Servitude of Russia
The historical information:
The servitude - is literally from the Arabian language means the receipt, the obligation.
It is known in Russia since 14 centuries and has figurative sense - oppression, dependence.
Russian Judaism - Russian Judaism the heresy or the Novgorod-Moscow
heresy connected to penetration Judaism in Orthodoxy, is known in Russia from 14-15 centuries.
Russian people with alarm and worse observe processes of construction of "capitalism" in Russia on a field of Freedom and Democracy. Everyone asked a question - as so, the market can adjust itself attitudes between people, create conditions for blossoming Russia, Freedom and Democracy should be base of maintenance of a civil freedom, equality and brotherhoods of people. But for last 15-16 years, from the moment of the beginning of Reorganization and disorder of the USSR, in Russia all becomes worse and worse, the population dies out with speed of an express train - more than one million person of the loss every year.
The economic situation in Russia leaves much to be desired. The life of people really does not improve, and mythical growth of salaries and incomes is for some reason eaten by inflation, growth of charges on municipal services and power resources. At many milliard gold and exchange stocks of the Central Bank and reserve fund below the breadline 40 % of the population of the country. Political forces accuse each other of all mortal sins and shout at all Russia what exactly they will correct defects and only transfer of authority to their skilful hands will pull out Russia from abyss of sufferings and poverty.
In what the main trouble of Russia?
It is necessary to search for the reason of the problems in itself, liberals and groups of anonymous
authority from screens of TV and mass-media assert. Whether so it? Russia economically also has politically won Russian Judaism heresy. She covers Orthodox, atheists and Jew. The country lives under laws of the book of the Talmud "Viagra". Present bribes has strict Jew devilish sense. All control system of Russia, a policy, economy, formation, a public life and mass-media are struck with corruption and a principle - « do not grease, will not go ». For realization of laws of the Talmud on a neck of Russia hundreds and hundreds small loop servitude are outlined. In this system of suffocation of the country the principle on which any element of system does not function without corruption and presents is strictly carried out. Selling policies have thought up even the term "corruption value". How the system loops works in practice? Numerous examples.
There is a state program destroy shabby habitation and construction new. These
budgetary funds are allocated on an additional line. The purpose - resettlement of the needy population in new apartments is beautiful and noble. In practice the building organizations of subjects of Federation for reception of money from this fund are offered to pay forward a bribe at a rate of 10 % from allocated means. Then means and payment of the commission to intermediaries. At reception of such financing the builder is compelled to overestimate repeatedly the cost price of construction and poor people simply physically do not receive habitation in new buildings. New apartments are sold on market prices.
Modern ecology. Since 2005 new laws on ecology, including, caused began to work as approval
Kioto of the protocol. Except for public service of the ecological control there are some international private concerns with licenses of the United Nations for carrying out of researches and delivery of ecological examinations. Governors are offered to conclude contracts with these private concerns and to carry out the coordinated policy in their regions. The essence of a policy - the enterprises and firms for moderate money is received with positive expert opinions, and political or economic enemies - especially negative and him huge penalties leave. Received money for examination share on all participants of the transaction, but the share of the Kremlin first of all is paid. The sum of annual penalties of hundred millions dollars.
Mass-media. For publication of any clause in newspapers, magazines including electronic, it is
required to pay accommodation of materials as commercial. On the average the publication of small clause manages from 500 dollars. Some tens thousand dollars you will pay, for example, in the Kommersant or Moskow Komsomolec. Thus in main the editor and financial structures of mass-media are spread persons of the certain nationality which under our passports already is not present. In result to inform ideas and ideas a policy or the simple person in weights, it is necessary for it to open the newspaper or to have hundred thousand dollars only for popularization of the ideas. It simply is not necessary for the rich person, and for others it is impossible.
2005, Valery Kubarev. All rights reserved. Internet: www.kubarev.net TV. Advertising on TV costs madly dearly. All have already reconciled to this awful fact. There is a
good reason - want to sell the beer or linings pay money for advertising. Objections are not present. And what to do to policies, writers, public figures and simple people if they want to sound the ideas and expectations for general public? The output is simple. To find through familiar or advertising of "necessary" people on TV and to pay cash to a film crew for preparation of the reporting, installation and to pay through them ethers of your material. Cost of these ethers different in various blocks of news and popular transfers. For participation in current - show and political debatable transfers also there is a rate. However, such charges through people nevertheless are cheaper than payment of direct advertising. Who has an opportunity, that pays, but the others are deprived such right. Practically all reporting on TV custom-made and "left". The national structure of a management of TV and conducting most popular shows also is known for all.
Policy. Political parties and political movements. In Russia now are registered more than 40 political
parties. Those parties which have not passed to the Duma and local self-government institutions, are in the suspended condition and in a reserve Russian Judaism heresies of Administration of the President. Heads of parties will consist on top dressing AP for exception of spontaneous transformations, merges, formation of blocks and the unions. Rank-and-file members of parties have no influence on a management. The management in turn is gradually integrated into groups of anonymous authority for operative management by " fresh parties ». Socially political movements actually work only in case of financial additional charging from abroad from groups of anonymous authority of the West. Independence and a civic stand of such organizations is absent absolutely. All these associations are a nutrient medium for cultivation of new participants Russian Judaism heresies. Those who can give a bribe to the necessary people are beaten out and skillfully are on sale on circumstances.
Power structures. The most part of a management of power structures also is shipped in Russian
Judaism heresy and is an active element of corruption. Generals are engaged in participation in various commercial projects, solve various questions for money, appoint and remove from a post also only for money. The average and lowest part is compelled to be engaged in requisitions for creation of financial streamlets of additional charging of higher heads and the senior officers. The mutual responsibility and official authority are covering for the ramified network of corruption.
