La Salle Green Hills
High School Department
SY 2013-2014
Course Outline in ENGLISH 3 ( Regular)
First Term
Unit 1 – Introducing Narratives
A. Literature
a. Why We Study Literature b. Review of Literary Genres Elements and Conventions of a Short Story Ways to Read & Respond to Prose (Introduction to Literary Criticism) Analyzing and Appreciating Short Stories The Cask of Amontillado (Edgar Allan Poe) e. A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (Ernest Hemingway) - Discussing Characterization through Dialog B. Grammar
C. Writing

Writing Essays in Response to Varying Essay Prompts Reading Attitude Survey, Skills Assessment Test Unit 2 – Introducing the Novel
A. Literature
Understanding the Novel Animal Farm by George Orwell B. Grammar
C. Reading
Understanding Informational Text Structure 1. Deriving a Sentence Outline 2. Organizing Ideas through Graphic Organizers Unit 3 - Getting Acquainted with the Research Process
Research Paper Writing
A. Selecting and Limiting the Research Topic B. Formulating a Thesis Statement C. Understanding Plagiarism METHODS OF ASSESSMENT
Class standing (2/3 of the grade) a. Seatworks / Homeworks / Exercises 2. Written Reports/Journals/Essay
3. Writing Exercises
4. Group Works
5. Research Writing Outputs
6. Creative Output / Portfolio Activities


Failure to submit a trimestral requirement on or before the agreed deadline will automatically merit a grade of zero [0] for the requirement. Late submissions will be accepted only on a case-to-case basis as warranted, and only with the appropriate documents presented, and deductions will be applied as appropriate. If a student misses a quiz, he is expected to consult with his teacher and schedule a makeup quiz within a week of the student’s return from absence. Failure to take the makeup quiz on the date agreed on will merit a score of zero for the said quiz. If the teacher returns the quiz papers to the class before the student schedules a makeup quiz, the makeup quiz is automatically void. Students are expected to do advanced reading of assigned selections and research material. Grades for group work will be based on [a] the overall performance of the group, as well as, [b] the individual performance of contribution of each member. Rubrics and peer evaluation criteria will be provided and agreed on where applicable. No extra-credit work – either to better an already-passing grade or to pull up a failing mark – will be given to individuals. Students are all given equal opportunity to do well from the very start of the term. A student is responsible for catching up on whatever lesson\s he may miss in his absence. Failure to accomplish assigned homework, even if the student is absent on the day the homework is given, will merit a grade of zero for the said homework. School rules on tardiness and discipline will be imposed strictly in class. Any form of cheating such as getting or giving your assignments to another person, having someone do your assignments for you, copying someone else's work ,looking at someone else's test during a test ,using technology to get answers during a test and knowing that someone has cheated and NOT telling the teacher about it will be dealt with accordingly as stipulated in the handbook. Further case-specific policies and procedure may be agreed upon by the teacher and the class.

A. Selected Readings 3 [Laura dela Cruz and Virginia Natividad] B. Prentice Hall Grammar and Composition 3 C. No Fear Shakespeare Macbeth D. Animal Farm by George Orwell E. Lecture notebook [color-coded by class] F. Journal notebook [color-coded by class] G. Intermediate pads [1 whole, ½ crosswise, ½ lengthwise, ¼ ] H. Index cards [3x5] I. Other requirements as may be agreed upon by teacher and class
Prepared by:
Mrs. Katherine B. Arkaina
Miss Karen Anne H. Canasa
Mr. Adrian Legaspi


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