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Effect of Oral Sucralfate on Side Effects of External Radiation Therapy in
Patients with Head and Neck Cancer

Background: Early side effects of irradiation for head and neck cancers are very common and
disturbing. These events may cause a transient disruption in the treatment course. The aim of
this study was to evaluate the role of sucralfate on radiation side effects. Patients and
Between November 1999 and January 2002, eighty patients with head and neck
cancers who were referred to the Radiotherapy Department of Nemazee Hospital were divided into two groups. Group I was treated with external radiotherapy alone and group II received irradiation and oral sucralfate. The total dose of radiation was at least 50 Gy and sucralfate was started at the beginning of irradiation and was continued for 9 weeks at an oral dose of 1 gram, three times a day. The patients were evaluated weekly and the side effects were scored. Results: The intensity of radiation
side effects (subjective tolerance, dysphagia, dermatitis and mucositis and also treatment time interruption) did not differ significantly between the two groups (p>0.05). However, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, sucralfate significantly induced more nausea and vomiting in Group II as compared to Group I (p<0.05). Conclusion:
According to this study, using sucralfate in order to decrease radiation-induced side effects in head and neck cancers not only is ineffective in reducing radiation mucositis and other side effects but also induces nausea and vomiting. Correspondence:
Keywords: Cancer, Head and neck, Radiotherapy, Sucralfate,
N. Ahmadloo
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