The Duma. In the State Duma any political forces got at a stage of becoming practically. Gradually all
heads of political parties were entered in members of groups of anonymous authority. Supervising tops of parties have learned to live by principles Russian Judaism heresies. Chairmen of parties or Puritans, or Masons of known western awards. All together they form a management of the Duma, its committees and the commissions. Bills and the initiatives, which have been not paid as bribes and donations, are braked and have no chances of promotion. Others are actively lobbied and for deputies has no value sense and a consequence of accepted laws. Therefore groups of anonymous authority manage to pass through the Duma any terrible laws for Russia. The party accessory of deputies also has ceased to play a role. Communist G. Zyuganov has stopped anyone move ordinary communists aside protection of the rights of workers was able. The LDPR and "Native land" maneuver at acceptance of laws between sponsors of those, skimming the cream off for pushing through or kill bills was able. "Unity" became a stronghold Russian Judaism heresy in place officials of various levels and all regions of Russia. The legislature practically is completely paralyzed by groups of anonymous authority and has become numb in corruption and indifference to expectations of people of Russia. Places of deputies are sold and bought.
Advice of Federations. All senators get in Advice only by means of purchase of a place at a local
level or in Moscow. Senators are criminal authorities, religious extremists Judaism, businessmen and losers of a political party life, but possessing sponsors for promotion in power structures. Gradually all of the senator became members of groups of anonymous authority. Advice of Federations is shipped in process of earning money by means of corruption, lobbying of laws, decisions of "questions" of personnel, license character. Receptions of budgetary financing of regions. About protection of interests of Russians the question at all does not cost.
The government of the Russian Federation. The executive authority is completely made of
members of groups of anonymous authority. The most active officials completely will paralyze normal activity of the ministries and departments and direct the efforts to squandering of budgetary funds, and target programs to clan interests of groups or awards. Russian Judaism the heresy completely supervises executive authority. If the high-ranking official in day has not received a bribe day is lived vainly.
Administration of the President. Work practically is completely subordinated to the decision of
It is necessary to show successes and to pretend, that you serve in sweat of the person of To take into account all interests of groups of anonymous authority of the West and Fatherland, which in the Near East.
It was able to start up monetary streams in pockets of the brothers on clans and awards.
The president of the Russian Federation. Tries to represent a good mine at bad game. Maneuvers between interests of all groups of anonymous and open authority, work of it is practically paralyzed by mutually exclusive interests. The general vector of management is directed to Russia on destruction 2005, Valery Kubarev. All rights reserved. Internet: www.kubarev.net The same processes occur in sphere of culture, ideology, sports, formation, public health services and in all other elements of the Russian society.
The economy is completely struck Russian Judaism heresy and serves satisfactions of interests of groups of anonymous authority. A vivid example about gold - currency reserves of the Central Bank and stabilization fund. Everything is made to withdraw from economy the basic accumulation, leaving at the companies small parts on development, which actually stuffed into the pockets heads and owners. Scanty shares of percent go on development of manufacture, replacement of an infrastructure by modern means of production. Salaries of workers remain on the minimum level.
Incomes of activity of the obtaining companies and sales of energy carriers go in state credit obligations of the western countries, such as the USA under low interests up to 0.5 % annual. Thus the public debts of Russia taken under catastrophically high percent of 8-14 % annual do not come back. Payments of one billion dollars only for service of percent on duties monthly follow. About any doubling gross national product by 2010 cannot go and speeches. All is made for braking development of the country, stagnation and slow extinction of the population.
Thus all is done for artificial eviction of people of the most delicious areas of residing, such as Moscow and Petersburg. Local Russian Judaism heresy authorities have prepared bills of new tax requisitions of the population on habitation at which realization all Russian inhabitants of capital will be compelled will move on suburbs of Moscow and for district road. The center of Moscow is prepared for settling by members of groups of anonymous authority and the Jewish Diaspora. The return wave repatriates to Moscow from Israel is probable.
Thus, Russia represents a victim of a huge spider Russian Judaism heresies, groups of anonymous authority and the Jewish Diaspora. Actually all country is shrouded loops, thrown on separate elements of a life of a society, a policy, economy. Only Russian Judaism maneuver between loops, distributing bribes and breaking laws, but realizing thus the problems was able. All society is paralyzed by a sting of poison of corruption and ideology Russian Judaism heresies. The one who asserts, that in Russia is not present official ideology, tells lies, the ideology in Russia represents rules and laws of the Talmud. Since kindergartens citizens are accustomed to live in lie and corruption. The initiative and success of talents are replaced with promotion on a life by infringement of laws, corruption and corruption of morals and morals. Old men do not have present. At youth the future is stolen.
Russia is gradually prepared for a partition and destruction in habitual understanding of the state and federal institutes of authority. The population is drugged by mass-media and heavy conditions of a life when all are compelled, as fiber in a wheel, pursue the vital blessings and money, but the extracted means hardly suffice on maintenance of a life and at all does not suffice on reproduction of the population.
Russia represents today the Gordian knot loops and servitude of groups of anonymous authority, which only Russian revolution can split. To time for meditations did not remain. Tomorrow Russian people it will be final it is destroyed and transformed into slaves. For the present there is an opportunity to lead nonviolent change of authority within the framework of laws in force.
Long live Russian revolution!
2005, Valery Kubarev. All rights reserved. Internet: www.kubarev.net

Source: http://www.kubarev.ru/images/upl/319.pdf


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