from past 5 years, electronic arabic) and 15% english music content (new and exclusive releases from US and UK charts), Melody FM is one of the few radio stations covering all lebanese regions.
Please find below an overview of Melody FM programs:
1 Caffeine:
: Monday to Friday at 7.00 am
Duration : 3 hours
Caffeine is a full-packaged magazine that includes news about artists in different fields,
and also highlights social, legal, medical, and educational issues.
Caffeine is directed to all society sectors and is hosted by Liliane Neassi.
Basic Sections:
: With dream interpreter Jacqueline Chalhoub.
Horoscope : Prepared by astronomer Hatem Hamdan.
Santé : Hosts famous doctors and specialists.
Régime : Hosts famous dietitians.
Touristic Guide :Introduction to different lebanese areas through interviews with city
hall presidents.
Melody Sports : A daily tour around all sports news and activities; prepared and
presented by Tony Hayek.
Exchange : Gives information about stocks and the US Dollar in Beirut markets.
Traffic : Listeners call and give information about traffic and road situations
in Beirut and different areas.
Café Trottoir : The last section of the show is always specified for hosting celebrities
in the world of art, singing, acting, politics, media, and others.
Caffeine, prepared and supervised by Charbel Saade, directed by Nidal Maatouk.
2 Special Reports:
Melody Fm
specializes in the short reports it presents, that are recorded by artists and celebrities, to inform
the audience with their latest news, releases, and video clips. These reports show the merit of the reporters at
Melody FM, and are aired from Monday until Sunday every 30 minutes.
3 Melody Info:
: Monday till Friday at 2.00 pm
Duration : 15 minutes
Presented by : Mariette Younes
“Melody Info “gives an insight about news concerning celebrities and media on a daily basis. A professional
team works 24/7 to follow up with daily news and Updates to provide them in an exclusive bulletin, so that
listeners would have permanent details about their favorite artists.
4 Abiad w Aswad:
: Saturday 1.00 pm
Duration : 1 hours
This critic and firm program goes deep into the details and news of celebrities and media. Aswad represents the
bad news, and Abiad represents the good news. The program is specialized by its strict and expert host, Randa
El Murr
, who reveals every detail and addresses celebrities with much responsibility and objectivity.
5 Melody Charts:
: Sunday 5.00 pm
Duration : 1 hour
A harsh competition between 10 arabic songs to reach number one. Some songs retreat, some move forward
and new songs enter the competition. The show also displays the new international songs that took the lead
6 Melo Mix:
: Saturday 9.00 pm
Duration : 3 hours
The Music Producer Elie Attieh offers 3 hours of miscellaneous songs mixed and prepared
in his own special way.
7 Drive at Five:
: Monday to Friday at 5.00 pm
Duration : 90 minutes
The host of the show, Viny Roumy. It is a show targeted for all Melody FM listeners and in particular
people stuck in traffic jam at 5.00 pm. Viny Roumy receives phone calls from listeners that wish
to talk or complain about a certain subject and show their points of views. Monday till Friday
from 5 to 6.30 pm, listeners, now known as the “5 o’clock group” call and interact together,
and also listen to latest releases and news about their favorite artists.
4ème Etage, Imm. Media Center 2, Achrafieh, Beyrouth, Liban - Tel.: (01) 561640 - Fax: (01) 560660 - E mail: [email protected]


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