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Who is my Port of Los Angeles School Boat Tour contact?
Trisha Malahni, Direct number: (310) 732-3960
Public Relations Division main line: (310) 732-3508
Email: [email protected]

How can I find information about the School Boat Tour Program?
Schools interested in participating in the Port of Los Angeles School Boat Tour Program
should go to and click “Education,” then “School Boat Tour
Program” for information.

How can I check date availability and make reservations?
All reservations must be made online through the Port of Los Angeles School Boat Tour
Program Reservation Site. Go to; click “Education,” then
“School Boat Tour Program.”

Can I call to reserve a date before registering online?
No. All reservations must be made online through the Port of Los Angeles School Boat
Tour Program Reservation Site. Go to; click “Education,”
then “School Boat Tour Program.” Tours are booked online on a first-come, first-served
Is the Port of Los Angeles School Boat Tour a LAUSD approved field trip?
Yes, the Port of Los Angeles School Boat Program is listed among the approved school
field trips for LAUSD schools.
Why is the school boat tour program only extended to fourth grade students and
Due to safety concerns of younger students the Port of Los Angeles requires that
participating students are in the fourth grade or above.
We are a Charter School, can we still participate?
Yes, we would be delighted to have you and your fifth and sixth grade classes join us
for a tour.

We are a private school, can we still participate?
Yes, we would be delighted to have you and your fifth and sixth grade classes join us
for a tour.
How long is the tour?
The tour is approximately one hour. Arriving late will shorten your scheduled tour. For
example, if you are 10-15 minutes late, your tour time will be approximately 40 minutes
in length.
What if we arrive late? Will we still be granted a tour?
The best answer is to allow plenty of time for traffic and other time challenges. We
advise arriving 15 minutes before your departure time. A timely arrival ensures every
school has a full tour with minimal waiting and lag time.
If you believe you are going to be late, call the Port of Los Angeles Public Relations
Division main line at (310) 732-3508 so we may alert the tour boat company.
What type of tour vessel?
In most cases, your group will be touring aboard a 90-foot motor yacht chartered by the
Port of Los Angeles.
How many passengers?
The vessel’s maximum availability is 149 passengers.
Is Dramamine or other sea sick preventatives necessary for the tour?
It is generally not necessary to take preventative measures. The boat tour takes place
within the breakwater where the waters are relatively calm. Please note, these remedies
are not provided by the Port.
What type of clothing is suggested for the tour?
The temperature in the harbor area can be approx. 5-10 degrees cooler than inland
locales. Light jackets, sunscreen and hats are suggested.
What happens if it rains?
Tours are conducted rain or shine. The only time a tour will be cancelled is due to bad
visibility in heavy fog. The lower deck offers a cabin-like atmosphere with plenty of
windows and seats for everyone to enjoy the tour.

How many chaperones are required per student?
You are the real experts here. Be realistic when thinking about the number of students
participating in the tour. Remember, this is a moving vessel with two decks to view the
Port. You’ll want to make sure you have adequate and appropriate staff to provide
supervision for your entire group. For younger classes, we recommend at least 1 adult
per 10 students.
Are students with physical challenges able to participate?
We are often able to accommodate students with physical challenges. Please contact a
School Boat Tour Coordinator at (310) 732-3508 to arrange for accommodations.
After the tour is completed, is there any place to eat or have a picnic lunch?
If your group is picnicking, you’ll find a grassy area which is an ideal spot for eating
lunch and watching the working harbor in action at the south end of Berth 84, just south
of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum. There is also space to eat a picnic lunch along
the Gateway Plaza Fanfare Fountain
( Also, several restaurants and
other businesses are located inside Ports O’ Call Village on Nagoya Way (south of
Berth 84).
Are supplemental materials available to enhance our tour?
Supplemental materials are available on the Port’s School Boat Tour web page.
Does every school receive a bus subsidy?
Limited bus subsidies are available. When completing the online reservation, it must be
stated that you will be applying for a bus subsidy and you must follow through with
completed paperwork in order to receive the subsidy.
Does the Port of Los Angeles make the arrangements for bus transportation?
No. Each school is responsible for making its own bus arrangements. As a friendly
reminder, make your bus arrangements as early as possible. From past experience,
May and June fill up very quickly.
What is the process to get reimbursed for bus transportation?
When using LAUSD Transportation Services, complete Form 78 20R entitled
Authorization for Payments of Student Body and/or Reimbursable Trips. By completing
this form, LAUSD will invoice the Port directly for up to $300 towards your transportation
costs. This option is available only to LAUSD schools.
Your school representative completes the top portion of Form 78 20R then faxes it to
School Boat Tour Coordinator at 310-547-4611. The bottom portion of the form will then
be completed, signed and returned to your school representative/ teacher for you to
submit to LAUSD Transportation Division. Please make a copy for your records.
Will you reimburse us for the bus if we make arrangements through a
private/charter bus company?
LAUSD schools must make their arrangements through the LAUSD Transportation
Services Division.
Private and charter schools must make their own bus arrangements. The Port of Los
Angeles is only able to reimburse private or charter schools or bus companies that have
a City of Los Angeles Business Tax Registration Certificate (BTRC) Number
( We are NOT able to reimburse
without a BTRC number. Contact the (310) 732-3960 for more information.
Is the (up to) $300 reimbursement for bus transportation per school or per class?
The Port will reimburse (up to) $300 per school.
What if our transportation cost amounts to more than $300?
Your school will be responsible for any difference over the $300 allotment per school for
Is it possible to get more funding for additional buses?
No. In order for the Port to extend this tour opportunity to as many schools in the
southland as possible, we have a maximum of $300 per school budgeted.
What information should we give the bus driver regarding our field trip
Your bus drivers should be directed to the Public Landing located at Berth 84 South,
just south of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, San Pedro, CA 90732, at 6th Street
and Sampson Way.

Take the 110 Freeway South toward San Pedro.
Exit at Harbor Boulevard (just before the entrance of the Vincent Thomas Bridge).
Make a RIGHT onto Harbor Boulevard.
At 6th Street, make a LEFT (you should be facing the Los Angeles Maritime Museum at
Berth 84).
Make a RIGHT on Sampson Way.
Buses can then turn around at a safe, legal location and drop-off in front of the Museum.
The Public Landing is located just south of the Los Angeles Maritime Museum.
The buses may then drive SOUTH on Sampson Way.
Make a RIGHT on Nagoya Way.
Free parking is located in the lot on Sampson and Nagoya Ways.


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